Use Best Laptops Under 2000 Dollars & Be Satisfied

If you are thinking of purchasing and using a laptop under 2000 dollars, the options are many. However, one has to take the decision judiciously and seal the deal. In the beginning, define your needs to purchase the best and be satisfied working on them. The digital world is like a mirage, and one should remember all that glitters is not gold. Often one gets confused while selecting the best laptop under 2000 and makes wrong decisions ignoring the hardware configuration, less lag, connectivity, cooling of the gadget, the speed, and the memory space.

The decision to select a laptop with a suitable processor is one of the significant considerations. If you are a gaming buff, you will need different hardware and software configurations, while if you are looking for your office and personal work, you will need something different. Let us discuss some of the best within the above price range so that your need is fulfilled.

The Best Laptops Under 2000 Dollars

Technology is changing almost daily, and therefore one should buy the latest laptop for their use. It is always better to stay a little advanced, getting the best one within 2000 to cope with the technological changes shortly. It is not possible to spend $ 2000 every now and change the laptop. Therefore one should buy something that will work efficiently at least for a couple of years despite hardware changes or introducing the latest operating system.

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#1 Best Laptop Under 2000 Dollars – HP OMEN 15

Best Laptops Under 2000 Dollars - HP OMEN 15

With HP, there is no doubt about the quality of the product. The Omen 15, launched a year ago, has gradually risen to the top of the chart for the trendy design and the high-end specification. This laptop has a 10th generation i7 processor with a 512 GB SSD to work at lightning speed. Moreover, with a RAM of 32 GB, it can effortlessly fulfill content and gaming needs.

The laptop’s GPU is RTX 2070 Max-Q and helps the CPU with any graphical processing with ease. It is perfect for gaming as well as performing daily tasks without any glitches. The heat exchange aspect is excellent in this computer, and not a single frame on the screen gets hanged. The screen is 15.6 inches in size, and with 300Hz, the display is immaculate without any distortion. The laptop can work for 5 hours with a single charge, and one can get to feel the capacity and the power of the same without any tensions. The fundamental components are encased in a metal frame so that they can withstand rough handling.


  • The CPU is of 10th generation to deliver full power.
  • The connectivity is Thunderbolt 3 with a 1.4 Display port and USB 3. o port.
  • Anti-ghosting technology has been used on the keyboard.
  • The manufacturer gives a hardware warranty for one year.


  • The speaker’s sound is a bit low.
  • There is no provision for expanding the M.2 slot in this model. 

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#2 Best Laptop Under 2000 Dollars – DELL XPS 15 9500

DELL XPS 15 9500

Dell XPS 15 9500 is another laptop under 2000 that one can trust with a blindfold. It has also been launched a year ago and has been a hit since then. With the 10th generation Core i7 -10750H processor from the house of Intel, it has a 128 MB Cache with 6 cores and 5.0 GHz. The graphics card is of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, having a dedicated GDDR6 with 4 GB. The DDR4 RAM is lightning fast with 16 GB speed and 2933 MHz. One can easily do multitasking without any lag as the boot time is quite instant due to 512 GB NVMe Solid State Drive. One can access any data within a whisk in this computer. 

The design of this model is sleek, and the chassis to hold the hardware is made from aluminum, making it the lightest model from the house of Dell. It is only 4.5 lbs in weight and has a thickness of 18 mm. The screen size is 15.6 inches UHD with 3200 x 2400 resolutions and the famous InfinityEdge touch screen. The connectivity with the internet is excellent, and it can catch the weakest signals with the AX 1650 dual-band WIFI 6 card. The speed can go up to 2.4 Gbps if the router is equivalently compatible. The laptop has 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports and a USB C 3. Port. The laptop screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 and makes the screen impact and scratch-resistant. The mics on the top can capture clear and better audio for recording purposes or voice-chats. 


  • It has dual Thunderbolt 3 ports.
  • The WI-FI connectivity is fast as it has WIFI 6 connection provisions. 
  • The laptop is extremely lightweight as the casing is made from aluminum. 
  • The display is of 4K UHD, and the images on the screen are crystal clear.


  • The webcam of this model is not up to the standard but relatively poor. 
  • The battery exhausts fast on heavier loads. 

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#3 Best Laptop Under 2000 Dollars – MICROSOFT SURFACE BOOK 2

Best Laptops Under 2000 Dollars - MICROSOFT SURFACE BOOK 2

Microsoft has earned a reputation for manufacturing laptops with some of the most innovative features. The Surface Book 2 is one of them. It is one of the thinnest laptops with excellent hardware configuration, and we can term it a hybrid model. One of the great features of this laptop is that it can be converted to a tablet since the keyboard is detachable. The screen size is 15 inches making it one of the biggest screen-size tablets in the price range of less than 2000. In addition, there are no power cords and can work for 15 to 17 hours non-stop with a single charge. 

The display of this portable laptop is based on PixelSense technology, one of the in-house research findings of the manufacturer. The contrast ratio is too good with the IPs touch screen provisions. It comes with the 8th i7 Central processing Unit, with 512 SSD and 16 GB RAM. The processor is GTX 1060 and is most suitable for handling heavy graphics and software like Blender, Python, MATLAB, and many others. The active stylus support in this model is one of the powerful tools for online classes, graphic designing, and live video streaming. The hardware is encased in a lightweight metal frame. 


