iPhone Reminders Not Working: Here are the Best Solution

We set up reminders so that we can complete our tasks within a stipulated period of time. So, when the reminders you set do not work, then that can make you lag behind the timelines.

If you are facing the problem of iPhone reminders not working, then you can get late in meeting up with your commitments. If you depend on reminders for fulfilling your daily tasks, then this issue can land you in big trouble.

Let’s see how to fix this “iPhone Reminders Not Working” with ease.

Part 1: Check the Settings of the Reminder to Fix iPhone Reminders Not Working

There are times when you are not able to listen to the reminder because the alert of the reminder has been set to none.

Rather than moving ahead with other solutions for iPhone reminders not working, it is important for us to know how reminder settings are checked. Follow these steps to check.

Check iPhone Reminder Settings
  • 1: First, tap on the settings, and after that select the option of “Sounds“.
  • 2: Go below in order to locate the Reminder alerts and then select it.
  • 3: If the reminder alert tone shows the words none, then choose the tone that you wish to select the reminder. Then, you will actually be able to hear out your reminders that you have set to remind you of the purpose for which you have set it.

Part 2: Remove the App of Reminders from iCloud

Another thing that you can do in order to solve the issue of iPhone reminders not working is to turn off the application of the reminder on iCloud and let it get started once again.

This can help you in getting rid of the bugs on your device because of which the application is behaving abnormally. This is exactly how it can be done.

Turn off Reminder from iCloud
  • 1: Initially tap into the app of settings and then select iCloud after that.
  • 2: Try to locate the reminders and then turn them off.
  • 3: Wait for some time, then turn it back on.

Part 3: Turn the Reminders off from the Notification of Widgets

Remove Reminders from Widgets

In order to solve the issue of iPhone reminders not working, you can try out removing the application of reminders from widgets. The process to do it is mentioned below:

  • 1: Keep on scrolling down until you see the button the edit.
  • 2: Go to the button “Edit“, and then the “Reminder” of the application will appear.
  • 3: Go to the red, which is placed near it for getting rid of it.

Part 4: Restore the Device by Going to the Factory Settings

This method is like the last resort that is used in case all the ways mentioned earlier are not working. You will be required to set the factory settings of your iPhone again. If you do so, then all the data will get erased from your iPhone.

This method is definitely going to work as there is a chance that the reminder application is being affected because of a setting that is very difficult to trace.

Removal of contents and settings is the only way to get rid of the setting that is causing a problem so that your iPhone starts functioning properly once again.

The steps to be followed for restoring the iPhone by using factory settings to solve the iPhone reminders not working problem are:

  • 1: Open the app setting on your iPhone
  • 2: After that, tap on general and then select reset.
  • 3: Now, go to “Erase Contents and Settings“.

There is another way through which you can restore the iPhone to solve the problem of iPhone reminders, not working problem.

Part 5: Restoration of the iPhone System

Another method that you can try out for solving the problem of iPhone reminders not working is to restore your iOS Smartphone by using the backup of iTunes.

This solution has sorted out various troubles related to the iPhone, and this one is no exception. The process to be followed is given below.

Restore iPhone to fix iPhone reminders not working
  • 1: Link your iPhone to your computer system by making use of the USB wires and now start iTunes.
  • 2: Go to summary and then choose the option of “Restore Backup” when it appears.
  • 3: Go to the option of restore if the restoration is being done through the backup that is encrypted. You will also be required to type in the password.

Part 6: Use iCareFone to Backup iPhone Data

This is the best way to encounter the problem of iPhone reminders not working. This is considered the best alternative for selective restoration of data on iPods, iPads, and iPhones. The previous data does not get deleted by recovering the data by choosing this option.

It enables you to extract 20 different types of data and reminder is one of those applications. It supports all the latest models of the iPhone.

This application creates a back of settings as well as data of your iOS device on your computer system. It can also create a backup of WhatsApp, WeChat, and other messages.

Tenorshare iCareFone

Exports information from iOS Smartphones

  • You can selectively export and preview the information from your iPhone.
  • You can have a look at the data and then extract it by using iCareFone software, iCloud, or iTunes backup.
  • Restore backed up data to iPhone selectively & without overwriting, like WhatsApp, messages, and WeChat.

Part 7: Make Use of the Tenorshare ReiBoot

Various issues related to iPhone can be solved by Tenorshare ReiBoot such as

Additionally, you can repair any problem in your iOS devices and that too without any loss of information through Standard Repair.

Fix iPhone reminders not working Using ReiBoot - Standard Repair

If the iPhone-related issues are very serious, then such issues can be resolved by reinstalling and completely wiping the device, If your Smartphone is stuck in the mode of recovery, then this is the quickest way to solve this problem.

There Are Three Modes Using Which Tenorshare ReiBoot Can Be Done.

  • Standard Repair is used for solving the problems, which does not lead to any loss of information on your device.
  • By using the Deep Repair of system recovery, you can unlock an iPhone and sort out other problems, which cannot get sorted by using the standard Repair of recovery.
  • Additionally, Exit Recovery Mode can take out the devices that are stuck in the mode of recovery with a single click.

So, these were a few different ways through which you can solve the issue of iPhone reminders not working. It can be very frustrating when you are not able to do a particular task or meet your commitments just because you were not able to hear the reminder.

But now, you have these seven different ways that can relieve this problem so that your iPhone reminder starts working properly. Technology has made our lives easier, now everything that was difficult to do earlier can be done in a few seconds.



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