Love SMS | Sending the Best Love Messages

Partners, family members, even close friends – just a few groups of the people who phone owners sent love messages to. Texting gets a bad reputation for distracting teenagers, but if we set this aside, it’s a great way for telling the people in your life how much you care about them when you aren’t able to be there with them.

One issue that a lot of people have is that they don’t know how to put their feelings into words. Even with texting, when we have some time to think about what we’re saying, it’s difficult. So, to help you tell your family members how you feel, here are some ideas. In addition, here are the best “I Miss You Like…” Quotes to text for you.

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Part 1. Have You Lost Love Messages? Recover Them!

Before we show you our list, we want to introduce you to a data recovery program. dr.fone – Recover is the most efficient way to recover lost data. From those photos you captured on vacation to sentimental love SMS, dr.fone can safely recover various data types. Find out more information about the program below.

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How to Use dr.fone – Data Recovery (iOS)

So, you’ve lost valuable text messages, and you want to recover them? We completely understand why you’d want to do this – after all, a lot of people underrate sentimental value. Using the steps below you can swiftly get your hands on the love messages again.

Step #1 – Download and install the latest version of dr.fone on your computer.

Get dr.fone – Data Recovery (iOS)

Step #2 – Launch dr.fone and from the main menu, select “Data Recovery“, and use the appropriate USB cable to connect your device.

Step #3 – You’ll see three different recovery options on the left sidebar although click on “Recover from iOS Device” to proceed.

Note: using the Android version of dr.fone – Recovery? Instead, click on “Recover phone data” or “Recover from SD card”.

Get dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)

Step #4 – Different types of data types will display on your screen now. Tick the box next to “Message & Attachments”, and “WhatsApp & Attachments” if you use this app for sending messages, then press “Start Scan”.

Step #5 – dr.fone will now begin the scan. During this scan, any text messages which you may have lost will be found for you.

Step #6 – After the scan is complete you’ll be able to browse all of the text messages that are currently in your device’s storage. Explore this data and select anything that you want to recover.

Step #7 – Finally, after you’ve selected all of the text messages to recover, click on “Recover to Computer” or “Recover to Device”.

Step #8 – Text message files are very small, so even if you select a lot of texts, the recovery should take less than a minute!

With these eight steps, you can restore lost love messages in literally a matter of minutes. Smartphone storage works in a specific way that means even after deletion, you can recover data for a short amount of time.

Part 2. Different Types of Love SMS

Moving on from recovering any messages you might have lost; we’re now going to show you a few different types of messages. The categories that we’ll be looking at are:

  • Love Messages for Wife/Girlfriend
  • Love Messages for Husband/Boyfriend
  • Good Morning Text Messages
  • Cute Birthday Messages
  • Adorable Love SMS Text Messages

Let’s go ahead and jump right in so that you can start sending those heart-warming texts!

Love Messages for Wife/GF

  • 1. I want you to know that wherever I go and whatever happens, I’ll always be thinking of you and the time that we spend together. If I had the chance, I’d do everything exactly the same way as before.
  • 2. Whatever happens and whatever you do, I promise that I’ll always love you.
  • 3. Words can’t describe how much I love you. I’m the luckiest man in the world, and it’s crazy that of all the men you could’ve chosen from, you chose me.
  • 4. Never will I doubt how much I love you. You’re the most important person in my life, you’re my best friend, and I love you so much.
  • 5. When we met, there was something that made me need you. I finally found out that it wasn’t something, it was everything – you’re the perfect girl for me.
  • 6. Even if you were on the other side of the world, I’d still love you. Distance won’t stop my heart from lusting your love, and I hope we can spend the rest of our lives together!

Love Messages for Husband/BF

  • 1. You are the most wonderful man in the world because you care about everyone and I’m so grateful to have you as my life partner. Love you!
  • 2. When I close my eyes all I can see is your adorable face and those caring eyes. All I think about is spending the rest of our lives together, and I can’t wait for that journey to begin!
  • 3. I love you so much, and I know that I don’t show this enough. We are a perfect couple, and nothing can break us apart. Love you so much!!!
  • 4. It doesn’t matter how far apart we are or what happens; I’ll always love you more than anything else in the world! Can’t wait for us to be together again, love you.
  • 5. Until we met, I never understood what it was likely to really love someone and now, whenever our eyes meet I can’t stop smiling, and my heart fills with love.
  • 6. You’re my knight in shining armour but take off your helmet, so I can stare into your eyes!

Good Morning Text Messages

  • 1. Morning beautiful! Hope you have a fantastic day and remember, carpe diem!
  • 2. Good morning cutie hopes you woke up with a smile on your face and with a heart full of happiness. Love you and have a great day.
  • 3. Rise and shine! Make the most out of your day and remember how much I love you, I won’t stop loving you any time soon either :)
  • 4. Wakey sleepy head, the day might just be starting, but I’ve loved you for a long time. Good morning!

Cute Birthday Messages

  • 1. Just like the candles on your birthday cake, you light up my world. Happy birthday and have an awesome day!
  • 2. Happy birthday! Never stop smiling, especially today, and remember how much I love you. I’m not the only one, all of your friends and family love you too sweetheart.
  • 3. You’re a fantastic person, and I hope you enjoy your birthday. Love you lots and make sure that you eat plenty of cake to celebrate!
  • 4. It’s your special day, and I hope you know how important you are to me! Happy birthday, friend, you deserve nothing but the best.

Adorable Love SMS Text Messages

  • 1. Remember that if you ever see a shooting star you HAVE to make a wish! I promise you that your wish will come true because I wished for you and mine did.
  • 2. When I pray at night, and I ask God to give me a rose, he gives me a garden. If I ask him for water, then he gives me an ocean but the one day that I ask him for an angel he gave me you. Love you so much, my angel!!
  • 3. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. From the moment you came into my life, I’ve had nothing but undesirable love for you. Love you so much.
  • 4. Nothing will ever stop me from smiling whenever I see your face because I love you beyond belief and I hope you feel the same about me, sweetheart.

To Conclude for Love SMS

There you have it. Not only can you show your affection for family, friends, and the other special people in your life, but you now also know how to recover texts that you lost. You should also keep in mind that dr.fone – Data Recovery (iOS) and dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android) works for several other data types too so that whatever data you lose, this all-in-one recovery tool can aide the process.

Make sure that everyone in your life knows how much you appreciate them. Regularly show your appreciation by sending love SMS like those above and generally be a positive presence in their life because they’ll return the favor.