iPhone Group Messaging Not Working? Learn the Apt Fixes Here!

In this guide, we will discuss a common iPhone-related issue that takes place, especially after an upgrade to the iOS 15 version.

In this problem, iPhone users face the concern of iPhone group messaging not working.

For this particular issue, iPhone is capable of sending or receiving. Other group messages, save for those of iPhone Group Messages.

There is an enormous collection of user complaints concerning this iPhone group messaging not working dilemma.

This sort of anomaly is indeed not bearable, which is why an array of viable solutions have been prepared in this guide to cater to the issue.

Keep reading on to discover your apt solution to the big dilemmas of iPhone group messaging not working subsequent to updating your iPhone device to the latest iOS 15 version.

Part 1: Software Trouble: Fixing iPhone Group Messaging Not Working Exclusively of Data Loss

If you are facing the iPhone Group Messaging not working problem following an update to iOS 15, then there’s likely a software problem. You can employ a third-party toolkit to fix this setback.

The best toolkit for resolving the matter is the Tenorshare ReiBoot program, which is intended for fixing assorted iOS issues.

Created by the Tenorshare team, the program has been suggested by well-known media sites like MakeUseOf, Cult of Mac, Macworld, etc. Tenorshare is, beyond doubt, worth trying and trusting with your phone issue.

Tenorshare ReiBoot Key Features:

  • The program offers three modes for fixing iOS concerns, among which its Standard Mode can solve iOS concerns devoid of data loss.
  • This program is employed for fixing a large array of iOS problems like DFU mode, verification failed on iPhone, iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode, endless restarting black screen, iPhone won’t rotate, iPhone keeps turning on and off, etc. iPhone issues caused by iOS slip-ups, for example, iPhone keyboard not working, iPhone GPS not working, iTunes error 1009,  and more, can also get fixed by this software.
  • It is capable of providing complete security and keeping your privacy secure.
  • It is available on both Mac and Windows, with free trials.
  • Roughly all iOS devices can work and connect with this program.
  • The software is very easy to use and does not call for any conditions about technology.

Step 1: Select a Mode for Fixing Your iPhone

The program offers three modes: iOS System Repair, Enter Recovery Mode, and Exit Recovery Mode. Select the right mode depending on your condition. We are taking the iOS System Repair as a case in point.

Tenorshare ReiBoot
ReiBoot - Standard Repair

Step 2: Set the iPhone in Recovery Mode or DFU Mode

There are easy and clear instructions for putting your iPhone in Recovery mode or DFU mode.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

Step 3: Downloading the Firmware

The program can automatically detect your device model. In case it cannot, you can select the model yourself manually. Then tap on ‘Download‘ to download the firmware.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

Steps 4: Fixing the iOS Problem

Tap on ‘Start Standard Repair‘ after downloading the firmware, and then the program will start to fix your device. Just as the process gets completed, you can test if your Group Messaging is working normally now.

Tenorshare ReiBoot
Tenorshare ReiBoot
Fix iPhone group messaging not working Using ReiBoot

Part 2: Eight Common Tips for Fixing iPhone Group Messaging Not Working Running on iOS

1. Restarting the Messages App

The basic thing that you have to try in the issue of iPhone Group Messaging not working is restarting your message application. For troubleshooting, press on the ‘Home‘ icon two times.

Then locate the interface of the iPhone Messages application and then swipe upwards. In this way, your messaging app would automatically force quit the application. Having done this, you can now re-launch the application.

Restart Message to fix iPhone Group Messaging Not Working

In case the iPhone Group Messaging not working dilemma is still not solved subsequently to force quitting, then proceed towards rebooting iMessage. To do this, access the iPhone Settings and then go to ‘Messages‘ to turn it off.

Then turn off the phone device and switch it on again. To finish, go to Settings once more, and then click on ‘Messages‘ and switch on iMessages.

Also, if you wonder how to add people to group text on iPhone easily, this guide you should check out.

2. Checking if You Have Disabled iPhone Group Messaging

Now and then, on making iOS updates, rebooting the device et cetera; there crops up a few strange settings changes of the iPhone device.

