Method to Root Android Phone – Control Your Phone Completely

What is rooting Android? It’s a process to get the highest authority of your Android system to control it completely. Have you ever been annoyed by the preinstalled software on your phone because you can’t uninstall them? It’ll never happen after you root your phone. You also can upgrade or change your Android system to any version. Now you may be curious about how to root the Android device. In this article, I will introduce the basic steps for you to root your device.

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Part 1: Some preparation work before rooting Android device

Before you root your Android device, you need to make preparation for this important step. I’ll tell you 5 steps to be ready for rooting.

1. Backup your Android device

The process of rooting is not that safe, it may cause many troubles such as data loss. So we can create a backup of your device for emergency use.

2. Guarantee your Android device is fully charged

It’s hard to say how much time it will take for rooting. Once the rooting starts, the process can’t stop in many situations. If it stops when the program is running, the phone may become a brick. Thus, the fully charged phone can avoid the sudden break of the rooting process.

3. Find a reliable rooting software

Check the model and system version of your device, then choose a suitable software to help you root your device. This step is very important because not all software for rooting does work for you. Here I sincerely recommend 2 wide-used tools for you — Kingo and MobileGo.

4. Watch the teaching movie about rooting

Find a movie that tells the concrete steps about how to root the Android device on Google. There are many videos about rooting Android on the Internet. You will know the basic process of rooting.

5.Learn how to unroot your device

Nobody can guarantee you will succeed every time when you root. Thus, you should know how to unroot to bring your device back to the previous when you are failing to root.

Part 2: Root your Android device with a single click on your computer

MobileGo is an outstanding and easy-used software for rooting Android. With a single click, you can root your device safely. It supports over 3000 type of Android devices whose system is Android 2.2 or later. Here is the basic workflow to root Android device:

1. Download MobileGo and install it on your computer

Download this tool, install it, then start it on your PC.

Download MobileGo for Windows

2. Use USB cable or WIFI to connect your Android device with your computer


Use USB: Plug the USB interface into the computer, plug another side of wire into the Android device. Then the computer will show the device is recognized. You can check the device on your computer.

Through WIFI: To connect your device by wifi, you must install the MobileGo.apk file on your Android device. Then open this file and scan the QR code to connect it.

MobileGo for Android

3. Root Android device

Select Toolkit, then tap Get Root Access. This tool will begin to root your Android device. Please keep the Android device connecting your computer in the rooting process.


Download MobileGo for Windows


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