My Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – Simple Tricks for Such Situations

You might have come across such days when your Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed, and this would’ve made you spend all the time getting bored. This error message may occur without any reason as against the fact that Instagram runs perfectly usually. Such situations are very annoying as the Instagrammers cannot get updates or watch any other content. However, to fix this is not a big deal, and we have got you covered with the reasons and solutions for this Instagram Not Refreshing error.

Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed

Let’s see them one by one.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed | Troubleshoot network problems

The first and foremost reason that can be held responsible for the situation when Instagram couldn’t refresh feed is an unstable network connection. Therefore, your first step towards diagnosing the issue must be to check if any network disconnection has happened.

Go to mobile settings and see if the mobile network / Wi-Fi is being shown connected to the phone. If the connection is not there, reconnect the device with a network and go back to refreshing the photos and videos on Instagram again.

Now, if you see them connected, then the probable reason is a weak network signal that may be causing the Instagram error. You can check for the same by going to the phone’s browser and try opening any page. If that page also loads slowly, then the network signal is the proven culprit. In this case, what can be done is that you wait until the signal becomes strong enough to use Instagram or connect with a stronger network. You can also try switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data and see as to whatever works.

For the people using Android devices, here is how to reconnect to Wi-Fi:

  • Open the settings of the phone.
  • Tap on the tab WLAN.
  • Check out the available Wi-Fi signals and connect with the one that has a strong connection.
Troubleshoot network problems on Android to fix Instagram Couldnt Refresh Feed

For the people using iPhone, how to reconnect to Wi-Fi:

  • Open the settings of the phone.
  • Tap on the tab Wi-Fi.
  • Switch to connect with a Wi-Fi network.
Troubleshoot network problems on iPhone

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The official help page of Instagram will give two possible reasons for the loading error that are:

  1. Mobile data amount limitation– If you observe that the problem is happening at the month-end every time, the probable reason for it is that the mobile carrier is limiting the mobile data usage at this time of the month after a certain limit. You can fix this by contacting the mobile career.
  2. Overloaded mobile network connection– This error can also happen when there are many users of the same mobile network. You can limit the number of users or just connect to another network present on the spot.

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Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed | Restart the mobile device

If Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error keeps popping up now and then even after you tried some of the tricks to fix it, restarting the mobile phone might work for you. Any lagging issue is very normal to happen in various mobile devices, and that can mess with the apps too. Although this method doesn’t promise sure results, it surely deserves a try as it might just happen to fix the error for you.

For the Android users like with mobile phones of Nokia, Huawei, and Samsung:

  • Tap and hold down the power button till you see the menu of the Android bootloader pop-up on the screen.
  • Out of all the options, select Restart for closing the phone and re-opening the operating system of the Android.

For the iPhone user with models like iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, iPhone X, and so on:

  • Tap and hold down the button on the side or the Volume keys till you see the slider coming up on the screen.
  • You have to now drag that slider for turning off the iPhone completely.
  • Once again, tap and hold down the button on the side or the Volume keys till the Apple logo comes up on the screen.

After performing this rebooting on the mobile phone, you can log back into your Instagram account and see if the feed is getting loaded or not.

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Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed | Use a different device for using Instagram

If the above method of rebooting the device didn’t work and Instagram couldn’t refresh feed still, then there may be chances that your phone might be having some problems. You can check for the same by using the Instagram application on a different device.

If you have been using Instagram on a PC and encountering the error over there, then go ahead with opening Instagram on any Android phone like Samsung Note 20, S20, S10, S9, S9+, and others. You can do the same on any iPhone, too, and try refreshing the news feed on your account thereby.

You can also log into your Instagram account that wasn’t working well on the mobile devices on any Windows 10/8/7 PC or Mac OS.

Use a different device for using Instagram

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Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed | Re-install or update the Instagram application

The outdated versions get certain bugs that may become the reason behind the situation of Instagram not refreshing on your phone. To fix this, you must keep the app updates with the latest version as the developers generate new updates to resolve the known issues.

Now, if your Instagram application is fully updated with all the latest versions, then you may try re-installing it for fixing the error. For the users of iOS, you just have to tap on the icon of the Instagram app and press it down until you see a jiggle happen over all the icons. A tiny x symbol will appear on the left upper side of the icons. Tap on the one over the Instagram icon and confirm Delete in the pop-up asking about deleting the application.

Re-install or update the Instagram application to fix Instagram Couldnt Refresh Feed

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed | Delete the inappropriate data on your account

A lot of users reported getting the error where Instagram couldn’t refresh feed due to the inappropriate comments, photos, or posts in their Instagram accounts. This is sometimes purposely done from the side of the Instagram team to give you a warning regarding the existence of any objectionable content in your account. This can be fixed by finding out such content and deleting it from the Instagram handle.

You can check for this by logging into the Instagram account through any browser on a PC and find out what exactly is wrong with the account.


After you sign in into the Instagram account from a browser, find out if there are any problematic comments on any of your posts. Sometimes it is suggested that you should delete the comments with a double hashtag, hate speech, threats, verbal violence, etc. Some users also said that the comments with the symbol’√’couldn’t load at all. Upon deleting all such comments from the account on the PC, the mobile app may start working just fine.


This error has been faced by a lot of users in their profile section. You can try uploading a new picture for replacing the old one, and this might just fix the error.


If any of your posts were flagged or found inappropriate by Instagram due to any indecent pictures, offensive language, or any other issue, it would notify you for the same when you will log in through a browser. You can fix the error by deleting the notified posts as it may.

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Check the Instagram servers

If you see Instagram not refreshing the feed even after you tried all the tricks discusses above, then there are high chances that the servers of the app must be down, and that makes the problem to be emerging from the end of the team only. Now there can be many reasons for this-

  • Instagram may be upgrading its operational services due to any technical glitch.
  • The app must be going through an outage where the functions must be lagging.
  • The Instagram developers must be working towards stopping the providence of any service and making changes thereby.

This can be fixed by checking the version of your Instagram and updating it for the new changes to get accommodated. This has various benefits; you get not only able to access the latest features but also get automatic redressal of a lot of bugs. If the feed unloading error was being faced by a lot of users, then it was a problem from the app’s end, and the affected users may have reported so. In such cases, the team notices these problems, identifies the issues, and generates an update to fix that issue. Therefore, it becomes very important that you download these updates on time, and this gets done in very little time. Here is how to do it.

For Android devices:

  • Launch Play Store.
  • Search for Instagram.
  • Hit the tab Update.

For iOS devices:

  • Launch the Apple App Store.
  • Hit the tab Update.
  • Find the icon of the Instagram app and click the Update button next to it.

Once you have updated the app or the servers get back to functioning normally, try refreshing the feed once again.


If nothing worked towards the redressal of the problem, you might have to try the option of putting a complaint with the Instagram help page. Go to the app and click the icon of settings. Select the option Report a Problem and then choose the option Something Isn’t Working. Here you can describe the problem that you are facing and wait for the team to help you.

So this was all about fixing the Instagram not refreshing error. We hope that these fixes would work out for you and do share with us any other solution if you’ve got them.