No Sound on Laptop? Don’t Worry, Let’s Fix It!

My laptop has no sound for the past couple of days. I didn’t do anything strange, but it suddenly stopped working. I have no idea how to fix it. Any expert in this group, please help me to get it fixed. I have a big project coming up. Thanks, guys!”.

We have extracted the above paragraph from a tech help forum. Are you familiar with the question asked by the user? If not, have you ever faced such situations? Or, are you reading this article because you are already experiencing this issue and looking for solutions? If so, keep reading this article and learn how to fix it.

How to fix “Laptop no sound” issue

When the “laptop no sound” issue has appeared on your laptop, that could be definitely frustrating. There will be no sound on laptop due to several reasons. For instance, it can happen due to faulty audio drivers. If you wonder why “my laptop has no sound,” you can follow the instructions below and get it fixed. Please note that these methods apply on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Before everything else, make sure the audio device is enabled. As long as the speakers are disabled, you will not hear the sound, and it is obvious. You can follow the steps below to get it done.

  • Firstly, press the Win and R key on the keyboard. You should press both of these keys at once. As a result, you will see that the run box is evoked. Now, you should type the text “control panel” in the space provided in the run box. Then, you should click on the OK button.
control panel
  • Now, you should click on “View by” and choose “large icons.” After that, you should click on the Sound.
  • Check if the “Speakers” option is disabled.
  • If it is already disabled, you should right-click on it. Then, enable the option. In fact, this step itself should fix the issue if “laptop no sound” has occurred due to disabled sounds.
  • Nevertheless, if you don’t see the option called “Speakers” listed, it might be already disabled and hidden. In that case, you should right-click on the given space and choose Show Disabled Devices. Then Enable it.

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Then, as the second step, be sure to unmute the sound if it is muted.

Interestingly, it could happen that the sound is muted accidentally. Even if the speaker is enabled, you cannot hear any sound if the sound is muted. A large number of users find no sound on laptop just because it is muted. So, be sure to check the speaker icon at rock- bottom left corner of the desktop. Then, you should confirm if there is no red circle with a cross on it. If you ensure the above sound settings haven’t any problems, proceed and check out the below methods as well.

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Fix 01: Disable your audio device and restart it if your laptop has no sound

If you disable the audio device in Device Manager and restart your PC, that may fix the no sound on laptop issue. You can follow the steps mentioned below to get it done.

  • First, press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard. Simply, it is the key with the Windows logo and the R key on the keyboard. Be sure to do it simultaneously to invoke the run utility. Once the run box is opened, you should enter the text devmgmt.msc in the given space. After that, you should either hit OK or Enter keys.
  • You can expand the category called “Sound, video and game controllers.” When you expand this category, you should right-click on the audio device name as well. Now, a context menu will appear. After that, you should select Disable.
Disable your audio device and restart it if your laptop has no sound
  • Now, restart the PC. You should see a Window now. It will pop up and ask you to fix the respective sound problem. All you have to do is to follow the on-screen instructions. Then the sound issue should resolve.

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Fix 02: Try updating the audio driver

For many users, the problem may often cause due to faulty audio drivers in the system. The drivers are a special program that helps the operating system to identify the corresponding hardware components. In other words, drivers play a vital role in bridging the operating system with corresponding hardware such as audio. This applies to all the other components like video, mouse, keyboard, printer, and so on. If the drivers are corrupted, outdated, or missing, the intended purpose cannot be fulfilled. If that has happened to your audio drivers, you are likely to experience “my laptop has no sound” issue. So, the best (and only) way to fix corrupted, outdated, or missing audio driver is to update it. If not, you can even reinstall them.

Don’t you have enough time, patience, or computer skills to update the audio driver manually? Don’t worry; you can simply use professional software that can automatically update the drivers. In this case, Driver Easy is the best solution due to various reasons.

What makes Driver Easy so special?

Driver Easy can automatically recognize your system and download the most appropriate drivers for it. Thanks to its advanced algorithm, you don’t have to know exactly what system your computer is running. Also, Driver Easy eliminates the risk of downloading and installing the incorrect driver or malware. Moreover, you don’t make any errors when installing drivers. That is particularly because of Driver Easy downloads the drivers from the official websites of the manufacturers.

It is possible to update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the professional version of this tool. However, when it comes to the professional version, it takes just two clicks to update the drivers. Moreover, you get full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure the efficiency of the software.

How to use Driver Easy and update the audio drivers on your laptop or desktop?

In this section, we explain how to use this software and update the audio drivers.

  • First, you should download Driver Easy software and install it.

Get Driver Easy

  • Then, you should launch Driver Easy and click on Scan Now. Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect any problems related to the drivers.
Driver Easy
  • Now, click on the Update button located next to a flagged audio driver. As a result, it will automatically download the right version of this driver effortlessly. Then, you’ll be able to install it manually. This can be done with the FREE version.
  • If not, you can click on Update All. As a result, it will automatically download and install the right version of all the drivers. Eventually, you will not have missing or outdated drivers on your system. Please note that this feature requires the professional version of Driver Easy.
Driver Easy

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Fix 03: Reset the PRAM

Well, the PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory) is the non-volatile memory in a Mac. This memory is required to store vital details related to device and boot options. So, if the PRAM has been corrupted, then you’ll come across the no audio on laptop issue. To get it resolved, just restart or switch on the Mac first. Then, press the Command + Option + P + R keys at once. Please note that you’d need to hold these keys for some time until you hear the second chime on your Mac. That is an indication, so its PRAM has been reset successfully.

Reset the PRAM

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How to prevent “My laptop has no sound” issue

Here are the suggestions to consider so you will not experience the “laptop no sound” issue.

  • Be sure that the audio files, as well as the media players, are downloaded from genuine sources only. Also, keep them updated.
  • Don’t make unwanted changes to audio settings on your laptop. Otherwise, it will overwrite some default features.
  • Before you opt for any drastic issues to fox sound problems on browsers, check your network connection. Apart from that, you should also check your YouTube sound settings. Moreover, you should remove unwanted extensions. You should also consider disabling the hardware acceleration feature as a solution.
  • It is better to avoid forcefully restart or shutdown the laptop when an audio file is being played.
  • It is also better to have an anti-malware application installed. Moreover, you must keep your system updated to the latest version. When you are performing an update, ensure that you simply don’t halt the process.
  • Are you using Bluetooth or the other peripheral audio unit? If so, handle it carefully and disconnect it securely.

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Final Words

So, that’s our article about “no sound on laptop.” As we believe, at least one of the above solutions should fix the issue. If the laptop no sound issue has occurred due to outdated drivers, Driver Easy is the best solution. So, after trying all the basic fixes, you should use at least the free version of Driver Easy. In addition to audio drivers, Driver Easy can update all the other drivers installed in your system. So, now you know what to do when “my laptop has no sound” appears, good luck!

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