  • The model is highly lightweight and convertible. It weighs less than 4.5 lbs. 
  • The battery backup is for about 15 to 17 hours, irrespective of heavy use. 
  • The active stylus feature is too good.
  • The keyboards can be detached. The ends are ergonomic.


  • Sometimes the laptop faces connectivity issues and cannot catch weak signals. 
  • The USB ports are not that fast.  

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#4 Best Laptop Under 2000 Dollars – ALIENWARE M15 R3


If you are a gaming enthusiast as well as use heavy graphic software, then the M 15 R3 laptop from Alienware should be in your cart. Intel Core i7- 1075H, 2.6 GHz processor, and 16 GB RAM, it works like a bull. The GPU is 6GB NVidia RTX 2060, and the display resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The screen size is 15.6 inches. Being futuristically designed, this laptop is one of the favorites for gamers and can be considered the best laptop under 2000. The manufacturers have used all high-end components, and one can get a premium feel while using this model. 

The exterior color of the laptop is black, and the inside color is space grey giving a unique look. The body of the laptop is from a combination of steel, magnesium, and copper alloys, making it most durable for rough handling. But it is incredibly lightweight. The speakers above the keyboard produce excellent sound, and the laptop is perfect for watching movies, playing high-end games, mixing sounds, and many more. The processor is of 10th generation, and the cooling capacity is superb. It has vapor chambers, copper heat pipes so that the machine stays cool even while using heavy graphics. In addition, the 144 Hz FFD display with a response time of 7 milliseconds and the contrast ratio of 8000:1 enable watching the screen without any lag.  


  • The hardware in this laptop is of the latest generation.
  • With four zones RGB, the keyboard is genuinely responsive in this model.
  • The cooling system of the laptop is superb.
  • The after-sales service and the customer care for any troubleshooting are excellent.


  • One does not get additional number pads, unlike other brands. 

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Best Laptops Under 2000 Dollars - LENOVO THINKPAD X1

If you are looking for the best laptop under 2000 with a 10th generation laptop with a Central Processing Unit of Intel Core i7-10510U, then the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is hard to ignore. This model has eight threads and 4 Cores with a 1.8 GHz base clock and boosts speed up to 4.9 GHz. The model has a 4K UHD IPS display and is certified by Dolby Vision and HDR 400. It is a power-packed laptop with 2133 MHZ DDR4 16 GB RAM and a storage capacity of 1 TB accompanied by NVMe M.2 SSD. The Graphics card is o Intel with UHD 620 Graphics.  

The screen size is 14 inches 4K UHD with an IPS Panel of 3840 x 2160. The laptop operates on Windows 10 Professional Operating System and has a battery capacity of 14 hours on a single charge. It is another lightweight model weighing 2.4 lbs. The connectivity of this laptop is superb and uses AX 201 Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. The speed and stability are fantastic. Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports offer a maximum speed of 40 Gbps and two USB 3.1 ports allowing data transfer t the rate of 5 Gbps. The rapid Charge feature in the laptop allows reaching 80% of full charge within an hour. The webcam is IR/720p and comes with a ThinkShutter with Windows Hello login. There are four microphones with 360 sound recordings, and one can enjoy recording the sound of a pin drop.


  • It has MIL-Spec certification.
  • There are multiple USB ports.
  • The battery life is long, with provisions for rapid charging.
  • The Dolby Atmos speakers produce superb sound. 
  • A mini Ethernet port allows for LAN connection. 


  • It is not a gaming computer.
  • The Ethernet adapter is sold separately and is too costly. 



If you are searching for a laptop under 2000, this GIGABYTE model should be one of your choices. It has a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7-11800H CPU and 16 GB RAM. The storage capacity is 1 TB, and the screen size is 15.6 inches with 1920 x 1080 resolutions. If you want to have high graphical output or play games, this one is the cheapest amongst the lot. The display panel is FHD and IPS with a refresh rate of 240 Hz and provides a crystal clear picture. The laptop is fitted with NVIDIA RTX 3070 GPU, perfect for high load. 

The 11th generation processor and the 1 TB SSD are ideally suited to provide lightning speed during gaming or other steaming sessions. The battery life is of 8 hours on a single charge. The cooling capacity is superb with the manufacturer’s patented WINDFORCE Infinity Cooling System along with the copper pipes. The entire hardware is placed inside a metal chassis to withstand shock from rough handling.


  • There is a camera cover to protect privacy when not in use.
  • The display thickness is only 0.84 inches and quite slim.
  • The refresh rate of this laptop model is 240Hz.


  • The manufacturer does not give any warranty.
  • The control of the fan speed is cumbersome.
  • The battery life is only 8 hrs on a single charge.


It is time to purchase the best laptop under 2000 and feel the difference. One can get many brands and models within this price range; however, the ones mentioned above are best as per our experience. First, define your need and look for the key factors that will satisfy you. Then, consider all the aspects before sealing the deal to enjoy the best benefits.