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Are you wondering how to put music on Samsung Galaxy S8 without any hassle? Read on to know how easy it is to transfer music to your device. Listening to mind-blowing or relaxing music is an all-time favorite pastime for many. Research indicates that music can improve positive thinking, selfheal, reduce stress and keeps you healthy overall. The advent of smartphones has made it easier to listen to music on the move. You need just to plug in the earphone and listen to the lilting tunes.

The recently introduced Samsung Galaxy S8 has a host of unique features, sophisticated components and enhanced technologies making it a most wanted Android. It is no wonder that many have switched over to this Android phone from their iPhone. While iOS and Android phones have their own share of fame and popularity, Android has a number of users when compared to iPhone and other iOS device users. Regardless of the popularity rating, one common complaint among users is the difficulty they face when they want to move the data in one device to the other, especially if the operating systems are different.

However, you need not worry about how to transfer music from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 or from iTunes to Samsung S8, S9. The task is not a tedious one when you use an effective transferring tool like dr.fone – Android Transfer. The tool can adeptly assist in moving music between devices. One big benefit you gain with the software is it can transfer the songs selectively. Instead of transferring in bulk you can choose only the songs you require from iTunes.

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About dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

dr.fone – Transfer is the Android transferring software tool provided by Wondershare. It is a software tool that helps to move data between different platforms like iOS and Android in a simple and easy way. The software tool has several benefits other than helping in moving music, so you will be happy to know that you stand to gain more out of using the tool. So, whenever you need to switch data between platforms, the tool will make it happen in a breeze.

For moving music from iTunes using dr.fone, you need to have your Samsung Galaxy S8 and iTunes collection. With a few steps, the software can easily save the songs of your choosing on your Samsung device.

dr.fone – Android Transfer is an outstanding platform that has the capability of moving different types of files across multiple platforms. It is now very simple to transfer data between your computer and Samsung S8 and between Samsung S8 and iOS devices.

The tool supports all types of Android operating systems using phones including Lenovo, Motorola, Huawei, LG, Sony and more.

The benefits offered by the tool do not end with the transfer of data. The software utility tool also helps to backup data in your phone to your computer. You can easily restore any data you need from the backup files. The software also has additional features that enable efficient control over the management of the various functions of the phone.

Stellar features of dr.fone

Efficient backup

dr.fone – (Android) Backup & Restore can do a safe and efficient backup of all types of files in your Samsung S8 including photos, contacts, videos, music, SMS and more. It backs up the data on your computer from which you can retrieve the data whenever needed.

Manage Contacts

You can import, export and manage all your SMS and contacts with dr.fone – Android Transfer. It also deduplicates contacts and lets you reply to SMS via your computer.

Single click Rooting

You can root your Android devices including tablets and phones with dr.fone – Root in a single click and gain total control of the features present in your device.

Transfer between phones

dr.fone – Switch supports both iPhone and Android devices enabling easy transfer across the two platforms. SMS, videos, contacts, photos, music and more can be transferred this way.

App manager

You can do the easy import, backup, install and uninstall of apps in your phone as a group.

Manage iTunes

You can easily synchronize music in iTunes to your Android phone or vice versa with this feature.

Excellent compatibility

The utility tool is compatible with more than 3000 devices using Android platform such as LG, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Samsung and more. It supports Android 2.2 version to Android 8.0 version phones.

With dr.fone, you have to just connect your Android device to the software. You can manage your music and transfer it, manage the messages, manage apps, manage SD card data and do a video backup and transfer too.

Learn more about dr.fone

Here are three important uses of dr.fone – Android Transfer. Let us see each one of them in detail.

Part 1: How to Sync iTunes to Samsung S8, Galaxy S9, S10

Step #1
Connect Samsung Galaxy S8 with dr.fone – Android Transfer. iTunes Transfer from dr.fone can be downloaded as a free trial copy.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

Download the software to the computer and have it installed. Launch the software by clicking on the dr.fone icon. You can see the dr.fone software interface with the various features it offers by clicking on the menu option.

Connect your Samsung S8 to the PC with the help of USB cable provided with your Samsung S8 phone. This will ensure the transfer process is not disrupted in any way.

Step #2
Once the software tool recognizes the Samsung S8, you can start the transfer of music from iTunes. To initiate the transfer, you need to choose the option, ‘Transfer iTunes Media to Device‘.

Put Music on Samsung Galaxy S8 from iTunes

You will find a pop-up window which has various options displayed in it. The options help you to transfer music from iTunes to the Samsung S8 linked to your computer. The software tool does a full scan of all the files present in iTunes. Once the scan is completed, dr.fone displays all the media divided into categories like podcasts, songs, movies and more.

In default mode, iTunes Transfer feature in dr.fone selects the entire media contents seen in the display window. Since you need to transfer only the music files to your Samsung S8, you should uncheck the other unwanted categories and check the music files alone. Now press on the ‘Transfer‘ option to start the transfer of the chosen files.

Transfer Music from iTunes to Galaxy S9
Step #3
Once you have chosen the transfer feature, dr.fone starts moving the music files present in your iTunes library to the Samsung S8 device. The time taken depends on the size of the music files you want to transfer. You can see the progress displayed on the program’s window.

It is best to keep the system undisturbed until the entire process is completed. This will ensure there is no disruption of the transfer process. Once the transfer is completed, you will see a completion message. Click on the, ‘Ok’ option to end the transfer process.

Now disconnect Samsung S8 from your computer. To view all the iTunes files you have transferred, browse Samsung S8’s music app.

Important note:
One important advantage of using dr.fone software tool is that it can identify all the duplicate files while scanning the files in the iTunes library. The software will leave behind the duplicate files and do the transfer of the original files to the Samsung S8. So you will not have to copy the same files again and again.

