How to Resolve The ‘NAT Type Failed PS4’ Error With Ease

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Are you facing the error ‘NAT type failed PS4‘ while playing PS4 games? When you play PS4 games, you may face issues while chatting with other games online in your party chat. On testing your internet connection, you will come across the ‘NAT type failed PS4‘ error. No worries as there are various solutions to fix this PS4 NAT Type issue.

Here, we will introduce four different methods to resolve this annoying issue. Try them out one by one until you get this issue resolved. There is no need to go through all of them. However, before you begin, make sure that your network is working properly, including all the cables, modem, and router. Examine the network connection on other devices to check if it is working or not.

Part 1: What is NAT Type in PS4?

NAT refers to Network Address Translation. This represents the skill of translating a public Internet Protocol (IP) address to a private one and vice versa. In the games of PS4, it signifies the difficulty or ease of connecting to another PS4 system, especially while you employ the communication features, such as your party chat.

In the PS4, there are three NAT types, which are:

  • Type 1: This type is an open one, where the PS4 system is connected to the internet directly without any firewall or router. Users do not face any issues while connecting to another PS4 system.
  • Type 2: This type is a moderate one, where the PS4 system is connected via a router appropriately. Usually, you would not face problems with this one also.
  • Type 3: This type is a strict one, where the PS4 system is connected via a router without DMZ setup or open ports. Here, users may struggle with problems associated with the voice chat or connection.

Normally, you face the error ‘NAT type failed PS4’due to the network problems like the firewall issues or improper network settings. Modifying the NAT type could be an effective solution for improving the PS4 network position. Users can change this NAT type from the router settings.

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Part 2: Different Solutions to Fix the ‘NAT type failed PS4’ Error

Now, let’s have a look at the different solutions that you can follow for resolving the ‘NAT type failed PS4’error.

Solution 1: Configure the Network Settings of PS4 Manually

In the PS4, the error ‘NAT type failed PS4’can result from the improper network settings. So, you need to examine whether the IP address of your PS4 has changed or not. Moreover, you can configure the network settings manually in the PS4 for making it correct.

Steps to check the IP address of your PS4:

If you have no clue about the IP address of your PS4, you can check this address in the following manner.

Step 1: Visit the PS4 Settings and then choose ‘Network.’

Step 2: Next, choose the ‘View Connection Status‘ tab

Step 3: Now, you can see the details regarding the network that your PS4 is connected to, including its IP address.

Steps to configure the network settings of PS4 manually:

For configuring the network settings manually to resolve the ‘NAT type failed PS4’error, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: On your Windows laptop or PC that is connected to a similar network as the PS4, press the tabs ‘Windows‘ + ‘R‘ simultaneously on the keyboard.

Step 2: Enter “cmd” in the given Run dialog box and hit ‘Enter.’

Step 3: Now, copy the command “ipconfig/all” and paste it in the Command Prompt. Then, hit ‘Enter.’

Step 4: Next, note down your IP address, DNS server, subnet mask, and your default gateway.

Step 5: Visit the PS4 Settings and from there, go to ‘Network‘ and then click ‘Set up Internet Connection.’

Step 6: Users need to choose ‘Use WiFi‘ if they are connected to a WiFi connection or choose ‘Use a LAN Cable‘ if they are connected to the Ethernet.

Step 7: Choose ‘Custom‘ and then put in your network information that you noted down recently.

Step 8: After that, choose ‘Do Not Use‘ for the Proxy Server.

Step 9: Now, wait for a while to get it updated. Choose ‘Test Internet Connection‘ on seeing the message “Internet Settings updated.”

Step 10: Next, you will be able to see the PS4 internet connection and also the NAT type of your PS4. Lastly, check if the error ‘NAT type failed PS4’ has been fixed or not.

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Solution 2: Try Enabling UPnP for the Router

If configuring your network settings manually does not work, then you have to try enabling UPnP for the router. Here, UPnP refers to Universal Plug and Play. This enables the devices to share the same network to find one another.

When you try enabling UPnP in the router, it could help enhance the connection while you play games and chat with other users. To do this, please follow below simple steps. Also, this solution applies to all the routers.

Steps to fix the ‘NAT type failed PS4’ error by enabling UPnP:

Step 1: On your router, you have to check your username, password, and IP address. This information is available on the router’s stick or looks for it on the user manual.

