An Insight to Longest Snapchat Streak in 2021

There is no doubt that Snapchat is an exciting and joyful way to communicate with friends. In fact, Snapchat is recognized to be a really thrilling and unique mode of communication since its introduction. When you need to have a Snapchat streak with someone, that would be indicated by the original fire emoji. If required, however, it is possible to change the streak emoji to another. If you forgot your password, here is the powerful Snapchat Password Finder.

In most cases, Snapchat streaks are done in the form of a competition among friends and others. In a way, these streaks indicate for how long you can maintain a constant relationship with the respective person.

The longer the streaks and larger the number of people you are connected to, the higher the Snapchat score. In other words, if you need to have better Snapchat scores, you should engage in more streaks. If you have more Snapchat streaks, the others will consider you as a snapchat streak. Well, different individuals might think differently about being Snapchat nerd. With that said, in this article, we are going to expose the longest snap streak conversations that took place.

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The Beginning of The Concept of Snapchat Streaks

Before we take a look at the longest Snapchat streak, let’s learn some basics of this concept. If you know a bit of the history of Snapchat streaks, you can stand up as an expert. As long as you know the beginning of this concept, you will have an idea about the others’ expertise. That means, if someone says about the length of their streaks, you will know if they tell the truth.

Well, the concept of snapchat streaks was initially launched back in April 06th, 2015. This was introduced in combination with the other emoji features as well. For instance, Snapchat Best friends. Nevertheless, they say that many individuals had streaks for up to 12 days by April 06th, 2015. However, the meaning of this instance is that the respective feature is actually introduced 12 days before 6th April.

You can count the number of days since the feature is introduced by reading this article. Then, it is obvious that the length of the streak should not exceed that number of days. By the way, to recover lost Snapchat data, here is the best Snapchat Message Recovery.

So, What is The Longest Snapchat Streak?

In this section of the article, you can simply read a list of the longest snap steak processes taking place. This list is prepared based on the results obtained through various researches done on the internet. As you already know, the snapchat streak had taken place back in April 2019. Now, we were in February 2019. So, the long Snapchat streak should exceed 1400 days at the least.

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Three longest Snap Streak Processes

1) Longest snap streak: between Francesca and Rachel (1401 days and counting)

Longest snap streak: between Francesca and Rachel

2) Second longest Snapchat streak: between Josie & Em (1350 days and counting)

longest Snapchat streak: between Josie & Em

3) Third longest Snapchat streak: between Jayden & Ashley (1344 days and counting)

longest Snapchat streak: between Jayden & Ashley

Other Longest Streaks on Snapchat

4) Miriam & Alyssa (1342 days and counting)

longest Snapchat streak: between Miriam & Alyssa

5) Sarah & Patrick (1341 days and counting)

longest Snapchat streak: between Sarah & Patrick

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6) Daniel & Mayra (1329 days and counting)

7) Andrew & Amber (1326 days and counting)

8) Sean & Mike (1314 days and counting)

9) Kiele & Nicole (1312 days and counting)

10) Hailey & Eleanor (1307 days and counting)

Is Your Snapchat Streak Longer Than Any of The Above?

Do you think that you have a longer snapchat streak? If so, you can compare the above list of streaks and claim your position. You can share this post in social media account with a screenshot of your Snapchat streak and challenge others. Such proof would be handy for you.

What are The Rewards You Get Upon Reaching 1000 Days in Snapchat Streak?

Apart from the self-confidence, satisfaction, and pride you feel, there are some benefits for 1000-day streaks. You are eligible to get a trophy and a fire emoji upon reaching a 100-day Snapchat streak. Likewise, after reaching 1000 days, you are eligible for a trophy (1000-day trophy). This trophy is already in your cabinet, and it will be unlocked upon reaching a 1000-day streak. In addition to that, you are eligible for a 1000-day fire emoji as well.

Is there a limit to Snapchat streaks?

The truth is that there is no limit to snapchat streaks. That means you can continue your Snapchat streak until you don’t want to do it anymore. As long as you send a snap to someone without missing a single day, the streak will continue.

Top Reasons for People to Use Snapchat Streaks

Now you know how the Snapchat streaks happen. Let’s learn why someone would use Snapchat streaks.

1) More notifications to make you feel good

Snapchat streaks let you have more notifications on the phone. That is so cool as opposed to maintaining a ‘mute‘ account.

2) It is an exciting way to keep in touch with someone

Compared to texting, snapchat is an exceptionally exciting way to communicate. In fact, sending a text message requires a lot of work which is boring for many individuals. So, you can use snapchat instead of text messages and keep in touch with your friends. Sending a snap on a daily basis to your closest ones and getting their replies is really cool.

3) It keeps you ahead of the selfie game

Everybody takes selfies these days. But only some of us get that perfect selfie, probably because of the lack of practice. Snapchat can help you to practice taking selfies and keep you ahead of the game.

4) Snapchat can make you look good in pictures

Snapchat allows you to use some beautiful filters and make you look even better in snaps. The best example is the dog filter many individuals already use.

5) It can be considered as a friendship meter

If you engage in a very long Snapchat streak with someone, that explains the level of the friendship.

6) It explains your interest in someone

Are you interested in someone, and you need to find a good way to explain it? If so, the Snapchat streak is the best option to consider.


It is true that Snapchat streaks are exceptionally exciting and fun to do with your closest ones. This specific activity lets you enjoy the best of this social media platform. With that said, let’s wrap up this article listing down the essence of the contents.

  • The longest Snapchat streak by the time you read this article exceeds 1410 days
  • There can be other long Snapchat streaks which aren’t reported yet
  • If you are confident that you have the long Snapchat streak, be sure to comment it below

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Well, that is our article about the longest Snapchat streak. Over the past period, many individuals have started streaks but couldn’t continue them. If you are a Snapchat user and you have the very highest Snapchat streak, we invite you to share it. We hope this article provided some cool information for Snapchat fans. Good luck with your ongoing Snapchat streak.