iPhone to iPhone Data Transfer – Sync Files Between iPhones

I have bought myself a new iPhone X recently. But I can’t copy some valuable data, like photos and songs from my old one, iPhone 7 to my new iPhone X. I tried iTunes to help me but failed. Now I am asking for a transfer tool between iPhones so that I can sync data on my old iPhone with the new iPhone X with ease. Can anybody do me a favor? I am looking for your help eagerly! Thanks in advance!

Do you switch old iPhone to a pretty new iPhone XS or iPhone XR / 8 Plus, and look for a solution to sync your data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone? Well, I can tell you it is very easy. This article will show you how to sync your data between iPhones in three ways without any trouble.

3 Ways to Sync Files from iPhone to New iPhone

 iTunesiClouddr.fone – Phone Transfer
MusicYes(You can only copy the purchased music)Yes(You can only copy the purchased music)Yes(All the music in your old iPhone)
PhotosYes(You can only copy the photos in Camera Roll)Yes(You can only copy the photos in Camera Roll)Yes(All the photos in your old iPhone)
VideoYes(You can only copy the videos in Camera Roll)Yes(you can only copy the videos in Camera Roll)Yes(All the videos in your old iPhone)
Contacts  Yes
  • Free
  • Also copy home screen,TV shows,apps,app data,device settings,books,etc.
  • Free
  • Backup app data, purchased books, device setting, visual voice mail, etc.
  • Transfer fast with only 10 minutes
  • Supports all iOS, Symbian and Android device
  • You will spend plenty of time on restoring and backup the data
  • You are not able to import the files from your computer
  • You need lots of time
  • You can’t move the non-purchased music & videos, Photo library, etc.
  • Not free

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Transfer Data between iPhones Effetionaly

dr.fone – Phone Transfer Key Features:

  • Move contacts, photos, videos, music, SMS from iPhone to iPhone (12, 11, XS, XR, X, 8, 7, SE, 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, 4, 3GS)
  • Switch data from iPhone to iPod touch or iPad Air easily
  • Apply to all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Move data between Nokia (Windows) phone, Android phone, iPhone

Way 1: Switch Data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone just in one Click by dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Launch dr.fone

Install the powerful dr.fone on PC. You are able to see two modes through the main interface. To move data between iPhones, you ought to choose the mode which is “Phone Transfer” and then click Start.

Step 2: Connect both old iPhone & new iPhone to the PC

Connect both your 2 iPhones to the PC by plugging into the Apple USB cables. dr.fone-Switch will detect 2 iPhones quickly and show you the transfer window of iPhone to iPhone.

Step 3: Transfer files from original iPhone to new iPhone

Click the start Transfer to transfer the phone data as you wish. You can see the progress of the transfer in the dialog of the pop-up. The whole process will take several minutes. Your new iPhone will have the same data with your old one when it is finished.

Way 2: Copy Data between iPhones with the help of iTunes

  • 1: Make sure you have installed & launched the iTunes on your PC.
  • 2: Linking iPhone to the computer via USB cable You will see it through DEVICES detected and showed by iTunes.
  • 3: Click the original iPhone’s icon, and then click the button of “Back Up” to save data from your original iPhone.
  • 4: Disconnect the iPhone when all data have been backed up. Then, connect the new iPhone 5S to your PC.
  • 5: Click the button of “Restore Backup” then you can restore every file saved in your old iPhone to new iPhone.

Way 3: Move Data between iPhones with the help of iCloud

After set up new iPhone 5S, you should tap “Setting”, then “General”, “Reset” and “Erase All content & Setting”. After that, you can restart & recover it. Then do the steps following.

  • 1: Open the network on the original iPhone.
  • 2: Tap “Setting“, then “iCloud“, “Storage and Backup“, finally “iCloud Backup” & “Ok” to click back up..
  • 3: Import your own Apple ID’s password. Choose Back Up.
  • 4: Just wait till iCloud finishing the backing up process. Remember the time you do the backup.
  • 5: Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup that you ought to select the country and one language, and choose to use Location Services according to your preference.
  • 6: Just click “Restore from iCloud Backup” when you see the window shows “Set UP iPhone“, and choose your old phone’s backup file. Don’t forget the ID of your Apple account & the password.
  • 7: The new iPhone will restart when the restore process is finished.