How to Fix ‘LG Mobile Switch App Doesn’t Work’ With Ease

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Are you interested in learning about the LG Mobile Switch app? Do you want to know what to do if that app stopped working? Well, this article covers everything about the LG Mobile Switch app and how to resolve issues related to it. So, continue reading this article and learn everything about it.

Part 1: Introduction to LG Mobile Switch App

In simplest terms, LG Mobile Switch is a special app designed by LG Corporation to transfer files. Thanks to the functionality of this app, those who use LG devices can transfer data between devices easily. It supports moving data from any iOS or Android device to other LG devices. LG Mobile Switch app always treats LG devices as the receiving end regardless of the other device. This app allows you to transfer pretty much all the files that are in your smartphones currently.

Nevertheless, the LG Mobile Switch app has some drawbacks as well. For instance, it doesn’t allow you to access Google and iCloud platforms (which are cloud storage). If you need to access that data, you should log into the respective accounts using an LG device. In addition to that, you can use it to transfer data wirelessly or with a USB cable. So, that’s it about the functionality of the LG Mobile Switch app.

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Part 2: Instructions on How to Use LG Mobile Switch App

In this section of our article, let’s learn how to use the LG Mobile Switch app for data transferring. As mentioned above, you can use a wireless or a USB connection to get the transferring done. To make this article more useful, we explain the steps related to both the methods.

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01. How to transfer data from a phone to an LG device using Wi-Fi

In this section of the article, we will learn how to transfer data using a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Before everything else, you should go to Play Store and search for the LG Smart Switch app. This should be done on both devices. If the source phone is an iPhone, search for the app through the App Store.
  • Now, get the source phone and open the LG Mobile Switch app on it. You can tap on the option labeled “Wireless” on the home screen. Tap on the option called “Send.”
  • Open the app on the receiving device (which is LG) now. Then, tap on the option called “Wireless” and then choose “Receive,” so it will be ready to receive data.
  • In the source device, tap on the option called “Start,” so the transferring of data will start. You should do the same on your receiving (LG) device.

transfer data from a phone to an LG device using Wi-Fi

  • You will be able to see a list of data types on the screen now. This will appear with a category view. You can now choose the data you intend to migrate.
  • After choosing the type of data, you can tap on the option called “Next.” That will confirm the action. You should now wait for some time so the transfer will happen. Please note that the duration of transferring will depend on the amount of data on the device. Keep the devices connected until the transferring is completed.

transfer data from a phone to an LG device using Wi-Fi

At the completion of the transfer, just restart the LG device and use it.

02. How to transfer data to your LG device through a USB cable connection

If you choose to transfer data over a UBS cable using the LG Mobile Switch app, read this section.

  • First, you should find an OTG adaptor. This accessory is required specifically to establish the connection between your LG device and the source device. Once the cable is ready, move to the next step.
  • Be sure to install the LG Mobile Switch app on both the devices to begin the process. Once the app is installed, launch it and choose the option called “USB.” Then, use OTG cable and the USB cable to get the devices connected properly.

transfer data to your LG device through a USB cable connection

  • You can swipe the notifications bar down once the USB notification appears on both the devices. You must make sure that the MTP mode is set. MTP is the shortened form of Media Transfer Protocol.
  • You can choose options called “Send” and “Receive,” just like you did in the previous method. Then, pick the types of data you intend to transfer.
  • Send your data to the LG device, and once the process is completed, you must restart the device.

Part 3: What can I do when the LG Mobile Switch app is not working on my device?

In general, the LG Mobile Switch app functions decently. However, that doesn’t mean that it is an invincible app. It can cause some trouble at least once in a while. What if you experience some issues with the app? Mentioned below are some of the errors you may experience while using the LG Mobile Switch app.

  • One of the most common issues you might face with the LG Mobile Switch app is compatibility. Some devices (especially the old ones) are not compatible with this app. Also, some Android devices may be incompatible with the app. So, be sure to check if the device is compatible with the app or not. If the device is running on a very old Android version, the app may not work. Even if it works, the functions might be limited.
  • Another common issue associated with the app is connectivity. When you connect the devices with USB cables, you may get some connection errors. This can happen particularly due to incompatible cables, damaged USB cables, etc. So, replacing the cable with an original one will solve the issue.
  • The other reason is a frozen app. This can happen due to various things. As a result of a frozen app, you may not be able to transfer the data as intended. Sometimes, a part of the data files may be transferred. If you face such an issue, you should try a simple reboot and see if the app is working. If not, you can try to relaunch the app.

Part 4: Use MobileTrans – Phone Transfer as an alternative to LG Mobile Switch app

If you want to transfer data between smartphones regardless of the brand and OS, MobileTrans is a superb tool. In fact, MobileTrans is a very advanced tool that has better efficiency compared to the LG Mobile Switch.

MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is a reliable software offered by Wondershare. This app can be used on iPhones, Android, and Windows devices without any trouble. This app doesn’t show any compatibility issues even if you use it with phones under different flagships.

MobileTrans shows great reliability as well when transferring data. The data you transfer will be completely secured, so you don’t have to worry about potential data breaches.

Download MobileTrans

How to use MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

Mentioned below is a step-by-step guide for those who want to learn how to use this powerful tool.

01. Download and Install MobileTrans

You can visit the official website of MobileTrans – Phone Transfer and download the software on your computer. Once the downloading is completed, you can simply install it as you do with any other software. Make sure that you grant all the permissions required and launch the program once installed. Then, click on the option called “Phone Transfer” on the screen.


02. Connect your devices

Use the appropriate USB cables now and connect both the devices to the same computer now. Then, on the main screen, you should find that both the devices are detected. Click on the button that represents the “Flip” option if you need to change the order of the devices.


03. Choose the files that should be transferred

Now, you will be able to see a list of files available on the computer screen. You can choose the files that should be transferred to the new device. All you need is to select the checkboxes next to the data type you intend to transfer. Once you have done with the sections, tap on the “Start” button.

This will start the transferring process. You can now sit back and relax until all the files you want are transferred. Be sure that you keep the devices connected and untouched until the transfer is done. In addition to that, choose “Clear Data Before Copy” if you want to delete the existing data.



LG Mobile Switch app is a pretty decent option when it comes to data transfer. It can be used specifically to transfer data from any smartphone to an LG smartphone. Usually, this app works in a decent manner without causing many issues. However, due to some reason or another, the LG Mobile Switch app can fail and prevent data transfer. Even if it works perfectly, it has some limitations as well. For instance, it doesn’t transfer data from LG to another. In this case, you may need a better alternative to it. The best alternative to the LG Mobile Switch app is MobileTrans – Phone Transfer by Wondershare. It has a range of powerful features to transfer data between smartphones without any limitation or compatibility issues.

Get MobileTrans

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