How Can iPhone Unlock Service Help You Unlock iOS Devices?

Customers using iPhone have faced different problems with unlocking their phones. While some of do not know how to unlock a new iPhone when it comes with a locked screen with iPhone Unlock Service, some others forget the password to unlock their iPhone and it gets locked after they give a wrong password for more than ten times. There can be many other scenarios of someone facing a problem with unlocking their iPhone.

So here we come to your rescue. The best unlocking services are at your disposal, which will solve all your unlocking worries all at once. For instance, frequently faced problems like your iPhone constantly going back to the lock screen, probably a child entering random digits on your phone and locking it in the process, etc., can be solved easily with our services.

Get to know more about SIM network unlock PIN. And to help you understand better, we will break down this entire guide into four subsequent parts:

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Part 1: Using the iPhone Unlock Service through iMyFone LockWiper

Without any further discussion, let us start off with Part 1.

We know that when it comes to soft wares to unlock your iPhone, you will not fall short of options. But we suggest that you should definitely try out iMyFone LockWiper software which Reset iPhone without passcode and computer & unlocks any iDevice with finger touch technology. This will show you how to unlock iPhone through iPhone Unlock Service. To help you figure out how iMyFone LockWiper works, we have made a list of the software’s key features:

iMyFone LockWiper Features

  • In an easy and lucid way, you will know the steps to unlock iPhone without iTunes, bypass the iPad passcode & unlock a stolen iPhone if you have the iMyFone LockWiper software.
  • This software does not just work for a particular model of iPhone but for all models, irrespective of whether they have deformed screens or are not fully functional.
  • Since new models of iPhone have the latest iOS versions, the iMyFone LockWiper software is equipped to deal with all such models and versions.
  • LockWiper comes with a user manual that will explain the entire unlocking procedure to you in the smallest detail.
  • Other Apple products like iPad or iPods can also be unlocked with the LockWiper software.

Download iMyfone LockWiper

Steps on Using iMyFone LockWiper

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1: First install the iMyFone LockWiper software on your PC and select the “Start” option.

iMyFone LockWiper iPhone Unlock Service

2: Connect your iOS device to your PC.

3: Next, you should put your iPhone in DFU mode. There are a few sub-steps under Step 3: which you will have to follow:

  • Switch off the power of your iPhone.
  • Gently press both the Volume decrease button and the Power button and hold them for 10 seconds.
  • Then slowly remove your finger from the Power button but continue to hold the Volume decrease button until you are sure that your iPhone is in DFU mode.

4: On your screen, LockWiper will display the information regarding the version of your iOS and your iDevice model. If all the information displayed is correct to your knowledge, then you have to click on the “Download” option to download the firmware on your device.

5: Once you see that the software has finished downloading then click on the option “Start to Verify” to verify if the software is right.

6: After this, click on the option “Start Unlock“.

7: To confirm the unlocking procedure, enter “000000” and then click “Unlock” again to finally start unlocking your iPhone.

8: Congratulations! Your phone will be unlocked within the span of a couple of minutes with these easy steps to unlock an iPhone.

Part 2: Using the iPhone Unlock Service through

In this part, we will talk about the best option that you have if you are planning to look for an iPhone unlock service online. DoctorUnlock is our preferred website to consult if anyone is having an issue with unlocking a network carrier locked iPhone. There are many reasons why we love this website. Two of the most solid reasons are that:

  • DoctorUnlock will help you to unlock your iPhone irrespective of whether the iPhone is under blacklist or not.
  • If you have the IMEI number of your iPhone, then you can unlock your carrier locked iPhone by visiting the website

Let us now see how to unlock an iPhone through iPhone Unlock Service by using Here are the steps:

1: Go to the website And click on the option “Unlock iPhone“. You will see the option of selecting your country and the network that you use. After having selected these options, click on the “Unlock” button to continue. iPhone Unlock Service

2: Here you will have to select the iPhone model that you are using, any carrier that you have locked your iPhone with, and then put in your IMEI number.

3: You will be directed to the payment page where you will have first to select the method by which you want to make the payment. After that, click on the “Checkout” option and put in all your card details.

4: Now press the “Unlock” button to start unlocking your iPhone through Unlock Service.

Try DoctorUnlock

Part 3: Getting to know the official iPhone Unlock Service

In this part, we will talk about how to unlock iPhone through iPhone Unlock Service within a day by modifying the security restrictions that come with an iPhone.This method will use your IMEI number to open iPhones of any model or any version of iOS. Let us see how we can do that:

1: We have first to visit the website and choose the “BUY NOW” option from the left side of the screen.

OfficeiPhoneUnlock iPhone Unlock Service

2: You will then be asked to select your model of iPhone and enter your IMEI number. Then you will have to select the country you live in.

Unlock iPhones Using Office iPhone Unlock Service

3: You will then arrive at the payment page. You will then have to select the payment method, enter all the details of your card and proceed to checkout.

4: Now you will have to make the payment.

5: You might have to wait for some time until you receive the SIM network unlock PIN.

6: You can use that PIN to unlock your iPhone.

Try OfficialiPhoneUnlock

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Part 4: Using the iPhone Unlock Service through Unlock Base

A special feature of Unlock Base is that it can be used to unlock both iPhones and Android phones as well. It also does not come at an expensive price. When you proceed to make the payment, they will make sure that you are aware of the amount you pay.

Let us now see how to unlock iPhone by using the iPhone Unlock Service of Unlock Base, through the following steps:

1: We have to first visit the main website of Unlock Base in order to unlock an iPhone using Unlock Base.

2: Select the manufacturer of your phone and its model.

UnlockBase iPhone Unlock Service

3: Tap on the option “Unlock Now” which you can find on the main menu.

4: You will now see many boxes that will have to be filled in, according to the instructions. The first box will ask for your IMEI code. Enter your IMEI number in that box. Enter your email id in the next box.

5: Select your country from the drop-down menu in the next box.

6: Then select your current network from the next drop-down menu.

7: You will see a tiny box at the bottom of the page which you will have to select to agree to all the terms and conditions.

8: Finally click on the option “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT NOW“.

Order UnlockBase iPhone Unlock Service

9: You will be directed to the payment page where you will have to fill in the details of your card and make the payment. After you have done this, you will receive your PIN to unlock your iPhone.

These are various methods and steps to unlock an iPhone through iPhone Unlock Service. We hope this article will be helpful to make the process easier for you.