Real Effectual Tips for Managing HEIC Images by way of DropBox

The Apple technology brand has surpassed the expectations of technology enthusiasts once again, with the latest release of the new iPhone X and the iPhone 8 devices. These devices have gained the favor of fans from all parts of the globe, owing to their brilliant technology advancement and the incorporation of a number of additional features and superior technology. Here, we are going to deal with the most common problems faced by Apple users, especially with the adoption of the new iOS 11 version of Apple devices. This is especially related to the new HEIC image format and the DropBox file hosting service.

Very recently, Apple has gone out to launch a fresh picture file format by way of the new iOS 11 release. With each new version release, the Apple Company launches novel features, which are most unusual and amazing. Nevertheless, a quantity of such facets is not advantageous for everyone. This new HEIC picture file format is among them. When the HEIC format was launched by Apple, millions of the iPhone users were perplexed as to how to access or convert it. Among such dire queries, people were especially asking and posing questions all over the Internet, for a good way to save this new format on cloud storage.

Hence, we have come with a good way to address such dire questions, and in this very article, we are exposing to you, a few simple techniques on how one can make use of the HEIC image format by way of the cloud storage, such as DropBox.

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SECTION 1: Learning to upload HEIC images to DropBox

It is possible to sync the HEIC files to a DropBox account. This would allow you to view such files easily. For uploading of HEIC images to DropBox, follow the steps below:

1: Start by launching the DropBox app, and then tap on the ‘+’ icon.

2: Tap on the ‘Upload photos’ option, and choose the HEIC image files.

3: Click on the ‘Next’ button for selecting the folder, in which you want to save your HEIC image files.

4: Finally, click on the ‘Upload’ button.

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SECTION 2: Learning to share HEIC images on DropBox

If you and your acquaintances are novel to the HEIC file format, then there is an added option of sharing these images with them. These pictures can be viewed by them through DropBox devoid of any constraints. In order to know how this sharing task of HEIC images is made on DropBox, follow the detailed process below:

1: First of all, upload your HEIC photos to your DropBox account.

2: Choose all your images, which you wish to share with your desired sources.

3: Tap on the ‘Share’ icon, in which you will be asked for the desired contacts, with whom you wish to share the images.

4: Having done this simply put the preferred name or emails and then tap on the ‘Send’ icon.

SECTION 3: Learning to download HEIC images from DropBox

Identical to sharing and syncing the HEIC images on the DropBox app, you easily download this HEIC file format easily from DropBox storage. All you would require is downloading and selecting the image files that you would like. For learning how to download your desired HEIC photo files from the DropBox app, follow the steps below:

1: You can initiate by going to your designated DropBox account and then locating the image file (s) that you wish to download for yourself.

2: Tap on the icon of ‘… (ellipsis)’, and hit on the ‘Download’ icon. Doing this will proceed to download your desired HEIC photo file (s).

SECTION 4: How to make HEIC image album on the DropBox service

The DropBox app offers a helpful feature to add images on albums, which serves as a helping hand in a variety of diverse ways. In case you are not acquainted with the process of creating HEIC image album on the DropBox app, the instructions below can help you out:

1: Start by logging in to the designated DropBox account and visit the website.

2: In this site, you can choose the images that you wish to insert in the album of HEIC images.

3: Next, tap on the icon of ‘(…) ellipsis’ and choose ‘Add’ to album preference.

4: Build a fresh album and then name it whatsoever you wish.

5: This will put in all the chosen HEIC image files to the given album.

BONUS TIP: Learning to convert HEIC photos to JPG

HEIC is an extremely useful image file format since it serves to save lots of phone memory, giving off incredible image quality. Nevertheless, when you are not too familiar with the HEIC image format, you can easily convert them into JPG. In this section, we are bringing in the Aiseesoft HEIC Converter program, which can convert the HEIC images to JPG easily. Just select your desired files and then convert them to JPG. Some prime features of this tool are as below:

Aiseesoft HEIC Converter Key Features:

  • It is a two-way converting program, as it can convert both solo photos or convert in a batch.
  • Much safer than any online Converter, as it will not result in any privacy leaks.
  • This HEIC to JPG converter doesn’t make any quality damage of the converted JPG files.
  • You can drop your HEIC images directly to be converted or manually choose files.
  • It lets users view their HEIC image file individually for free, on selecting the ‘Convert Single Photo’ feature.

Download HEIC Converter for Windows Download HEIC Converter for Mac

Let us delve into the procedure of converting the HEIC images to the JPG format in a set.

1: Start by launching the HEIC Converter program on the PC.

2: Then tap on the ‘Add HEIC‘ icon and select the files that you wish to convert.

3: Under this, you will view all your chosen files. You can select your image quality before converting. Tap on ‘Convert‘ icon for converting the HEIC image to the JPG format.

In this way, you can make use of the HEIC image file format, in your iOS device, for any purpose, using the DropBox service. This format is one of the most good-quality image formats. You can make use of the Aiseesoft HEIC Converter program, for getting these tasks completed in the quickest time, and with extreme ease.

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Download HEIC Converter for Windows Download HEIC Converter for Mac