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I used to be the only Nokia user among my friends; it makes me feel like an outsider. For a long time I was thinking about changing my Nokia to an Android phone, so when I recently saw the ad of Samsung Galaxy S4, I decided to purchase one. But I have to face the problem of transferring my data in my Nokia to Android Samsung S4. Luckily, one of my friends recommends a handy tool, the dr.fone – Switch for me. Basically, it is a tool helps you move your contacts, music, videos and SMS from Nokia to Android phone. To be honest, dr.fone is very easy to use, even grandpa can handle all the steps by himself.

Part 1: Find out what kind of data can be transferred from Nokia to Android

Please check out the tablet below, you can learn what kind of data is allowed to transfer from Nokia to Android phone, like Galaxy S4

Nokia to Anroid Data TransferContactsAll your contacts even those stored in other accounts can be transferred
Music/video/photosMusic, video and photos on your Nokia can all be moved
SMSText messages on your Nokia can be copied

Part 2: Setup the dr.fone – Switch

Get dr.fone – Switch

After download dr.fone on your computer, you can launch it and click on “Switch” button. Then connect both your Nokia and Android devices with your computer through USB cables. dr.fone – Switch will take a short time to detect your devices and after that both of your phones will show in the primary window as “Source” and “Destination” phone.

Part 3: Use dr.fone – Switch to transfer data from Nokia to Android device

1. How to export Nokia contacts to Android phone

There are lots of contacts in your Nokia phone, like your emails, home and company address and so on. It will be a large amount of transfer work, but dr.fone -Switch can deal with it without problems. Everything you wanted will be transferred from your Nokia to Android phone smoothly. Learn more about how to do it via top video tutorial: Transfer contacts from Nokia to Android phone.

2. How to sync Nokia music/video/photos to Android

The old fashion way to transfer music, video and photos from Nokia to Android is to use external hard drive. And it is really a time consuming process. If the connection is broken before the whole thing finished, you might lose data and even some of your precious memory will disappear forever.

But you will never face all this risk when using dr.fone -Switch. All you need to do is a simple click and leave the rest to dr.fone. If you have other concerns about how to use this tool please check the video guide about transferring media files from Nokia to Android.

3. How to transfer SMS text messages from Nokia to Android phone

With dr.fone – Switch, you no longer need to set up a third party tool to export the SMS text messages in to a CSV file and then import to Android phone. dr.fone -Switch will directly move all the SMS text messages to your Android phone. Find more tips about the steps to transfer Nokia SMS messages to Android phone via top video tutorial.

Get dr.fone – Switch

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