What to do in an ‘iPhone Flashlight Not Working’ State

We are catering to the larger iPhone device user audience, and providing our online readers with efficient and simple ways on how to react to the most peculiar and unusual occurrences on their iPhone devices. In this particular case, we are looking to deal with new and efficient ways in an iPhone flashlight not working, iMessages Not Working & Face ID not working situation. In order to make our reader’s dilemma easier, we are advocating a pretty useful program, as well.

Most iPhone users come to a blank when they face unusual occurrences on the iPhone device, especially after making an update to the latest iOS 14 version. After making the update, users often notice odd behaviors on their device such as the ‘iPhone flashlight not working’ situation. More often than not, the main camera stops functioning normally. In such a case, the user can view their figures but in a super blurry manner. In some cases, the camera can be used again by reverting to the frontal camera; but in some situations, even the front camera stops responding normally. Also, the flashlight feature in the control panel can sometimes be greyed out and after that refuses to be turned back on!

Three useful tips to solve an ‘iPhone Flashlight Not Working’ situation (For the iOS 14 users)

1.Restarting or Force Restarting Your iPhone

Steps to Restart the iPhone device

You can choose to restart your iPhone to check if the iPhone Flashlight Not Working problem came up in the start-up process. To do this, you must:

Step 1: To start with, you must long press down and hold the Sleep or the Wake button while waiting for the red slider to appear. You can drag the red slider so that the iPhone device will turn off.

Step 2: Now you must wait for a while holding down the Sleep or Wake switch to switch on your device again.

If this method still does not work to solve the issue at hand, you can otherwise try making a force restart.

Steps to use Force Restart on the iPhone device

In the instance of the iPhone’s 6S down device, iPod, and iPad touch: You must press down and hold the Sleep or Wake switch, together with the Home switch for a minimum time of ten seconds. You must release only when you view the Apple logo on the device screen.

In the instance of the iPhone 7s or the iPhone 7 devices: You must press down and hold the Sleep or Wake switch, together with the Down Volume switch for a minimum time of ten seconds. Likewise, you must release only when you view the Apple logo on the device screen.

Force Restart to fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working

2.Using the iMyFone Fixppo for the iPhone Flashlight Not Working situation

The iMyfone Fixppo iOS System Recovery program is a remarkable system recovery program that can be used to solve the unexplainable problems that come up without warning on iPhone. This program can easily be used to solve a wide range of iPhone hang-ups, such as the ‘iPhone stuck in Recovery mode‘, ‘black screen of death‘, ‘iPhone stuck on Apple logo‘, and much more. With the use of the iMyfone Fixppo iOS System Recovery program, you can be guaranteed of 100% data security, such that there will be no alteration of the data files on your iPhone device in any possible way.

This efficient program can solve your ‘iPhone Flashlight Not Working‘ issue by a simple scan of the device, its identification and use of advanced features to fix it. In this program interface, you will be given three distinct; and no loss of data can be possible, through the use of the Standard Mode feature. To enumerate a few, we have made a list of the chief features of this program for your handy information.

iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery Key Features:

  • The program has been created in collaboration with the iMyfone team that contains a number of products endorsed by renowned media sites like the Macworld, MakeUseOf, Cult of Mac, and more. The iMyfone program provides the ultimate security to your valuable data and information. Hence, you need be not worried about the privacy factor being negotiated with at whatever cost.
  • This software can fix system issues without data loss.
  • It is compatible with all types of iOS mobile devices like iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone.
  • All kinds of iOS devices, as well as iOS versions including the iOS 14 version, are compatible with the iMyfone Fixppo.
  • The iMyFone Fixppo software ensures to fix all issues, such as iPhone camera won’t focusBluetooth not working on iPhone X, iDevice being stuck on the Apple logo, existing recovery mode, iOS notifications not working, and many other issues.

Download iMyfone Fixppo

To know how to use Fixppo, follow the instructions below very carefully:

Step 1: To start with, you must download the iMyFone Fixppo program on the PC and launch the program interface on it.


Step 2: Having done this, you must go on to select the ‘Standard Mode’ feature located in the middle of the program interface. Then start to connect the iPhone device to the PC with the help of a USB cable. You must follow the instructions as guided, in order to put the device into Recovery Mode or DFU Mode to fix the iPhone flashlight not working. Only then the software will be capable of detecting the device’s mode.

Step 3: Now you must choose to check and download the firmware. The Firmware Package functions to solve any problems on the iPhone device, starting with locating the problematic itself and working to remedy it.

Step 4: When the firmware package is downloaded, you must click on the ‘Start’ button. When the fixing process has been completed, the iPhone device will immediately reboot and get back to its standard behavior. You can try using the iMyFone iOS program on any iOS device; the program caters to all kinds of iOS versions, including the latest iOS version.

Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working with Fixppo

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3.Backing up and Restoring the iPhone device with the use of iTunes

Step 1: In the beginning, you must plug in the iPhone device to the PC that you use, to perform the iTunes backup. You must access the iTunes app and then patiently wait for its program to sync the device and perform the backup.

Step 2: Having made your backup, you must tap on the ‘Restore iPhone’ icon to restore the iPhone device to it the last backup. You can pick out the most current one, that would hold all the recent data files that you had previously on your iPhone as in accordance with your last backup date.

Restore iPhone to fix iPhone flashlight not working

Important Note: If your iPhone device service contract is still in force, you can call up the Apple customer service provision for aid, or otherwise choose to go to the closest Apple Store in order to get your iPhone device checked up.

These above segments contain very effective and easy to use methods to solve your ‘iPhone flashlight not working’ situation. This is, in fact, a common problem and warrants only some time and patience to solve it. Even though it may seem confusing at first, it is important that you do not meddle with the iPhone settings unnecessarily. Now that you have read these steps, you can reach out and help your iPhone peers in need of such help.

In addition, there is a strong recommendation to use the iMyfone Fixppo iOS System Recovery to solve the ‘iPhone flashlight not working‘ problem. The program is user-friendly and can be used without the need for prior technical expertise on your part. This program is also compatible with both the Mac and Windows operating systems.

Get iMyfone Fixppo