Step 2: Now, open any browser on your mobile device or PC. Then, enter your IP address in the browser and hit Enter.

Step 3: After that, enter the username and password to log in. Next, tap on the ‘login‘ option.

Step 4: Now, select ‘Advanced‘ and then ‘Forwarding‘ to see your UPnP. You can look for this UPnP section under other tabs depending on your router.

Step 5: From there, you have to turn on UPnP.

Step 6: Tap on ‘Save‘ or ‘Apply‘ for saving the settings.

Step 7: Next, reboot the router and then wait for the connection.

Step 8: Visit the PS4 Settings and go to ‘Network.’ From there, choose ‘Test Internet Connection.’ Now, see if the error ‘NAT type failed PS4’ has been resolved by turning on the NAT Type.

Solution 3: TransformYour PS4 Into the DMZ Server

Users can resolve the ‘NAT type failed PS4’issue by transforming their PS4 into the DMZ server. Here, DMZ refers to Demilitarized Zone. This zone is a logical or physical subnetwork, comprising the external-facing services of an organization to an unreliable network.

By doing so, you can amend the network configurations of your router. This helps to improve network performance if you check the settings properly. Some users may worry over, causing security issues by this method. However, it is perfectly fine as you are employing this network just at your house rather than in a public place.

Step 1: Firstly, check your username, password, and IP address on the WiFi router.

Step 2: Go to any browser on your smartphone or PC and then enter your IP address there. Then, hit Enter.

Step 3: Enter the username & password for logging in.

Step 4: Navigate to the ‘Advanced‘ tab and then ‘Forwarding.’ Here, you will find DMZ. This section will be in different tabs depending on your router.

Step 5: Tap on ‘Enable‘ for enabling DMZ.

Step 6: Now, change your IP address for matching it with the PS4 IP address.

Step 7: If your router features an option called NAT Filtering, you can click on ‘Open NAT Filtering.’ If your router does not have this option, skip this step.

Step 8: Tap on ‘Save‘ or ‘Apply‘ for saving the settings.

Step 9: Now, reboot the router and let it connect to the network.

Step 10: Visit your PS4 Settings and then click on ‘Network.’ From there, select ‘Test Internet Connection.’ Now, examine if the NAT Type is enabled and if it fixed the error ‘NAT type failed PS4‘ on your device.

Now, this may help in getting all the traffic to the PS4. Also, it helps in reducing the network limitations when you use the PS4.

Solution 4: Fix ‘NAT type failed PS4’ By Forwarding Port for the PS4 Network

Forwarding ports is also known as ports mapping. This redirects the request of communication from one port number and address to another. Meanwhile, packets traverse a network gateway like a router. So, users can enhance network performance by port mapping.

Before you begin, ensure that your ISP does not feature the Carrier-Grade-NAT. If it does, then you might fail to configure. Also, you need to select NAT Type 3.

Steps to fix the ‘NAT type failed PS4’ error by forwarding the port:

Step 1: Note down your username, password, and IP address from the router.

Step 2: Open any browser on your phone or PC and enter your IP address there. Hit Enter.

Step 3: Enter the username and password for logging in.

Step 4: Navigate to the section ‘Forward Ports.’ This section can be named differently depending on your router, such as ‘Ports Forwarding,’ ‘Applications,’ or ‘Virtual Server

Step 5: Now, add your custom forwarding ports. Users can try the ports listed here, which are suggested by Sony. These include:

80 (TCP), 3478 (TCP and UDP), 443 (TCP), 3480 (TCP), and 3479 (TCP and UDP)

Note: You have to give a name and also assign the IP address of your PS4 to every port.

Step 6: Tap on ‘Save‘ or ‘Apply‘ for saving your changes.

Step 7: Visit PS4 Settings and go to ‘Network.’ Next, select ‘Test Internet Connection‘ for checking your NAT Type. Lastly, see if the error ‘NAT type failed PS4‘ has been fixed successfully or not.

So, these are the easiest ways to resolve the ‘NAT type failed PS4‘ error. First, you should check if your network is working properly. Then, explore the different solutions mentioned here. Hopefully, you will get rid of this annoying error successfully after trying out one of these solutions. Now, enjoy playing your PS4 games hassle-free!


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