As you can see, the transfer process by dr.fone tool for Android data transfer is very efficient. It can expertly move all types of media you have saved in iTunes. The steps for transfer are also very simple and can be completed in a breeze. In addition to transferring music from iTunes to Samsung S8, dr.fone is also capable of other useful processes such as copy text messages, contacts, movies, songs and various other files from other types of Android devices. It is easy to edit your contacts from the computer and do a backup. With numerous such options that help you to manage your phone data and other features like GIF creation, this Android transfer tool offers plentiful benefits. Make use of the free trial offer and download the software to experience the benefits.

Part 2. How to Put Music on Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 from computer

At times you may be in a situation where you want to transfer the music files to your computer to your brand new Samsung S8. The features of Samsung Galaxy S8 are so profound that it is one of the most wanted Android phones in the market. Users who want to enjoy the features of the Galaxy S8 with its super specs, powerful battery, and larger screen are certain to look for ways to transfer some of their favorite music to the device from their PC. So, how can you put music on Samsung Galaxy S8 from your computer?

For music lovers, there is no limit to the songs they want to download on their phone. Having all your favorite music with you on your phone so you can hear them whenever and wherever you are certainly a big boon that music fanatics would cherish.

With the new Galaxy S8, your excitement may dim considerably, if you are not able to do a transfer of music files present in your PC to the Samsung S8. Just as you have purchased a top quality phone with all features, you would like to have the right software tool to help transfer the music files of your choice. dr.fone – Transfer is the best transfer software tool for transfer of music present in your computer to your brand new Galaxy S8.

Transfer Music to Samsung S8

dr.fone by Wondershare is an ideal transfer tool for Android devices. It can do a successful transfer of any type of files you want including music files. This is the reason for dr.fone to be considered as the go-to app whenever you want to transfer, backup or restore data on your phone.

dr.fone utility tool for transfer is one of the most reliable transfer tools as it lets you transfer and also copy phone data for numerous Android models available now. The tool is considered as a one-stop remedy for all your phone data issues as it is the safest, easiest and fastest tool for transferring data files including photos, contacts, videos and music from your computer to Galaxy S8.

Steps to transfer music files between PC and Samsung Galaxy S8

If you are looking for a hassle-free way to transfer music files present in your PC to Samsung Galaxy S8, opting for dr.fone Samsung music transfer is the ideal choice. This is the perfect phone manager tool you can choose for your Samsung S8.

Here is the process of music transfer:

Step #1
If you do not connect a device to the computer, dr.fone software prompts you to link the device. You have to connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to your PC for transferring the music. The connection can be done easily via the USB cable provided with Samsung S8.

dr.fone - Transfer for S8
Step #2
Select Music tab option. All the media files will start loading in a few minutes. Now click on the, ‘Add‘ option and choose the, ‘Add Folder‘ or ‘Add File‘ option.

Put Music on Samsung Galaxy S8 from Computer
Step #3
The computer’s browser window will open now. Choose the songs you require for the transfer from your PC to the Galaxy S8.

Remember that dr.fone allows music transfer from Samsung S8 to your PC too.

For the music transfer to PC from Samsung S8, the process is similar to the above method. After accessing the Music icon, and loading all media files, you need to choose the songs in your Galaxy S8 to be transferred to the computer.

Click on, ‘Export to PC‘ in the ‘Export‘ feature. There is another way to do this step. You can just drag the music file and drop them from the Samsung S8 to your computer.

Put Music from Samsung Galaxy S8 on PC

As you can see, it is easy to transfer music files as entire playlists or selective songs alone between Samsung S8 and Computer quickly and safely. dr.fonemakes the entire process simple by saving time and effort you put in to do the transfer by manual copy paste method. The single click efficient transfer feature helps transfer the files in a breeze.

By downloading dr.fone, you can have full control of your phone. Managing it will be an effortless job regardless of the issues you face. The app is simple to use, and the free trial offer is a convenient one that you can make use of to know about the benefits of the app. And further, of the various transfer tools available, this is the quickest and safest for your Android device.

Part 3. How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Samsung S8 or Galaxy S9 Selectively

dr.fone is one of the best transfer tools because it can transfer music not only between Android devices and computers but between iPhone and Samsung S8 too. Here is how you can do a selective transfer of music to Samsung S8 from the iPhone.

Step #1
Launch the dr.fone transfer tool on your computer after downloading it. Connect the iPhone and Samsung S8 to the computer via USB cables provided with the devices. dr.fone software in the computer will detect both devices automatically.

Step #2
First, choose iPhone from which the music is to be transferred. In the navigation bar present in the top part of the software’s interface click on, ‘Music‘ tab. You will find the music window displayed. Choose the music you wish to move to the Samsung S8. Click on, ‘Export‘ option and choose Samsung. Now the selected music files will be moved to your Samsung Galaxy S9 / S8.

Thus with a simple two-step process, you can easily transfer the music playlist you want either entirely or selectively.

From the above methods, you would have understood that how to put music on Samsung Galaxy S8 is a very easy job, if you have dr.fone – Android Transfer. The transfer tool is a versatile application for transfer of not only music but other data files between devices. It is equally compatible with various types of operating systems. You cannot find such high compatibility in other transfer tools. And if you do find, they are not as effective or safe as dr.fone. Designed by Wondershare, which is reputed for its efficient line of utility tools, dr.fone – Transfer is definitely the best tool to use when you want to transfer music from iPhone to Galaxy S9/S8 or from iTunes to Samsung S8/S9, or between the computer and other Android devices. Download the software now!

Get dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

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