Better Choice for Photos Transfer from Android to iPad

Failed many times to transfer your photos from your Android phone to iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad Mini?

Have you tried dr.fone – Phone Transfer yet? It is exactly what you need to help you!

Many people have more than one phone or computer. Even though those phones’ function is almost the same, it doesn’t matter; some of them like to have an Android Samsung phone and iPad Air or iPad Mini and other cool devices.

But these devices are based on different platforms. People always feel annoying about data transferring between them. And you hate the fact that you can not enjoy your photos on iPad Air because you don’t know how to move them from your Android Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet.

Some people might suggest you use iTunes. Well, it is an OK choice, definitely not the best. Because if you want to transfer photos through iTunes, you have to sync photos from the computer to the iPad’s Photo Library, which looks easy to operate, but in fact, is a very time-consuming and high risk of data loss.

The good news is you don’t need to face all these troubles if you had dr.fone to help you. This software is specially designed for data transfer between different devices because it is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.

Its operation interface is straightforward, and no data loss risks. You can trust it 100%!

You Will Learn How to Use dr.fone Through the Following Part to Transfer Photos from Android to iPad

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1. Setup dr.fone on Your Computer

Install dr.fone on your computer will take at least 62.5 MB of free disk spaces. Your computer can run Windows 10, Windows 8.1 / 8, Windows 7, or Windows XP. It’s OK.

Even the beginner will appreciate how easy it is to install dr.fone on the computer; people just need to click their mouse a few times.

Step 2. Connect Your Android Device and iPad Air |iPad Pro | iPad Mini to the Computer

Use your USB cables to connect your Android device and iPad Air to the computer. After detecting your devices, dr.fone will display them in a primary window.

The left side shows the Source and the right side for the Destination. You can choose the files you want to move from an Android phone or tablet to iPad Air. If you only want to transfer photos, then just mark the option for Photos.

A “Clear data before copy” tab can help you delete the data on your iPad before moving anything from your Android devices.

android phone to ipad photos transfer

Step 3. Photos are Transferred from Android Phone to iPad Air

dr.fone give you a choice to transfer things like videos, photos, music, and contacts simultaneously. To remind you one more time, only tick Photos if images are all you want to be moved.

Then, you can click “Start Transfer” and wait for dr.fone to finish its work. Don’t break the connection between your devices and computer during the process. And if you see a window show up with an “OK” tab, you can click it to end the whole process.

Photos from android to iPad / iPad Mini/iPad Air

Wow! Is that very simple and quick? Why not try dr.fone – Phone Transfer yourself then?



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