Top Best Limewire Alternatives in 2021 to Download Music for Free

The Internet has brought a lot of people together; there are a lot of things that made that possible. One of them being P2P applications. P2P file-sharing programs have been tried and used by millions of people on the Internet. Downloading your favorite music in an MP3 format easier and faster is one of the best selling points of Limewire. But the website is no longer on the Internet due to various reasons. People have been looking for a perfect alternative to Limewire, that can deliver everything they love about Limewire in a much simpler fashion and offer more.

Now there are plenty of P2P applications that get used to stream music to download all sorts of things from the Internet at a faster speed. Something most of the websites struggle to deliver. The list below will feature all the best Limewire alternatives that offer all the functions of Limewire mixed with plenty of others that you will find useful. So without taking your time, here is the list of best Limewire alternatives that are in the market, which you can use to download music to stream video, and even download videos in different qualities as well.

Top 10 Limewire Alternatives for You to Download Online Music

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● FrostWire – #1 Limewire Alternative

While the title doesn’t give you the sign that it is a Limewire alternative with music services, but when you open the app, you will know what FrostWire is about. The interface of this app is unique on its own, and it is easier to navigate to other components of the app. As it also features a built-in torrent search option. So you can search for the right music or video that you want and download it right afterward. Here you can download a massive amount of music; this includes albums and music videos or movies, and many more if you wanted a Limewire alternative with much more emphasis paid on the downloading aspect to it. Then you can choose FrostWire.

FrostWire Limewire alternative

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● Ares – #2 Limewire Alternative

Here are other free Limewire alternatives that you can use, Ares comes with open source file sharing, with faster reliable downloads, implementation of firewalls, chat rooms, Friendlier UI, and many more. You can use the app to publish your own files and share them around with a large community. You can download any number of files as many times as you want with this app.

Limewire alternative - Ares

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● MP3 Ripper – #3 Limewire Alternative

As the title of the app suggests, downloading MP3 directly without losing the quality and the speed of the download. Don’t worry, there is no malware attached to this software, you can use it, and all the download files will be at their best quality. The mp3 that gets downloaded through mp3 Ripper has lossless compression and a higher bit rate. Even if you are not an audiophile, you know these are things that make the mp3 file reach another standard—the standard of pure quality with no background distortion. There is also a search function, so you can download the music by pasting it in the search box.

While mp3 ripper offers much more but there is a limitation of how many websites that it can support through the app. You will get your download from all the recognizable websites on the Internet. Such as Youtube, Facebook. Twitter, Dailymotion. But for the people who want to download from their favorite sites that don’t get considered as a mainstream site, they will have a hard time using this app as you have to the process manually by copying and pasting the link. There is a pro version of the app that allows you to record and download music from live streams. That is why MP3 Ripper is one of the best Limewire alternatives on the Internet.

Limewire alternative - MP3 Ripper

● iMusic – #4 Limewire Alternative

iMusic is the perfect Limewire alternative in the market. Just the sheer number of features that you will get with the app alone makes the software worth it. You can download music from over 3000 websites, don’t worry, you will not experience any slow down on your download. If you prefer to download it as a batch, you can certainly do that here. iMusic allows the user to download files or playlist as a batch; the number of downloads that can be done with this app is ridiculous. The number sits at 600+ songs, which means you can download more than 600 songs at once.

For the size and quality, you will get both of them. And the option to decide which quality you would rather prefer on your song. Either 128k or 320k. 320 is the higher quality of music. iMusic supports Mp3, M4A, WebM, OGG, and many more. You can use the app to fix your iTunes library, transfer music from one device to another, record songs and playlists, burn DVDs, create playlist, Music player, and remove the DRM protection from the music. These are some of the possibilities of iMusic if you compile all of the reasons, which makes the iMusic to be one of the best Limewire alternatives.


Download iMusic

● BItLord – #5 Limewire Alternative

If you are looking for a P2P software client with an inbuilt browser with a powerful search engine, then you can pick BItLord to be one of the Limewire alternatives for you as it provides all of those features with faster bandwidth access to all of your downloads. Your downloads won’t experience any slowdowns, as the app is available for the Mac and Windows.

BItLord Limewire alternative

● DC++

DC++ is a free peer to peer open-source file-sharing software, the best thing about this piece of software is that it doesn’t come with any ads, and the UI is simple and very beginner-friendly. It has racked up quite a lot of name recognition from the people who spend time with P2P applications.


● BeeMP3

Another free music downloading website that fits the Limewire alternatives profile perfectly is BeeMP3. Here you will get one more thing that other websites on this list will not provide you, which is a search engine. BeeMP3 also works as a powerful search engine. You can search for your favorite artists, songs, albums, top searches, and many more to find the song that is looking for. There is also a mobile variation of the website, where you can download songs without any issue. And the download is much faster compared to the alternatives of BeeMP3. The downside of BeeMP3 is the service they provide. Here you will find a library of songs and a large amount of collection about different varieties of songs. While all of them give us the impression of good quality, they can also store plenty of viruses and malware.


● eMule

eMule is one of the best Limewire alternatives p2p file-sharing programs for Windows available to download. It was created in the year 2002, but the program still holds today. Here you won’t have to deal; with corrupt download files, if you do suffer from a corrupt download file, then the recovery attempt will get made to recover the data as fast as possible with everything intact. eMule is entirely made of C++; it can be downloaded on any computer, as the compatibility of the app is supported by many systems. You can download video, music, games, applications from a different variety with larger sizes without compromising on the speeds. As the app will force the download to run on a faster speed with higher bandwidth focus on the download.


● TIxatI

TIxatI is another P2P file-sharing software that uses BitTorrent protocol, which makes this app one of the best Limewire alternatives currently available in the market. Here you will experience faster download time without making your torrent file corrupt or damaged. Which can happen a lot due to many reasons? Another thing you will get with is advanced bandwidth registering with a separate catalog of protocol and file bytes for seeding. As everything you will receive through this app will be secure with faster speed and highly flexible bandwidth. For the people who want to commune with other people, you won’t be disappointed here, as you will have your chat room with a simpler interface.


● Vuze

While it can’t be counted as a music player, but when it comes to downloading, Vuze is one of the best Limewire alternatives on the Internet. Here you can download music or movies or games or anything that you want with a faster speed; everything in Vuze is optimized to give you the best download experience. Here you will also get a search engine to look for the music torrent files. That saves you plenty of time to find the torrent file that you want to download and download the files straight from the app without any trouble. That is why the user base for Vuze has seen quite a lot of increase ever since it got released.


Conclusion on Limewire Alternatives

These were the best Limewire alternatives that you can get on the Internet. If you are tired of using Limewire, then you can opt-out of the alternatives to carry the same load, but now it will be done in a much faster because all of the Limewire alternatives mentioned in the list have a different set of features that you will need to make the downloading process much better than what you would have gotten in the original. That is why many people are looking for the best Limewire alternatives that suit their downloading process and how many downloads they can do in a short time.