Completed Life360 Reviews in 2021

We came up with the idea of doing this Life360 review for you as getting the right monitoring solution has become such a great necessity for people these days who want to secure their loved ones with the best protection. Safety while driving is the most important factor in the wake of the rising number of accidents that get reported every day. The Life360 app helps your family to stay safe while driving all the time. Read on to know more.

Life360 Review 1 – About the Life360 app


The application Life360 is one such great tracking app that is tailor-made with many superior features that facilitate convenient communication services too. The app enables its users to track the location of their close ones like a partner, children, or elderly parents with a convenient and seamless method.

As seen in the Life360 reviews, the idea of tracking the whereabouts of people close to you was held creepy and awkward by many. However, if you understand it closely, this can prove to be a method of gaining very crucial information. Moreover, this application can also be used for communication with the target users as they go around through the very simple to operate and reliable chat feature. Many times, you just want to share things like images or videos with any particular person and don’t want them to be seen by anybody else. It is here that the Life360 app comes to play and lets you do the same with the best of convenience.

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Life360 Review 2 – Method of operation of the Life360 app

We studied the working method of the app for our Life360 review and found out that it was full of amazing surprises. The first thing that became noticeable was that the app’s functioning had a striking resemblance with the Find my Friends feature of Apple. Now, if you don’t have the Apple feature at your disposal, the Life360 app is the best alternative you’ve got. It will let you stay connected with your family members for the entire time.

Moreover, the app also lets you share your current location with the other family members and even track any of the members when required. We compared the Life360 app with the Find my Friends application of Apple and were surprised enough to find out that the former has more functionalities to offer. The Life360 app can be used by anyone, be it an Android user or an iOS one, whereas the Find my Friends app works strictly on the iOS devices.

The Life360 app has also recently announced the addition of one new feature. It is the alert notification system where the other members of the app that belong to your family circle will be alerted upon the happening of any mishap. This indicates the approach of the app developers that is to provide additional protection to you.

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Life360 Review 3 – Features of the Life360 app

We went through a lot of Life360 reviews and came across a wide appreciation for the superior protection features of this app. All the features included in this app prove very useful and display some of the smartest technologies for monitoring purposes. Let us now explain each of them to you in detail.

Crash detection technology

This feature comes as a part of the premium subscription plan of the app, which is known as the Driver Protect. This plan works for the detection of any major crash or collision that may have fatally harmed anyone belonging to the family using the app. It is to be noted that the app only detects the major collisions and not the minor ones like accidental fender-benders.

The app has some sensors attached that can detect any collision above the level of 25 mph right at the time of the event. This is followed by the team of the app connecting with the passenger or driver involved in that crash. If the connection fails or nobody responds from the accident site, the app connects to the ambulance services and sends help to the site. In the following step, the app sends notifications to each of the family members about the crash, including the Emergency Contacts if deemed necessary.

Note: This feature is only available for app users residing in the US, as was mentioned in the Life360 reviews.

Drive detection technology

This is the latest functionality that was added by the app to its list of features. Drive detection helps the users to get access to all the useful info that includes reports with the data related to things like drive duration, speed, trip map, and many others. The feature becomes even more useful with the paid package of the app in which the family members get notified upon the happening of an accident. The paid subscription has very cheap pricing, where you only need to pay $6.99 for one month for getting pro-level assistance on the roads.

This feature is especially useful to the parents who are very conscious about the safety of their children that are learning to drive. They can keep a close eye on the driving speed and technique of their children to ensure that they are learning the right away and are also doing so safely.

The drive protection provided by this feature to the kids, and you is that of supreme quality. Buying a subscription plan can be the best bet to make since you get the notification feature right at your help in events of adversity. Any situation of any accident will be immediately notified to you, and help will also be sent to the accident site. The app agents call up the person concerned to check if there occurred an accident or not and take the right action thereby.

Arrive and leave notifications system

This is another of the great features of the Life360 app that keeps you posted with the activities and locations of the target user constantly. It works like this- you can set alert notifications for the movements of the target family member/s like when they come back home, reach to work, or go to the supermarket.

