Top Best MP3 Rocket Alternative in 2021

Getting free MP3 music is one of the best feelings in the world. As you spend countless hours looking for a song on a website, but when you reach the end, the website will refuse to download the MP3 files. There will always be something paywall or broken links. But the MP3 Rocket always delivered the music with less hassle. But nowadays people are looking for the best MP3 Rocket alternatives in the market. Most of the reasons can be blamed on the MP3 Rocket itself.

Part 1. Everything You Need to Know about MP3 Rocket Downloader

MP3 Rocket

While being one of the popular apps to let you download music for free, Rocket MP3 Downloader has a lot of issues over the years that need fixing. But the sad news about it is, it’s not getting fixed. Instead, the user getting any updates on their app, they experience more bugs and crashes on the app. Which will ruin the experience of using an app?

Some of the issues the users have to deal with MP3 Rocket are:

  • Crash
  • Download Stops
  • Long time to buffer
  • Longer Load time
  • Interface loss
  • Antivirus seeing the files as a threat to the computer.
  • Safety of the data and information: Most of the blame goes to the files that you download, thinking it just a song, but you will never know what kind of file it would be or if it is before you clicked on the download.

The best thing people love about Rocket MP3 is that it is free of cost. Anybody can use it to download MP3 in a matter of seconds, but the doubts in the functionality and other features are what make people switch to different alternatives in the market. That promises not to carry the annoying part of the MP3 Rocket but to improve on the foundation that made the MP3 Rocket great.

These are some of the issues why people are opting out for the best MP3 Rocket alternatives available in the market as the user base got to know that most of the errors that they have to deal with within the app won’t get fixed anytime soon. That is why these best MP3 Rocket alternatives have all the features that you love in the original app, but they will deliver much more.

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Part 2. Top Online MP3 Rocket Alternative in 2021

Here is the list of best MP3 Rocket alternatives that you can try to download your favorite music. All of them will offer high-quality music for less size, and some of them will bring a diverse amount of music from different countries. Although an MP3 Rocket brings all of that in one place, with these alternatives, you don’t have to worry about any of the bugs or crashes that you will have to deal with. Without further ado, here are the best MP3 Rocket alternatives.

1. WineMP3

If you like to listen to free music online and looking for an alternative to MP3 Rocket, you can’t go wrong with WineMP3; it is one of the best MP3 Rocket alternatives in the market. Here you can stream your favorite music and download them to your device. All of the music files are in a higher quality bit rate, so you would get the best experience without compromising on the quality. Pick WineMP3 as your next venture to the world of music.

2. Saavn


Like to listen to music from all over the world in one place, then saavn is the app you need to make that happen. Here you will have a wider variety of options, such as buying and selling your music to the people. Saavn features Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, and plenty more. As you can tell, you will get a lot of things than just a simple alternative to an MP3 Rocket. That is why saavn is one of the best MP3 Rocket alternatives that you can go for.


If you want to just download the music without having to deal with the unnecessary stuff, such as signing in with your account, giving your email address. Then the is what you need in your life. offers a wider variety of music without making you sign in with their service first. You can just open the site and start listening to the songs as many times as you want. If you found one of them being likable, then you can download the song to your device.

4. Audiomack


If you are an android user, then you certainly take benefits from downloading this app, as Audiomack lets you listen to the music offline. But you need to download that music first. There is a search button, where you can find your favorite song, and download them so you can listen to them later on. Here you will also see a trending tab, which allows you to see real-time trending music in the world.


Here you have to follow three simple steps. Just search, play, and download what you want. That’s it that is why is one of the best MP3 Rocket alternatives available on the internet. It doesn’t make the user go through a bunch of rules to listen and download the songs. It gives them that right instantly when they launch the web page.


If you are looking for a website to download background music for a youtube video for free. is the website you need for that. Here you can download many types of background music for your youtube video without spending any money. As all of the MP3 files you will see here are for free.

7. Youtube to MP3

MP3 Rocket alternative - ytmp3

Well, the name of the website is pretty self-explanatory, here you will get exactly what the name of the website implies. Which is to download any youtube video in the file format of an MP3. So you will get the music variation of the youtube video in an instant. After you convert the video file from youtube to MP3 file, then you can upload the MP3 file to any of your social media links. All of this makes youtube to MP3 one of the best MP3 Rocket alternatives out there.

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Part 3. Top MP3 Rocket Alternative App to Download Online Audio/Videos

#1 MP3 Rocket Alternative App – iMusic

If you are looking for software or an app to download your favorite music to your device faster. Then there is no better option than iMusic. Here you can download a wider variety of music, and the app lets you use some cool features such as downloading music from different sites. iMusic also helps you transfer all of your music to all the sharable devices. It also allows you to record songs while you are surfing on the internet.

The number 1 reason why iMusic gets considered as the best MP3 Rocket alternative is because of the download speed and the compatibility with most of the websites. With iMusic installed, you can download any music you want from any video you see from any website. There is no prevention or stuff that is blocking them from accessing them. You can do it right away.


When it comes to the supported website that you can download from with iMusic, it is a lot. Here you will get support from Vevo, Dailymotion, youtube, Spotify, and Facebook. Here you can download the song and then save it to the iTunes library. Discovering songs is easier; if you want to download songs by one by one, you can certainly do that, but you will also get another option of playlist download, as many prefer to download the entire catalog of videos in a batch format. If you want to transfer music from one device to another, you can do that here without any trouble.

MP3 Rocket alternative - iMusic

The recording is one of the popular features of this app; you can straight up record anything you hear on the web. And store them on your device afterward.

Download iMusic

#2 MP3 Rocket Alternative App – Video Downloader

If you want to go beyond the realm of music to video, then you have to use Video Downloader. With this app, you can do all the things that you can do with iMusic, but now with videos. That’s right; you can download any videos you want from your favorite websites without being restricted to one resolution. You can download videos in Full HD., and the quality of the video will stay crystal clear as the audio that is attached to that video. It supports formats such as MP4, AVI. FLV with audio format WMA, AAC, MP3, M4A. That’s just to name a few; you will be able to convert the videos well over 300 different formats. The installation is easy.

  • Download the App
  • Install it, then Lunch the app
  • Start recording videos, save the video by selecting the proper format.
  • That’s it.
MP3 Rocket alternative - Aiseesoft Video Downloader

But for the people who are looking for the best MP3 Rocket alternative, you can certainly go with the music, Playlist, different quality, general, diverse range, compatibility with another device. These are the features you will be getting with music as your primary music source and your best MP3 Rocket alternative. Once you download the videos or playlist batch download, you will be able to send it to your other device.

If you are looking for both 4k and HD versions of the videos, you can download them here, and having the option to convert the downloaded video into 300 different formats make this one of the best MP3 Rocket alternatives that you should go for.

Here you will also get the option to record audio on your PC. you can record anything you want on your PC as long as it plays in the background.

Conclusion About the Best MP3 Rocket Alternative

Although the MP3 Rocket is no longer available in the market for anybody to download the files they want. But the apps that came out after the MP3 Rockets carry a lot of features that made MP3 Rocket famous and better. In this list, you will find all the best MP3 Rocket alternatives that are available in the market.

All of them have significant features that some people look for in an app about video downloading. While the same can be said about people who don’t want additional features in their download software, that is why this list is filled with the best MP3 Rocket alternative tools you can have.