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Nothing is more entertaining than watching your favorite movies and tv shows online with your friends and family. As most of the time, we spend our time far away from our home, we miss those little things that bring us closer to family and friends. For these little moments, we use a site like, to watch and stream movies with our friends and have a qualitative time with was a platform for many users to listen to music or stream different types of movies while having a conversation with your friends.

The video interface of the was good. But now more alternatives have jumped into the market, giving away more features for users, than it has ever been.

As the internet takes its bigger shape in the market, there are a bunch of new websites that work as perfect alternatives. These websites provide a lot of features that are enough to persuade people to use their services over Before we take a strong dive into the list of sites like For the people who don’t know the is, here is a brief explanation of the program.

It was one of the many web-based services apps in the market. People used the app to live stream a video with friends while chatting with them. But in July of 2019, was bought by Kast. There were plenty of legal issues made the Rabbi .it to shut down it’s services to the consumer. This was when people turned into the internet to find proper alternatives for themselves. If you are here looking for the perfect sites like Rabbit, here are the best websites like Rabbit, that you can use to stream your favorite movies with your friends and family.

PS: Here are the top best Handbrake alternative for your reference and find out how to download Ustream video.

Top 18 Alternatives in 2020

#1 Website like Rabbit – Rave


Here we have our first alternatives on the list, Rave. The features that this app has is a lot. The first thing that you notice with this program is the interface, which is quite good looking and easier to get into the features of the app, you will get your virtual room to share your pictures and videos with others. Of course, like a website like Rabbit, you will also get your chatroom to talk to your buddies.

The uploading is quite fast, and you can do that easily with any roadblock. If you don’t like Rave, something about it ticked you off. Then don’t worry, there are some other alternatives you can try to find the right app for yourself.

#2 Website like Rabbit – Kosmi


You can create your virtual hangouts with this app. You can launch the services provided by Kosmi right away without even installing any app on your system. As most apps certainly do. Here you can share your screen with others. You will also have access to local video files; if you are more into playing retro games, then you can play NES games. Which can go multiplayer with all of your friends if 2d graphics is not your taste, then you also have the option to play Quake 3.

The services you will get is enormous, making it one of the best alternatives that you can choose. There are other minor features that make this app stand out, features such as inviting strangers to be part of your room, developers able to create their own experience inside the room.

#3 Website like Rabbit – SYNAPTOP


Looking for great entertainment value? Then pick SYNAPTOP to be your next journey mate and the next websites like Rabbit. The HQ of this website is located in Pennsylvania. With Synaptop, you will get to watch movies, listen to music on it without slowing anything down. SYNAPTOP is very platform friendly. If you are wondering about the price that you have to pay to get access to the website, it is free. So make sure to try it out.

#4 Website like Rabbit – Kast


The interface of this program is something to crave for. In the eyes of many Rabbi .it users, Kast is the successor of the Rabbit app. The app here supports Windows and Mac. The iOS version of Kast is on its way. Here you can send videos, text, and host TV parties. Here the support for users is more than 100 friends. Making this one of the best alternative to use on your system.

#5 Website like Rabbit – My Circle.TV

My Circle.TV

My Circle.TV also falls under websites like Rabbit, but it offers much more. As the HQ behind ‘My Circle.TV‘ is located in England. The website is free and doesn’t charge anything to the user. So you can just sit back and enjoy the movie with your friends without any issues. Here are some of the features that it provides with the website. First no registration process to start the streaming, ability to create your own chat room, upload your photos and videos, and create/manage chats.

#6 Site like Rabb it –  Explorii App


A newer launch to alternatives in the market. Here you can connect to people all over the world to learn about culture, food, fashion from other countries. Here you can also make phone calls, video calls, private rooms for watching movies, messaging. Everything here is free and easy to use for any beginner.

#7 Site like Rabb it – Simulchat


This alternative is a must-have for you if you are the type of person who likes to share the content with others. The HQ of this app is located in southern Africa. Expect to get a variety of new and different features with this website. With this app, you can watch youtube videos together, just sharing it; you are allowed to share your own videos and be able to maintain privacy by sharing the password to your friends and family. So they can join in the fun next to you. Here you will also be able to make video calls and share files as well.

