Is Mercari Legit? – Find Out Everything About Mercari Here

Is Mercari legit? This question comes to everyone’s mind when they think about buying and purchasing on Mercari for the first time. In the digital world, we are not always protected while we shop and buy online.

Thus, it becomes important to check whether the platform that you are going to use is safe, reputable, and legitimate before you select any platform. The same rule also applies to Mercari. So, is Mercari legit? Also, find out how users can remain protected from getting scammed.

Is Mercari Legit?

This site is a completely reliable and legitimate e-commerce market. Both buyers and sellers are actual persons, and they are not retailers. This means that there’s no guarantee about things that people sell and buy on Mercari are legitimate. So, while dealing, users have to be assured about the buyer and seller.

Although Mercari is a legitimate site, it does not mean that you are completely safe here. While shopping on this site, remember that some sellers do not show their product’s downsides in the listings. Thus, it becomes difficult for buyers to understand whether the product will be in perfect condition until you receive them.

According to the site, they will not issue payments until the purchaser gets the order, verify, and give ratings to the seller. However, many consumers complain that they order the item, but it was not as labeled in the listings. The customer support of Mercari did not help them in such situations.

It is recommended that you should not deal with retailers who do not upload photos of the product from all angles. Moreover, some buyers get scammed due to their own mistakes. But, if you wonder is Mercari legit, then surely it is.

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Is Mercari Legit | How Buyers Get Scammed on This Site?

Like Mercari, there are various online retailers who come with lots of potential scams. However, if you have an idea about how buyers get scammed, you will stay protected from such scams. Mostly, scammers’ profile has no reviews or a fresh profile. Also, they put unbelievable price tags on the item.
If you buy products on Mercari, the retailers ask you to contact them through other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, or phone number. Thus, the deal is happening outside the Mercari platform. In that case, there are high chances that you will be scammed.

So, making a deal outside of this platform is against its guidelines, and as the website states, they would not hold any responsibility for it. Now it’s not a question of is Mercari legit or not. You should never deal on other platforms, whether you are a seller or a buyer.

Is Mercari Legit - How Buyers Get Scammed on This Site

Is Mercari Legit | How Do Scams on Mercari Work?

When it comes to Mercari, scams are usually in the form of sellers who attempt to sell items that are either damaged or fake. Not just that, but it also involves buyers who do not intend to pay for items they buy by claiming bogus damage and other issues to receive products for free.

On Mercari, funds are not released until the consumer confirms the product received as described and completes the order by rating sellers. After this action is carried out, sellers can rate the consumer too. So, is Mercari legit? Yes, it is, but save yourself from scams.

Is Mercari Legit | How Does A Scammer Look for Mercari Victims?

When you shop online, it becomes important to check is Mercari legit? This is because scammers are always on the lookout for victims. Scammers will offer fraudulent or fake products for sale. These sellers will look for victims by listing products that are too good for the listed prices or by giving a product description that makes the product seems real. Therefore, you get ready to pay for the item.

As the sellers are not paid until the consumer approves, it becomes difficult for them to scam consumers. Scam buyers will try to purchase products using different payment methods, provide sob stories for enticing sellers to slash prices, claim that the damaged products arrived, and send back damaged products when sellers sent the undamaged ones.

So, there are endless opportunities for scams, even though the Mercari site features a lot of rules regarding returns and sales. If you got scammed, the usual recourse is to report a complaint using the customer service of Mercari. If you think that the site has perpetuated issues, then stop using this site. Additionally, you can even file a police report based on circumstances.

Is Mercari Legit | How Should You Avoid Getting Involved in Mercari Scams?

Is Mercari legit? Only this is not important but keep in mind other points too. When you do online shopping, you have to research carefully about you are purchasing and also from whom you are purchasing it. Most of the time, scams happen with buyers and sellers when they have no idea about the warning signs for watching out before dealing. Sellers feature fewer options as they cannot refuse to sell products to someone.


  • Carry out proper research to verify that products are legitimate
  • Ask questions with the help of private messages.
  • Check the feedback of sellers and credits given by buyers.


  • Click multiple pictures of all products that you sell.
  • Make sure you comply with the sales rules.
  • Maintain high feedback scores all the time

Here are some points on how you can avoid getting scammed while selling and buying on Mercari. Also, to spot potentials tricks before it is too late.

So, you do not need to think about is Mercari legit!

  • Do not deal outside Mercari: You should never deal outside Mercari because if you do, your transactions are not secured by them and, thus, put you at potential risks.
  • Do not share personal data or info: Never provide your personal information like contact number, social media account, or email address. Also, do not even share your login credentials with third-party sites.
  • Go for strong passwords: You should always use strong passwords on online platforms. Mercari is no exception. Also, change your password on Mercari frequently.
  • Do not trade prohibited products: If you sell prohibited products, Mercari will then suspend the account and also cancel your transactions.
  • Be skeptical: You should never buy products without checking their description and reviews.
  • Use credit cards: As the chance of fraud always lurks on online platforms, there is no issue with using debit cards. However, credit cards feature additional protections.
  • Confirm your order within three days: When consumers get a product, they have three days to confirm whether it is damaged or broken. If you see any problem, then you can return the product within three days.

