Best iPhone Data Backup Extractor Tool To Recover Files from iTunes Backup

Was the concern of careless deleting of files in your iPhone, iPod or iPad bothering you a lot? I heard that most people believed that once your files were deleted, it is gone forever. Let me guide you through this myth, your data will be kept on your hard drive until it was overwritten by other data. But if you want to make sure your data be safe and under no circumstances, maybe you should do like others, create your own backups on your iTunes with the help of iTunes.

To be honest, creating backups by iTunes is a piece of cake. iTunes can automatically do a backup whenever your iPhone is hooked up with your iTunes if you scheduled it. On the other hand, those backup files created by iTunes can only be stored in your PC, what’s annoying more is that if you want to store it properly, you will have to extract them from your computer from time to time. To make sure the extraction was done perfectly, you have to pick the best programs among thousands of them. Here are advices of the best iPhone data backup extractors for you to choose:

Third iPhone Data Backup Extractor: iPhone Backup Extractor

Supported OS: Windows & Mac

If you have these all iPhone, iPad as well as iPod. What you need is not only the workable software, you need a software program that is compatible for all. The iPhone Backup Extractor can make you happy with that. No matter you are working on the original iPhone and iPad or the latest iPhone 5S and the iPad Air. As long as they are the files backup in your iTunes, they will be totally compatible. I’d like to mention that it was really convenient and won’t cost you minutes to finish restoring data.

  • Capable of all iDevices
  • Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux


  • 1.Simplistic interface, favorable designed tool
  • 2.Allows you to preview the files in the backup


  • 1. It has problems to have the data fully copied sometimes

Second iPhone Data Backup Extractor: iBackup Extractor

Supported OS: Windows & Mac

What I like to compliment a lot is the simplistic manner of iBackup Extractor. Browsing the files in your iTunes and selecting the backup files you would like to save. So you can both save the backups you like and create a new file as well as recover the deleted data from your iDevice. If you would like to know the iBackup Extractor best functions,they are as follows:

  • Recover all kinds of data, call logs, emails, text messages, and mails are included
  • Very easy to operate and you don’t have to take extra classes
  • You can use the free trial to extract 50 items
  • User-friendly interface and full-set recovery options


  • 1. The most accessible way to extract data
  • 2. Support works on Mac and Windows


  • 1. The trial version can not be used
  • 2. The preview screen is not clear enough

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First iPhone Data Backup Extractor:  – iMyfone D-Back iOS Data Recovery

The best iPhone data backup software ever— iMyfone D-Back. Not only because of its simple interface, but also thanks to its multifunction and high efficiency. It meets your requirements of both iOS extracting backups from your iTunes program and recovering the lost data in your iDevices.

  • Preview the data before recovery or backup
  • Particularly easy to operate and not hard to navigate around
  • The supportive suggestions from websites are quite useful
  • Three working modes: extract the iTunes, iCloud backup directly and recover the deleted data from iPhone/iPad/iPod instantly
iPhone Data Backup Extractor Tool


  • 1. Be able to scan the iDevices and repair the lost data
  • 2. Users-friendly interface
  • 3. Multi-function, as long as it is related to repair or backup data


  • 1. None

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