Comprehensive Nox App Player Review in 2021

Android emulators have a long list of uses. Testing out personally developed apps before adding them to the Google Play Store; accessing Android apps on PC; learning to root Android and practicing before doing it to your smartphone to avoid rendering it unusable. This list goes on and on, and our point is that they’re incredibly useful. Since the usual assumption is that BlueStacks is the only viable Android emulator, we’ll be using this Nox App Player review to focus on the advantages of this less popular alternative.

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Nox App Player Review – What is Nox App Player?

Nox App Player is an emulator that provides an Android platform to PC and Mac users, otherwise known as an Android emulator. Generally, people use it for mobile games, but it’s also able to run social media apps and many others.

It’s free to use, just like BlueStacks, but has a keen focus on gaming. BlueStacks, on the other hand, is a more general-use Android emulator. Don’t get us wrong, BlueStacks is a fantastic piece of software that rightfully earns the title of the best Android emulator out there. However, given that Nox App Player focuses on a particular genre of apps, it gets a gold star.

Now, there have been some performance issues with the program. Most recent is the negative effects it would incur on a computer’s performance (usually high CPU usage). However, this is something we’ve come to expect from emulators and shouldn’t come as a surprise to you either.

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Nox App Player Review – Key Features

An important part of analyzing a Nox App Player review is pinpointing the key features. From what we found, these are the top features:

Nox App Player Review - Features
  • User Interface. Insanely easy to use. Finding a specific feature is straightforward, the interface has a great design, and it’s easy enough to use for first-time users to jump into the deep end without knowing how to proceed.
  • Play Store. Downloading apps on most Android emulators require a bit of extra effort. Usually, you’d have to download every app APK to your computer and import the file. With Nox, the Google Play Store app is readily available by default.
  • Multiple App Instances. Ever start playing a game and want to play something else, but don’t want to risk losing your progress? Nox allows multiple apps to be running simultaneously. There isn’t a limit to how many apps can be run aside from what your computer can handle.
  • Sidebar Toolbar. The sidebar makes accessing all the best features quick and effortless. If you’d prefer to have different features on the bar, it’s fully customizable.
  • Installing and Using. Windows PC and Mac versions are available, and installers for both make the installation swift and painless. Unlike similar emulators, Nox App Player doesn’t need a supercomputer to run flawlessly. Most laptops and computers can use the program without performance issues.
  • Screen Recorder. Perhaps you’re a content creator and want to record gameplay. Keeping in mind that gaming is what this Android emulator is all about, a built-in screen recorder enables you to record the display. Quick access from the sidebar means you can start recording at a moment’s notice.

What’s most impressive is how Nox App Player performs as smooth as it does. Generally, bad performance prevents people from using an emulator, so this is a surprise.

Nox App Player Review – How to Use Nox App Player

To start using the emulator, follow this next Nox App Player review section where we will explain the steps you must take.

  • Step #1 – Open an internet browsing program and go to the Nox App Player website.
  • Step #2 – Click on the “Download” button, and the installer will begin downloading.
Nox App Player Review - Download
  • Note: for Mac users, click on “Mac Version” below this button.
  • Step #3 – Open the installer after it finishes downloading.
  • Step #4 – Tick “Accept Agreement” and then click “Install” to proceed.
  • Step #5 – After a few minutes, the Android emulator installation will be complete. Open it up to start using it.
Nox App Player Review - Install

After following these steps, the emulator will be as usable as an Android smartphone. Like all others, Nox App Player requires a Google Play Store account to download official apps.

Default Apps

Instantly you will notice that there are some apps on Nox App Player by default:

  • Browser. A simple web browsing application which is very similar to the standard Android browser. If you can’t download an app from the Google Play Store app, try searching for the APK and downloading it with this browser.
  • Google Play Store. The app store that you can download Android apps from. This is the official app store, so users require an account to sign in, download, and install from here.
  • Settings. This app includes all of the relevant settings for the emulator, although most of the configurations can be found in the main program’s settings menu.
  • Camera & Gallery. With a webcam, connected users are able to utilize the camera app. If the emulator can’t detect a webcam, then you won’t find this to be a particularly useful app. Photos taken with the camera app, and any other photos on the emulator, are stored in the Gallery app.
  • Downloads & File Manager. Files that a user downloads through the Browser app, or any other app which downloads files, will be kept in the Downloads app. Similarly, system files and app data is in File Manager.

It’s safe to assume that these apps aren’t the main attraction of Nox App Player. Nevertheless, they can come in handy from time to time and are therefore worth bringing up.

Nox App Player Review – First Thoughts on Nox App Player

After setting up the emulator on your computer, a few initial thoughts will crop up. Our team had some thoughts about Nox App Player following their first experiences:

  • High-end computers will run Nox much better than regular day-to-day machines
  • If there are multiple apps being run simultaneously, performance will drop, and your laptop or computer will also slow down
  • Display settings are adjustable; the resolution can be fully HD, 720p, or much lower
  • Performance problems are easily resolvable by reducing resolution, frame rate (FPS), and other advanced settings
  • The simple minimalist user interface makes interacting with the emulator, configuring it, and installing apps very easy
  • Nox automatically rotates apps to landscape display, but some apps let you disable this
  • Not all apps from the Google Play Store are installable on Nox, but downloading the APK from a third-party website will work
  • Users can change a lot of the emulator’s settings and accessing root functionality isn’t difficult either
  • There is a constant sidebar with easily accessible features like screenshotting, volume settings, file sharing, and other useful features

Good and bad points were made clear during this stage of our Nox App Player review. The configuration is very versatile, and even so, navigating the app remains simple.

Being unable to download a handful of apps from the Google Play Store is in itself frustrating. That said, this was only the case for an insignificant number of apps. Moreover, using the built-in browser provides a seamless way of downloading any non-downloadable apps’ APKs.

Why Choose Nox App Player?

To summarise the key points of this Nox App Player review, here’s a quick summary of why you should use it.

Availability and accessibility are big considerations. Nox App Player is for Windows and Mac, users can configure the settings to suit themselves, and accessing everything couldn’t be easier. To add to this, unless you use a laptop that is on its last legs, running the emulator shouldn’t be a problem.

Next is the settings. New users might dislike what they see after opening the settings menu for the first time, but this vast amount of options puts you in control. The display, performance, and system configurations are all in the palm of your hands.

The final reason is, of course, Nox App Player’s focus on gaming. Reiterating the fact that Android emulators are typically for general use, this focus is refreshing to see. It is reflected in several features including the screen recorder, resolution and FPS settings, and the level of customization which has been included.

Overall, we can’t flaw much about this Android emulator. If we were to really nit-pick, then one downside is the inconvenience of having to download apps from outside of the Play Store rarely.


So, even though the likes of BlueStacks might be the obvious choice only because of its popularity, Nox shouldn’t be forgotten about so quickly. In this Nox App Player review, we’ve gone into the deepest details and explained the steps to get it set up on your computer. There aren’t hundreds of differences between the various Android emulators, but those few contrasts are what make can change your mind. Gamers, in particular, will find the Nox App Player to be the preferable emulator. So if you fall into that category, do take the time to check it out.