[EXPLAINED] Is MLB TV Free with Amazon Prime?

This article is composed to answer the popular question, “is MLB TV free with Amazon Prime”.

If you are a baseball enthusiast who wishes to watch MLB TV through Amazon Prime, keep reading.



We assume you are reading this article because you are a fan of baseball. Well, in that case, you are most likely familiar with Major League Baseball or the advanced media it uses.

MLB.tv is known as an audio and video facility that’s available in the United States on a subscription basis. The company offers two distinct service tiers. Each of those enables users to access the video and audio service by watching and listening to baseball games.

They broadcast games of Major Leagues in high-definition quality. We had inquiries from plenty of enthusiasts on the availability of a free version of MLB.TV on Amazon Prime. In simplest terms, they have the question, “is MLB TV free with Amazon Prime”.

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So, Is MLB TV Free with Amazon Prime?

No, the truth is that you are unable to watch MLB.tv at no cost with Amazon Prime. You are required to have a subscription to the network in order to watch any of its programming.

You should know that MLB.tv is considered an add-on service, in the same vein as Britbox and Starz. So, you should have a subscription plan in addition to your Amazon Prime membership to watch MLB.TV on it.

However, if you are a newbie, you will be able to access a 7-day free trial from Amazon Prime. After that specific trial period, you will need to go for a subscription plan. You should know that MLB.tv is not free through Amazon Prime.

So, you will be required to pay for additional subscription services to access this specific sports channel. This is true even if you are already subscribed to an Amazon Prime plan.

In this article, we will explain the rationale behind why MLB.tv is not a free service. Also, we will walk you through the steps necessary to get the MLB.tv channel on your Amazon Prime membership.

Can MLB.TV Be Added to Amazon Prime with No Fee?

Can MLB.TV Be Added to Amazon Prime with No Fee?

You already know that MLB.tv is a subscription-based streaming service. Therefore, it is not possible to add it to Amazon Prime without having to pay a fee. However, subscribers can watch MLB.tv on Amazon Prime for a monthly or annual fee. 

MLB.tv is basically an add-on streaming service under Amazon Prime. It does offer high-quality premium video and audio content for fans of the MLB.

The “MLB.tv All teams” subscription is currently available and provides subscribers with live video and audio. It offers content from all 30 MLB clubs. That’s in addition to the highlights of each game, stats, DVR control (Live), and full game records. Moreover, it offers a pitch widget as well.

There is Another Good Option

In addition, there is “MLB.tv Single Team“. This specific option gives users access to live video and audio content of a single MLB team.

In addition to that, it offers highlights of the game and specific stats along with Live DVR options. Live video and audio feeds are available via MLB.tv’s “Single Team” option. However, there are blackout restrictions on the video feeds.

MLB.tv used to offer “Basic” or “Premium” service, with the former giving users access to HD quality content. You can access them either on a desktop or laptop, the latter giving users access to their live game content. You can access them using a free subscription system on the mobile app called “At-Bat“.

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It Supports Many Different Devices

Devices such as smart televisions and players are all provided access to the feature. MLB.tv has done away with these limitations. Now, “All Teams” and “Single Teams” tier subscribers may now watch each other’s games on the same devices. For instance, it supports the new Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku devices.

Supports Many Different Devices

Back in 2012, the company called MLB.tv started a specific feature called an audio overlay. This specific feature does allow users to replace the home or away audio of the video. They can use audio from the away or home radio feed as the replacement audio. The away team’s audio overlay was available to premium subscribers of MLB.Tv.

If not, they can use the feature called “Park“, and it eliminates all the commentary. As a result, the viewer will be able to hear the natural sound of the ballpark. There were plenty of services provided by MLB.tv. However, as of now, all those services have been discontinued.

Why Cannot You Use MLB.tv with Amazon Prime?

MLB.tv is not available for free for users of Amazon Prime for a variety of different reasons. When providing a service, you should always strive to generate a profit using it. This is just like what you would with any other kind of commercial enterprise.

One of the reasons why MLB.tv isn’t free because it offers a broadcasting system that has high operating expenses. In order for the company to turn a profit in the long run, it will need to find a way to monetize its service, which could involve the creation of subscription choices or other forms or methods of monetizing its respective services.

Aside from what has been said previously, Amazon Prime does not include any free channels. It also doesn’t have “add-ons” of the type described.

MLB.tv Makes a Profit by Selling Subscriptions

It is true that Amazon Prime’s platform makes it possible for MLB.tv to generate revenue by selling subscriptions. So, the two companies might have come to an arrangement.

As a result, Amazon Prime receives a certain proportion of the money made from these transactions. This would make sense given that Amazon Prime is the party responsible for creating the money-making opportunity for MLB.tv. They generate revenue by selling subscriptions.

Understandably, if they include MLB.tv on Amazon for free, the company might potentially run at a loss. This is not good for the business as it will restrict profitability, which is not a healthy situation.

The information shown above is merely conjecture regarding the reasons why MLB.TV’s services are not provided for free. That is irrespective of the fact that MLB.tv has not issued any official statement regarding the aforementioned topic.

There’s a Free Trial Though

However, those who wonder, “is MLB TV free with Amazon Prime” have good news as well. If you are a new member, you have access to the content of MLB.tv during the first seven days.

So, you will be able to enjoy watching a game of baseball you prefer to watch. After the free trial period, you will be required to purchase their monthly subscription as an option. It is required in order to access the content on MLB.tv.

How to Watch MLB.tv on Amazon Prime?

So, that’s the answer if you wondered, “is MLB TV free with Amazon Prime”. Let’s learn how to use it. The steps below will explain how to add MLB.tv channel to Amazon Prime for your convenience.

How to Watch MLB.tv on Amazon Prime

01. Visit Amazon’s Official Website

As the first step, you should go to the official website of Amazon. You should do that using any web browser on your laptop, PC, or even a smartphone.

02. Click “Accounts” 

Find the “accounts” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click on it. You will initially be presented with a different page. This prompts you to either sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one.

03. Create an Account or Sign in

Now, you should enter the email address and sign in. If you don’t have an account created so far, you should create a new one and then sign in.

04. Go to the Respective Account

Now, you should go to the icon that appears as “Account” so you can access Prime Videos.

05. Click Prime Videos

Access to Amazon Prime can be gained by going to your account and selecting the “Prime Videos” option. To access all of the Amazon Prime services, you must first have an active subscription to Amazon Prime. 

06. Select the Channels You Want

Now, you should click on the option called “Channels“. That allows you to select the channels that should be accessed through Amazon Prime.

07. Find MLB.tv

You should now look up MLB.tv to view its profile. The specifics of the channel will be included in the search info.

08. Select the Option That Allows You to Start a 7-day Trial

Now, you should subscribe to the option called MLB.tv. You should click on the option called “Start 7-day free trial“. Then, you will be directed to the page where you should enter the information related to your account.

09. Add Information

Now, it is a matter of entering the information account. Then, hit “Submit“.

10. Verify

Once the information is entered, just verify it before proceeding.

11. Start the Free Trial

Now that you have confirmed the information, just tap “Start Your….“. After seven days, you should pay the monthly subscription fee if you want to continue.

So, that’s our answer to those who have the question, “is MLB TV free with Amazon Prime“. Do you have other questions in this regard? Please let us know.



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