If you wish to use the free version of the app, you will be able to set only three locations for the notification. However, buying the paid plan will allow you to set a larger number of locations that can be notified to you. This feature can prove to be a great utility as you will automatically get to know wherever the target is moving, and it saves the awkwardness of having to ask them about their whereabouts all the time. You can keep a close eye on anyone, and they won’t even get bugged by any constant questioning.

Round the clock roadside assistance

This is another feature of the Driver Protect plan of the Life360 application as per the Life360 reviews. This roadside assistance is available for all the users of the app in case of any minor situation that may occur. You will see a Safety tab in the main menu of the app, which has the button of Call Roadside Assistance. Upon tapping this button, you will be immediately connected over a call with a live representative who will help you out of the situation. The team will have all the information about your location, and they will give you the right assistance.

Weekly reports about the driving

The app detects everything, even the driving pattern and behavior of all the individual family members who drive. It thereby prepares a weekly report including info on things like unsafe driving pattern, mobile usage, speed, acceleration, hard braking, etc. These reports can come very handy to you for understanding the driving behavior of the concerned family member and discuss it with them to prevent any wrong.

Real-time direction sharing

This is a great feature of the app that is otherwise lesser-known. It allows the members to share their location easily in case they don’t know the spot correctly. You just need to tap the avatar of the member to whom you want to send the location, and the info will be shared with all the correct address as well as the location coordinates.

Life360 Review 4 – Installation guide for the Life360 app

For the Life360 review, we say that the app really does a great job of keeping you and the family safe during all movements at different locations. For activating this protection, you need to set-up the app in the devices first, and here is how you can do it:

  1. Begin with buying a paid plan for the app.
  2. Now install the app on the device that you have and finish the set-up.
  3. At this step, you need to make certain changes in the app settings. You will need to enter information about each family member for adding them to the account and make them traceable for getting all the movement, arrival, and departure information.
  4. After that, hit the + sign that is located over your image, and you can find it at the lower part of the screen.
  5. Keep adding the information about the family members and send the data to the app.
  6. Ask the concerned family members to add themselves to the main account too. They can do so by opening and accepting the invite text or mail they must have got on their device.
  7. Each member would have to now select any email account and customized password. These will be their login credentials for running the account.

Note: For continuous updates on the family members, it is mandatory that you don’t log out of the app at any time.

Life360 Review 5 – The safety aspect of the Life360 app

The Life360 reviews that we went through had high praise for the data security approach of the application. Life360 is a service that allows its users to send messages and also share locations with the people they choose, be it, friends or family. The app collects and processes this data related to the location and other information. Further, all the data collected is encrypted and aggrandized for its safety and privacy.

Now, you must know that this encrypted data about the location information is sometimes shared with certain third-parties for facilitating the investigation of the location and movement pattern too. The Life360 app shares the location data with a company known as Arity. The analytic data system of the company Arity is well designed and aims at providing accounts to the users that are well protected and completely secured against any breach or data loss. It also ensures the generation of instant feedback to the family members or friends about any movement over the Life360 panel itself.

Life360 Review 6 – Final thoughts

The major aim of our Life360 review was to spill all the details of the app for you so that you know if it’s good for your purpose or not. However, if you are still confused, then let us suggest that you go for this app as it is worth it. The Life360 app is the best alternative you will find in the market to the Find my Friends app of Apple OS, and we recommend it with full trust.

The feature set of the app is bigger and more advanced than any of the rival apps. The main and best thing to notice is that the app is compatible with both the Android and iOS devices so that the device type doesn’t become a hurdle in your way of keeping your family safe. This turns out to be the best catch for the concerned parents who desire to ensure safety for their kids at any cost and don’t want any unfortunate thing to happen with them while they drive around. The Find my Friends app is a restrictive one hence as per the Life360 reviews.

The Life360 app has some amazing additional features for its users like the ambulance call-up when an accident happens and the forwarding of notifications to all the related family members so that they can reach out for help on time. So, it doesn’t matter what your purpose is, the app is an absolute necessity for all the concerned people. You can even use it for random check-ins.