How to Mirror Android to Another Android Phone

Is It Possible to Mirror Android to Android?

As science and technology develop rapidly, there are more and more nice tools released to help people enjoy their devices better.

Now, you can control your mobile phone on a computer or other devices like a tablet or another mobile phone with an Android Phone Mirroring Tool.

After mirroring your Android phone to another Android device, you can use your Android phone as a remote to control the device so that you can play Android games on your computer or transfer the data files from your Android phone to your Android tablet, etc.

So you ask me how to mirror an Android phone to another Android device I will tell you that it is easy to do it as long as you have a nice helper.

For instance, ScreenShare is one of the most popular tools for mirroring your Android phone and it is all free. This tool offers three ways of connection between your Android phone and Android tablet, namely Bluetooth, hotspots, and WIFI.

You can also use the ScreenShare browser, ScreenShare service, and ScreenShare organizer to help you connect the two devices better.

Note: The Android phone and Android tablet that you can use have to run with Android 2.3 or earlier.

How to Use ScreenShare to Mirror Your Android Phone to Android Tablet.

Step 1. Download and Install

You can download it on the Google Play Store, and then install it on both two Android devices that you want to mirror.

Step 2. Connect Your Android Devices via Bluetooth

Launch ScreenShare and click on the “ScreenShare service” from the “Menu” of this tool. Then set the wireless network as the Bluetooth on both Android devices.

Finally, pair your Android device with Bluetooth and it is important that you need to find the pairing device from your tablet. That is to say, you need to start the connection from your Android tablet.

The “Connected” message will show up beside the device you connected in the devices list if you have done this step properly. You can try the whole process again if you can’t get them connected successfully, but you need to wait for at least 10 seconds.

Connect Your Android Devices via Bluetooth

Tip: you can also connect your Android devices with the WIFI or hotspot. And the process is almost the same as we have just talked about except for the following points:

  • 1. You need to connect your Android devices to the same WIFI if you want to connect with the WIFI.
  • 2. To mirror your Android phone to your Android tablet, remember to use your tablet to find the hotspot of your Android phone if you want to connect with the hotspot.

Step 3. Start to Enjoy the Result of Android Data Mirroring

After the connection, you are already able to enjoy controlling your Android device with another Android one, which is really amazing and interesting.

Start to Enjoy the Result of Android Data Mirroring

Besides the ScreenShare, there are also many tools for Android mirrors, like the MirrorOp, Air Playit, Optia, and PeerDeviceNet. But some of them may ask for payment.

Or you can just try ScreenShare since it is totally free and I have made a detailed introduction for you. Have a nice time when mirroring your Android phone to Android!

You can also mirror your Android phone to a computer with ease.

Bonus: Tenorshare Phone Mirror – Mirror Android to Computer

If you want to mirror the Android screen to a computer, then Tenorshare Phone Mirror will be your best choice.

Steps to Mirror Android Screen to Computer:

Step 1. Please connect your Android phone to your PC and enable USB debugging.

Tenorshare Phone Mirror

Step 2. Then, please click on the screen mirroring menu shown below.

Mirror Android to Android via Phone Mirror

Step 3. You will find your Android screen displayed on your computer. That’s it!

Android screen displayed on your computer

Try Tenorshare Phone Mirror



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