Instagram Video Converter – Convert Instagram Videos to MP4 Easily

Well, the requirement of a good Instagram video converter arises due to several reasons. Regardless of the reason, you need a good tool to convert Instagram video to MP4 or other formats. That said, in this article, we explain how to accomplish that task with two professional tools. So, keep reading and learn how to do it. The good news is that with an Instagram converter MP4 mentioned below, you can get this job done.

You can now convert every Instagram video to MP4 with the Instagram to MP4 converter. If you’d like to re-watch the dancing tutorial again and again, you can store it on the PC. Or do you have a favorite recipe that you want to store for later? Convert Instagram videos to MP4 and view them as many times as you like.

Option 1: Use an Online Instagram Video Converter to Mp4 

Well, the first option is to use an online Instagram converter MP4 to accomplish this task. In this case, you don’t have to install any Instagram video converter on your computer or phone. Instead, just go ahead and use an online tool on your browser to get it done.

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An Introduction to Using a Tool to Convert Instagram to Mp4

This is a free, if you read it correctly, 100% free converter for Instagram. You do not need to install it anywhere in the world, and it’s free. You only need an internet connection to get started. How far along are you? But don’t get your hopes up just yet, because InstagramSave has a lot more to offer. In addition to being hassle-free and simple to use, it offers the following additional advantages.

  • This tool allows you to download videos without losing the original value of the resolution
  • You require nothing more than the URL of the video
  • Can save videos from any page on Instagram
  • It works well on any device because it is an online Instagram converter MP4 
  • Very easy and fast

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How to Use InstagramSave to Convert Instagram Video to MP4 

Let’s take a look at the steps to convert Instagram to MP4 using this online tool.

  • Open the respective video that you are infatuated with and want to save to your computer.
  • In order to copy the URL of a video, tap those three dots in the upper right corner. After that, you can click on “Copy Link,” which is a technical term for the URL.
InstagramSave Instagram Video Converter
  • The third step is to open the InstagramSave website, which is all you need to do.
  • Enter the URL you just copied into the appeared dialogue box. After that, you should press “Download Insta Video.” After that, you can wait and see what will happen in a matter of seconds.
Download Insta Video with InstagramSave

It’s easy to find your Instagram video with InstagramSave because the app automatically converts the video to MP4. Then, this tool saves it on your device.

Downloaded on InstagramSave

Option 2: Use a Professional and Reliable Instagram Video Converter to Mp4 [RECOMMENDED]

Now let’s learn a more stable, reliable method to convert Instagram video to MP4 instead of using online tools. In fact, we have two professional applications to get this job done. Let’s go ahead and learn what they are.

2.1. Wondershare UniConverter

Uniconverter can be considered a one-stop shop with a wide range of options. Converting your films does not require an internet connection after it has been installed.

Wondershare Instagram Video Converter – Uniconverter allows us to modify and improve the video before converting it to MP4 format. That is a far better approach compared to InstagramSave, which just offers video conversion. You can watch the converted videos on any screen without losing quality by transferring them swiftly to that device. In fact, Wondershare UniConverter does allow you to watch those videos even on the TV. Wondershare Uniconverter comes with all of the following functions to impress you.

  • This specific Instagram Video Converter application can handle more than 1000 different file types.
  • With Wondershare UniConverter, you may make your content compatible with a wide range of mobile devices.
  • With GPU acceleration, the conversion is 30 times faster.
  • The quality of the video is not compromised when it is compressed or converted to another format.
  • An easy-to-use and intuitive design.

Well, you can continue reading to learn how to convert Instagram to MP4 in just five easy steps.

Mentioned Below Are Those Steps.

01: Firstly, you should download Wondershare UniCoverter and install it on your device.  After that, you should launch the application.

02: You can now click on the option called “Downloader” to proceed with the process.

03: You can now enter the respective video URL in the given dialog box and move along.


04: Once you have done that step, you can click on the option called “Download.” Then, the video or videos will be converted to the desired format (MP4) immediately. The converted file will be saved on the device.

05: Now, you are supposed to select the location to save the file under “File Location.” Then, click on the option called “Start All.” The files will be converted instantly saved to the device’s storage.

Instagram Video Converter with UniConverter

2.2. Creating an Instagram Video Using Wondershare Filmora

As a bonus tip, we explain a method to create an Instagram video with the help of Wondershare Filmora. Since this Instagram video converter to MP4 is so versatile, you can use it for many purposes.

To be fair, Filmora quickly became one of the most generally used video editors thanks to its sophisticated capabilities. It is affordable, and anyone will find this application to be very useful. Filmora will enhance your video’s appeal. It’s up to you to decide if it’s right for you based on its most amazing characteristics.