So, these are some points that you should bear in mind to remain safe apart from wondering is Mercari legit!

Tips to Buy Securely on Mercari

1. Always read reviews

If you order things without reading the reviews, you can land up in trouble. The best method to buy items securely on Mercari is by carrying out your research before buying. You can even contact the seller. First, read negative reviews and then see the posted pictures by the seller. Also, check if the photos are taken from all angles.

Always read reviews

2. Stay away from misleading descriptions

On Mercari, one of the problems is that sellers post vague or misleading descriptions and pictures. The description of the item is not always accurate, and pictures can make it look better than it actually is. So, it is better to watch out for the product’s description before you buy some product.

3. Do not fall for low-end items

If you come across a product with an unbelievable price tag, it is a scam. On Mercari, you will find some of the best deals. However, if you come across a drone for just $35, it is definitely a scam or a counterfeit item. So, is Mercari legit? Yes, but you have to watch out for unbelievable deals.

4. Check the order carefully on receiving

As Mercari doesn’t give away the payment to the seller until consumers receive and confirm the order, you need to check the order carefully. If it is the same product as described, then submit the rating. You need to ensure that everything is there, and it is a genuine product.

If it is not the same, then you get three days to request a return from the delivery date. Otherwise, the sale is final. Also, while shopping on Mercari, you should ask the tracking number from the seller.

Check the order carefully on receiving

Tips to Sell Securely on Mercari

1. Do not trade prohibited products

If you choose this online site for trading your items, keep in mind the list of the prohibited items issued by Mercari. If a seller does, then it will be contrary to the terms of Mercari regardless of the fact whether they did it deliberately or not.

2. Shipping protection

After you get a sale, it should be your priority to ship the product to the buyer. Package your product carefully to protect it from getting damaged. However, there are some things you should keep in mind. You have to ship the product within three business days. Also, give a tracking number to the items for completing the transaction. Otherwise, Mercari would not be responsible for the item sent, and thus, it may subject to termination.

Shipping protection

Do not write a vague or misleading description of your product that you like to sell. Sellers can send their orders through the prepaid label of Mercari. If the weight is more than 150 lbs, then you have to ship it yourself. Once the seller has shipped the product, they have to click on “I’ve shipped it” from the Order Status page to inform their buyer.

3. Ensure accurate product listings

Some buyers want to have the item. However, when they receive that item, they do not feel satisfied and like to return it. So, buyers cannot return items without legit reasons, such as misleading descriptions, broken items, or wrong images. Therefore, it is the responsibility of buyers to ensure all the information on their listing is accurate.

4. Keep all the delivery and shipment details handy

Sellers must give a valid tracking number so that buyers cannot claim that they did not get an item. In case this happens, sellers can give proofs that the item is shipped actually and delivered successfully to the address given by the buyer.

List of Prohibited Items on Mercari

Mercari has restricted some items that you cannot sell on this site. If you find doing so, it could come with massive penalties. So, here’s a list:

  • Illegal things like drugs
  • Weapons like firearms or their parts
  • FDA-restricted like foods
  • Counterfeit products like non-branded ones
  • Digital books
  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Identity theft like user login credentials
  • Gambling like mystery purchases
  • Animals like dogs
  • Age-restricted items like license
  • Financial things like insurance
  • Parts of the human body like blood
  • Dropshipping (things of others; not yours)
  • Pornographic items like sex toys
  • Malware or computer virus
  • Safety hazard

If you sell these things, Mercari will offer penalties like the suspension of your account, cancellation of the listing, termination, or removal of all listing privileges. So, is Mercari legit? Yes, it is, and sellers cannot sell these prohibited items.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Mercari


1. Free Listing

On Mercari, listing your products is completely free, unlike other e-commerce markets like eBay. Additionally, sellers can list their items quickly and easily within some minutes.

2. Fairly Price

On this site, sellers can sell used or old items that they do not need anymore. So, you get the products at a fairly discounted price.

3. LowSelling Charges

Mercari just charges 10% of the selling fee after your sale has been completed. So, the selling charges are low.

4. Easy Shipping Process

It is easier for buyers to navigate their shipping items.

5. Interact Before Purchasing

Sometimes, we need more details about the item that we would like to buy, Mercari is best there. Here, you can interact with sellers via chat.

6. Handle businesses via phone

Buyers and sellers can do everything right from their smartphones.


1. Cheaper items are not worth it

This online site is not good for low-end products, such as for $1-$15, as you need to pay 10% of the fee to the site as well as for shipping.

2. Not getting paid until consumer rates

As sellers, you will not receive your payment until the consumer gives you ratings. However, it is an advantage for buyers.

3. Inactive sellers

Several sellers stay inactive after listing their products. Thus, buyers do not receive a response.

Conclusion on ‘Is Mercari Legit’

Now, you know the answer to your question, “Is Mercari legit?“. It is a completely legit website. However, whether you are a seller or a buyer, you need to be alert while placing an order. Also, carefully monitor your dealing for avoiding unwanted surprises. After going through this article, you must have all the information for catching out scammers and how to stay safe from potential scams. So, keep all the points listed here in mind while buying or selling things on Mercari.