How To Easily Make More Storage On iPhone (All iPhone XS, XR, X, 8, 7, 6S, 6)

If you have an electronic device, you understand how important free space is for the device. If your device does not have enough free space, it is almost equal to useless. You cannot store more files and photos, neither can you take updates of apps or OS as a whole. You deprive yourself of the latest features which is quite frustrating. When you want to get some files transferred from your friends and colleagues, you face the embarrassing situation of not having enough space. Instead of cursing your device, you must logically approach to the problem and find its solution. Generally, we are unaware of the background building of trashes from our daily activities and the trashes keep building up every day consuming more and more space. So today, we are going to look specifically at how to make more storage on iPhone as space is a precious parameter in every iPhone’s lifespan.

Basically, we are going to divide this article into two divisions. First, we will deal with the basic tips and tricks to make more storage on iPhone manually. These are the steps you can take before space gets completely filled up. These are precautionary measures and not exactly the solution you are looking for. In the second segment which is an advanced and modern approach to make more storage on iPhone, we will demonstrate how the best-known software iSkysoft Data Eraser can help you to make free spaces just at the splash of the eyes. We highly recommend the second step because it is effortless and has no drawbacks, unlike the first step. Let us look at them in details.

Part 1: Basic Steps To Make More Storage on iPhone Manually

  • Prefer Normal Photos To HDR Photos – When your camera is in HDR mode, it captures a photo in high resolution for which the size of the photo is generally quite higher than a normal photo. So you must be wise enough to use HDR mode only when needed. Otherwise, go to Settings and then to Photos and Camera and then turn Keep Normal Photo option off. By this, you are ensuring that even if you take photos in HDR mode, your photos will be saved as normal photos, saving you more space.

  • Clear iBooks and Podcast Regularly – If you have already read an iBook or you are planning not to read it, it is unnecessary to keep the book in the memory blocking the space. Select the iBook and tap on Delete This Copy option. Remember not to tap on Delete From All Devices option. Similarly, if you are using Podcast app, you might have a lot of podcasts that you have listened to previously and did not feel the urge to delete them. Swipe them on the left to find the Delete option.

  • Use iTunes Match – iTunes Match is a feature where you can keep your unused audio files or those songs and music files that you generally do not listen or those which you require once in a while. It is useless to keep them on your iPhone unnecessarily as they occupy a large chunk of space. Instead, keep them in iTunes Match and download them whenever you need them.

  • Use Photo Stream – Just like iTunes Match, Photo Stream is a feature where you can upload photos in iCloud so that they are available on all iOS devices connected to yours. In this way, you are keeping a backup of your photos and start deleting those photos from your iPhone storage.

  • Turn Off Photo Stream Sharing – How much you may like to join all your friends and colleagues’ photo stream, you have to force yourself to go against it because photo streams take up a lot of space of iPhone storage. To turn this feature off you need to go to Settings and tap on Photos and Camera and then turn iCloud Photo Sharing off.
  • Clear Old Images – Photo editing apps are quite tricky on iPhone as they tend to keep all the old edited images unnecessarily and occupy a lot of space. Do clean them up from time to time manually.

  • How To Clear Apps Internal Downloads – This is very important and so we have a separate segment for this even though it comes under how to make more storage on iPhone manually. You can be totally blind to the fact that almost all apps have internal downloads and trash which does not get deleted automatically. This is where you got to do that manually. Move to Settings and then to General tab. Tap to Usage and then to Manage Storage. Over there, you will see all the installed apps on your iPhone. Click on the individual apps to see if they are holding any files and data under Documents and Data option.
    Now, we move on to the tricks on how to save space on iPhone manually.

  • Restart Once A Day – By restarting your iPhone once a day, you are cleaning up the files and data that are there in the caches or in the Other Section automatically.

  • Force Restart Once A Day – Force restart helps to clear out all temporary files that are there on iPhone storage. To force restart, hold the sleep button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

  • Clear Out Old Voicemails – To do this go to Phone and then to Voicemail and then tap on Delete option. Alternatively, you can set an expiry time after which those files will automatically get deleted after you listen to them. To do that, go to Settings and then to Messages and tap on Expire under Audio Messages. Select After 2 Minutes option. The same can be applied to video messages as well.

  • Start Using Apple Music – If you have a good internet connection, you must shift from listening to songs manually from iPhone storage files to Apple Music. To enable it, go to Settings and then to Music and tap on Apple Music. Then you have to enable iCloud Music Library so that the streamed songs get temporarily downloaded and automatically get removed during force restart of the iPhone as stated earlier.

