What Do We Learn from the Leaks of Celebrity Photos

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Prince Harry & Miley Cyrus Show the People About Data Security & Management

We all know that Prince Harry, Scarlett Johansson & Weird Al are famous people. What makes them even more famous are the private photos get out of their private phone. I have to apologize for putting the picture here as an example.

Nowadays, all kinds of private news of a celebrity can hit the headlines, not to mention powerful striking pictures leaked from their phone. But how do these photos come out of their phones and hit the world wild web so that everyone knows? We conclude some situations below:

  • For marketing hype
  • They ditched, sold their phones. Someone used the old phone to dig out useful data.
  • They lost their phone or it got stolen. Someone claims to be the keeps of the device.

If it is the first time for the celebrity to have the data leaked, we can say it is their own business. But if the incident happens twice or three times above, it is not that simple anymore. It will cause quite amount of loss of reputation, financial and risks of litigation and more damages you could never imagine. Many normal people like us may not suffer from such severe consequences, but the damages are also existing all the time.

You have to understand that there are more than 1.75 billion smartphones nowadays. So it is more than crucial to manage and secure the data of our phones. We all know that before we are about to give the old phone away, we should delete all the data on the phone for safety. Most people complete the data wiping process with the factory reset. However, it may only take a while for a man with concealing intentions to pull out all the data you think you have erased from the device.

So we are curious about the number of files can get out from a used phone. We bought a used from eBay. With the help of dr.fone – iOS Reover, we successfully pull out more than 2,400 photos, over 18 contacts, 100 videos and countless other kinds of files out of the so-called clean used phone. You are able to get more information about the trail we took here.

Without a doubt that the former owner does not know his phone is still full of private information. So you got the reason why we have to get a professional data erase tool to help you get rid of the data permanently. For example, iMyfone Umate Pro is an absolute data cleaner. You will never recover any data once it is erased from the device, not even with Dr.Fone.

Download iMyfone Umate Pro

See, as long as we choose the right & professional smartphone data management program, we can protect our privacy & our data easily.

After the shocking example of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, I’m sure we all learn something from it. They did not take the data management as an important issue so they have to take the heavy consequences of the data leak. With sound data management knowledge, we are all able to protect our own private information and never allow such embarrassing things from happening.

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