  • It comes with a split-screen feature
  • Tools like Mosaic and Power Tool help you create very attractive videos for Instagram
  • Advanced text formatting features
  • Large amounts of filters, overlays, and animations
  • Noise removal feature with voiceover capability
  • It can trim, rotate or flip videos
  • Compatible with 4K videos, audio mixing, and even color grading

System Specifications to Run Wondershare Filmora

  • Windows 7 or newer version (64bit version is recommended)
  • 2Ghz processor (AMD or Intel)
  • 4GB RAM (8GB is recommended)

Creating an Instagram Video Using Wondershare Filmora

First, you should download and install this Instagram Video Converter – Wondershare Filmora.

01. To add a video to your collection, go to ‘New Project,’ pick ‘Files,’ then ‘Import Media Files.’

Import Video with Filmora

02. Do not make any resolution changes if a notification appears while dragging the movie onto your timeline. In the “File” menu, pick “Project Settings” once more. Make your Instagram video as high-quality as possible by using a resolution of 1080p or a 1:1 square.

03. Colored bars located below and up the movie can be added by selecting a color from ‘Media.’ Then, you should choose ‘Sample Colors.’ The video size can then be adjusted directly in the preview window.

04. This is a great way to draw the viewer’s attention. In the ‘Titles‘ menu, select a text style and drop it onto its 3rd track.

05. As the last step, double-click the title of the track, select Advanced, and modify the font color. You can even add an animation to it.

Note: You can add your own music to the video by importing it into the 'Audio' tab. The sound you add can be faded in, faded out, and denoised with a double click.

06. Click on ‘Export‘ and then select the device on which you want to save the movie. Once the export is complete, it is possible to upload the video to Instagram.

2.3. Use Movavi Video Converter to Convert Instagram to MP4 and Resize

You can resize videos for Instagram Stories, feeds, IGTV, reels, and advertising with Movavi Video Converter. Instagram video resizer allows you to convert Instagram to MP4 or any other file format. Also, it lets you crop and rotate them, making it easier for you to share your movies on Instagram. Learn how to modify your Instagram video with this amazing Instagram Video Converter.

Follow the Steps Below to Use Movavi

01. Download and Install Movavi

Installing the Movavi Instagram converter MP4 is as simple as running the executable file and following the on-screen directions. To open the converter, double-click the desktop icon.

02. Add Your Video to Movavi

To upload a video, click “Add Media” to bring up the import menu, then “Add Video.” You can then search the video in your system’s folders. You should also keep in mind that a GIF can be turned into a video on Instagram. Click “Add Media,” then “Add Image,” and then navigate to the animation video on your computer’s hard drive. If not, you can even just use the program’s interface to drag & drop your media file(s).

Movavi Instagram Video Converter
03. Edit the Video

Here are the steps to creating a video on your Instagram account. If you wish to create an IGTV video or an Instagram Story, move on to the next section.

If you want to create a video for your Instagram feed, follow the steps below.
03.1. Edit the Video to Match the Instagram Feed
  • Cropping is required if you want your video to have a 1:1 aspect ratio. To access the video editing tools, click “Edit” on the toolbar. 
Movavi Video Converter
  • Choose 1:1 in the preset selection under the “Crop:” tab. To adjust the size of its Area Selection tool, drag the edges of the frame. Once you have done that, set it where you want it to appear in the preview. If the selected width is less than or equal to the height, the area will appear to be cropped. Click “Apply” and “Save and Close” when you’re finished.
03.2. Start Creating IGTV Videos or Stories

For Story or IGTV videos, you must modify the aspect ratio to 9:16 in order for videos to appear. Depending on the final style of your video, you can choose between two approaches.

● Crop the Video

In order to submit a 16:9 video to Instagram, you must crop it towards its center. That means that you can’t focus on anything on that video’s left or right. You’ll need to do some hand cropping in this scenario. Click the button labeled “Edit” to do this.

Take a look at the tab labeled “Crop” and select the 16:9 option to proceed. Move your Area Selection tool to where you want the cropped region to be. After that, hit the “Apply” and then “Save and Close” button, and you are done.

Crop Instagram Video
● Rotation

Go to “Crop” in the Edit window and select Rotate clockwise. Apply, then click on Save and Close

Rotation Instagram Video
04. Defining the Output Format (Convert Instagram to MP4)

There are steps that explain how to convert Instagram video to MP4 using Movavi. Go to “Video” and select “MP4“. Then, select the preset called “MP4 H.264 – Original Size

Convert Video to Instagram format
05. Save the Video

Now, through this Instagram video converter, you can save the MP4 file. Click on “Save to” and choose “Convert.” The output folder will open at the end of the conversion. That’s how to convert Instagram video to MP4.

Save Video on Movavi


That’s it. If you are looking for a good program to convert Instagram to MP4, Filmora and Movavi are superb options. Both of those tools are very impressive compared to online tools.