Hence, the odds are that the Group Messaging is simply disabled. Due to this rationale, you have to check if the Group Messaging is disabled or enabled.

Follow the steps below for making the required changes:

  • 1: Go to iPhone Settings from the home screen.
  • 2: Hit on ‘Messages‘.
  • 3: Scroll down and go to the ‘Group Messages‘ tab. Then, ensure that it is activated or not.
Check iPhone group Messaging

3. Deleting the Old Group Conversations and Starting Afresh One

There is one more way, which sometimes works for fixing iPhone group messaging not working glitch.

Attempt to remove the present group conversations and then try to drop any message afterward in the group. Verify if it does work or tries a different solution.

Besides, if you wonder how to get water out of the charging port, here, let’s get right into drying out your charging port after dropping your phone in the toilet.

4. Turning On and Then Turning Off the Airplane Mode

In case iPhone group messaging does not work anomaly persists, try switching on and off the Airplane Mode. This could work as your next resort.

For enabling the Airplane Mode, access ‘Control Center‘ from the bottom of the Home screen by swiping up. You’ll see the ‘Airplane Mode‘ button. On which you must tap on it for enabling. Then tap again for disabling it.

Otherwise, you can directly head to the Settings and then hit on ‘Airplane Mode‘. Click on the toggle button for turning it on. Click on it once again for turning it off.

Turn on and off airplane mode to fix iPhone Group Messaging Not Working

5. Hard Resetting the iPhone

Hard resetting can be an apt solution to fix the glitch of iPhone Group Messaging not working as it has proven itself in resolving many such cases.

For hard resetting, the two buttons have to be simultaneously pressed for virtually 10 seconds till the Apple logo shows on the screen. The ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons are for iPhone 7 and subsequent models and ‘Power’ and ‘Home’ switches for iPhone 6s and older models.

6. Resetting Network Settings to Fix iPhone Group Messaging Not Working

A new fast and easy tip for trying to get rid of the iPhone Group Messaging not working glitch is to reset your network settings. This would delete the entire saved network settings on the device counting Bluetooth settings, Wi-Fi networks, et cetera.

Here is how to accomplish this technique:

1: Access the lock screen and switch on Settings.

2: Visit ‘General‘ and go to ‘Reset‘.

3: Head to the subsequent step by hitting on the ‘Reset Network Settings‘ option.

4: Enter your password and confirm your action by clicking on ‘Reset Network Settings‘ once more.

7. Updating Carrier Settings to Fix iPhone Group Messaging Not Working

Update of carrier settings aids in improving network connectivity. In addition, avoiding an update can be problematic by giving messaging, phone calls, connectivity, or voicemail issues.

Look into the steps below for updating the carrier settings.

1: Connect the device to the cellular or Wi-Fi network.

2: Then, open Settings, click on ‘General‘, and press ‘About‘.

3: The subsequent screen would notify you of having an available update.

Update Carrier Settings to fix iPhone Group Messaging Not Working

8. Restoring iPhone with the iTunes App

This is the last resolution that you can endeavor. Besides, this method can lead to data loss as restoring wipes off the data. For proceeding, follow the steps below:

1: Start with launching the iTunes app and connect the iPhone device to it via a digital cable.

2: select your device icon showing on the left side of the uppermost corner.

3: Subsequently to this, hit on the ‘Restore iPhone‘ tab and choose the items that you have to restore.

Restore iPhone with iTunes to fix iPhone Group Messaging Not Working

4: last but not least, tap on the ‘Restore’ button and wait till the whole procedure gets finished.

After this is done, the iPhone device would restart automatically. You can now verify if the iPhone Group Messaging not working glitch gets fixed or not.


All in all, these are a few of the ideal solutions that can be approached by you in the iPhone Group Messaging not working issue following an iOS 15 update. Among the given solutions, you can attempt any one of them or try additional ways if one does not work.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is an apt program that can be your easy go-to tool for solving any such iOS-related issue on your iPhone device. It is a convenient tool which is supported on both Mac and Windows.



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