#8 Site like Rabb it – GAZE


The Gaze is certainly one of the best alternative.available in the market. With Gaze, you will get texting features to communicate; you will get demo tutorials for a deeper understanding of the website, large video format support, and audio without any problem. When you find the video that is just perfect, you can share it with your friends and families to watch. The website design is simplistic, in the same tone, and good looking.

#9 Site like Rabb it – Syncplay


The support for a wide variety of formats is a lot in this program. Your friends have to install Syncplay on their computer to watch what you are watching on yours. After the installation of the app, you will see a media center that is synced between all the connected users. This program is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. How much money do you have to pay for Syncplay? Nothing. This alternative. It is free to use the software.

#10 Site like Rabb it – Watch2gether


Here you can watch videos and other stuff with your friends and family. You can create your own chat room for no cost at all. And you don’t have to create any sort of account by giving your private information to the website. Once you have created the chatroom, you can invite other users to join in the fun. This is one of the best sites like Rabbit available in the market today. But there is a limitation on the sites; you can only watch videos from Youtube, Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. If you want to listen to music, then you can certainly do it here. All of this makes Watch2gether a great alternative.

#11 Site like Rabb it – Sync-Video


The site saw the light on the internet in the year 2013. The HQ of this website is in Poland. If you are looking for an easier alternative, then you can pick this one over anything. Here you can create your virtual room on the site, watch videos from youtube without any lagging or stuttering running the experience, for a quick shortcut, you will also get an extension of it on the firefox and chrome.

#12 Alternative – BLATUBE


Here is one of the best alternatives that you can go for your streaming does with your friends. If you are looking for sites like, you can’t go wrong with picking BLATUBE as your next streaming website with your friend. One of the best things about this app that it is free of cost, and you don’t have to register to start accessing the site. You can share dropbox and youtube videos with your friends and family. It features many active rooms for you to participate in.

#13 Alternative – Togethr TV

Togethr TV

Togethr TV gives you a web-like interface to do everything you want to do on a alternative. Here you can stream your favorite shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, and plenty of other paid streaming sites. You don’t have to share your logging information with others. Togethr TV works as a remote desktop screen from the browser. Playing videos or music files directly from your computer so everybody can watch it. It can be done with this app. It also supports the use of microphones.

#14 Alternative – ANDCHILL


Everybody who has spent their time on Netflix knows what the phrase stands for. But here you get the last two good parts of the word with this website. ANDCHILL is one of the best alternatives in the market. ANDCHILL brings in more stuff to the table without losing anything that used to have. There is a reason why ANDCHILL is considered as one of the best alternatives to, and it has won an award for it.

Let’s look at the features you will get to create your own room, share videos, and music. You will have access to a lot of public groups. Sharing links to your friends is easier.

#15 Alternative – Wavelength


If you are looking for a alternative, to pack in more features than the website that you’ve been using for streaming with friends. Wavelength is the option for you. Here you can create chat rooms easily, stream videos for free, share the videos to your friends and families, send an invitation to friends.

#16 Alternative – ShareTube


With Sharetube, you can quickly create chat rooms and start inviting your friends and family to watch youtube videos together. You will also have the choice to create a playlist for your friends. The downside of this alternative is that it only works with youtube videos. If you and your friends watch only youtube videos all the time, then you won’t get tired of this with ShareTube. This is one of the best sites, like Rabbit in the market.

#17 Alternative – Together Tube

Together Tube

This website saw it’s footstep on the market in 2012. The HQ of this website is located in Germany. The features list of the website is: You can share with a number of your friends and families, you will also get the option to search for videos, built-in chat system. Combining all of this into one single website, you have Together Tube, as the design of the website is not that breathtaking, but you will access all that you need at the front.

#18 Alternative – Airtime


A mobile app that lets you share everything on your mobile devices with your friends. The app is available on both android and iOS. With this alternative, you can watch videos together, listen to your favorite music, can set up a group video chat, and send messages. You can also even share GIFs and will be able to play games with your buddies.

Final Thoughts About Alternatives

Here were the best sites like Rabbit offering more than, in some cases, little to no money charged from users. Thanks to the growing users on the internet, now users have access and to choose from a large variety of alternatives.


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