  • Reinstall Big Apps – This is a very useful trick and helps you to fix space issues because when you delete and reinstall apps the junk files associated with them also get deleted.

Consequently, you must take your time out or set a reminder to delete message threads and clear browser cache for more space and better performance.

These are the simple steps that you can adopt in your iPhone usage life and help yourself get more space manually.

Part 2: How To Make More Storage On iPhone Using iSkysoft Data Eraser For Mac

As you saw that the above-mentioned steps are manual, so you need to put a lot of effort and they are time-consuming as well. So those are not exactly the suitable and efficient measures to make more space instead what most people are doing across the globe is that they are automating the process using a very popular software named iSkysoft Data Eraser which works instantly, automatically and efficiently. It has two versions, one is for Windows and the other is for Mac. Now, let us have a look at its features which have made it so popular globally.

Important Features Of iSkysoft Data Eraser Program

  • 1. It is the world’s first iOS devices’ data erasing software.
  • 2. It is very user-friendly and has intuitive navigation option.
  • 3. It helps you to protect your important personal information such as credit card details and any account’s password by clearing out the browser data and history.
  • 4. It requires one touch to clear out all the junk files and data on your iPhone and speed up your device’s performance and speed.
  • 5. It can overwrite on deleted files that stay back even when you delete them manually. This is quite an advanced feature. As a matter of fact, the files and data deleted using it are permanent and unrecoverable.
  • 6. It is supported and compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone XR and XS Max, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices till Android 9 version.
  • 7. It has options to Delete all data and files, Delete only previously deleted data(those which are removed manually but still are present on your device), Erase Private Data which cleans up emails, browser history, account and banking information quickly and it has provision for Photo Compressor which lets all your photos take the least amount of space and Express Cleanup for super-fast cleaning. So all together it offers you 5 options to automatically make more storage for iPhone and Android devices.
  • 8. It offers 30 days money back guarantee, so you must definitely give it a try.

Steps To Use iSkysoft Data Eraser To Make More Storage on iPhone

Step 1 – Download the software and install it on your Mac successfully. Then launch the application.

Get iSkysoft Data Eraser

Step 2 – Connect your iPhone to the Mac using a USB cable. Wait a few seconds for iSkysoft Data Eraser to detect the device automatically.

Step 3 – On the screen, you will see your device with information about storage as to how much is free and how much is used and the total storage.

Step 4 – You will see five options on the left side. Under Space Optimization, you will see Express Cleanup and Photo Compressor and under Permanent Erase Data you will see Erase Deleted Files, Erase Private Data and Erase All Data. Select option Express Cleanup.

Step 5 – A new screen will come and click on the Start Scan option button to start analyzing the space storage of your device in details. Once the scanning part gets over which requires a few seconds, you can see how much junk files you have on your iPhone and what files are they. Mostly they are logged, cache files, temporary download files, App junks, and unused Apps.

Step 6 – Click on each of those files individually to confirm that you want to delete them. Thus, you can selectively delete files and keep the important files if you think they will be needed in the future. Once the selection is done, click on the Cleanup option button.

Step 7 – Within a few seconds, all the selected junk files will be cleared and you will see how much space has been cleared. Then click on the Done option.

To make more space, you can use options under Permanently Erase Data. You can erase messages, mails, call history, reminders, calendar, facetime, iMessages, iTunes DB, apps, Safari bookmarks, voicemails, photos, videos, notes, memos and many more. The software is compatible with iPod touch 5 and 6, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and The new iPad Pro 2018.

Part 3: How To Compress Photos on iPhone to Make More Storage On iPhone by Using iSkysoft Data Eraser

Step 1 – Launch the software on Mac and connect your device. Wait for a few seconds to detect your device and then go to Photo Compressor.

Step 2 – In the new window, you will see all the photos that are there in your iPhone storage. Select the ones which you want to compress by clicking on them.

Step 3 – Click on the Start button and one by one all the photos will get compressed in size without any data loss. In the end, it will show you how much space you have saved.

You can also export the photos and save them to your computer for backup purpose. In that way, you can further clean up spaces and remove unnecessary photos from your iPhone to get more space for necessary stuff.

So you realized how quickly extra space can be made on your iPhone using iSkysoft Data Eraser which otherwise would have taken a long time without much of an effective result as you saw that some of the deleted files which you delete manually actually stay back on the device. You can clean those up with iSkysoft Data Eraser. It is absolutely secured with 100% losslessness. It is trusted across the globe and customers are using it regularly in their busy schedule to clean their iPhone devices in no time and make more space on iPhone for the newcomers. Do go for one-month trial usage and see the difference yourself.

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