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The 4 Viable Ways for Fixing iCloud Restore Stuck Predicaments

In this article, we are dealing with an iPhone device issue of ‘iCloud restore stuck.‘ In this issue, iPhone recurrently continues to display the ‘Restoring from iCloud Backup‘ message.

Numerous Apple users tend to easily restore and backup their phone devices via iCloud, anytime, and anywhere. It eliminates the dilemma of connecting mobile devices to the PC using USB cables and then launching iTunes. Conversely, there are reports that iCloud backup becomes stuck in operation. Indeed, even normal situations, based on your iPhone’s capacity, and the data connection speed, a routine restoration from iCloud can be done in one or two hours, but can sometimes take an entire day. If it takes much longer, you have to consider interrupting the procedure.

In such a case, don’t simply switch off the device. Doing so can lead to predicaments that can be more difficult in fixing. Let us safely direct you to fix the iOS device issue of ‘iCloud restore stuck.’

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PART 1: How to secure the iOS device issue of ‘iCloud restore stuck.’

As already mentioned, you should not call for the PC for making an iCloud back up and, also, you should not require the PC for solving this ‘iCloud restore stuck’ predicament. What you will actually require is a stable Internet connection, along with the right Apple password and ID. Follow the steps below for stopping ‘iCloud restore stuck’.

Step 1: Initiate by navigating your way into ‘Settings’ and tapping on ‘iCloud‘ on your iPhone.

Step 2: Then choose ‘Backup.’

Step 3: Click on the ‘Stop Restoring iPhone‘ option.

Step 4: You will be prompted for confirming that you truly wish to end the recovery procedure. Click on ‘Stop.’

Following these steps would mean the ‘iCloud restore stuck’ predicament, and you could carry on factory resetting your iPhone device, and then restoring from iCloud for starting the process all over again and hope for its success. Still, if this resolution is not successful, try the next solution in PART 2. There is also an alternative method in Part 3 for restoring the given iPhone device from iCloud back up without any issues, with a program tool.

PART 2: Fixing the iCloud restore stuck predicament without loss of data.

In case the above method was not useful, we are sharing this ideal program tool, known as dr.fone – iOS Repair. This can be an immense cohort for any iPhone. The program can fix countless types of iOS troubles easily, and help in keeping your iPhone device running smoothly. Errors like, ‘iCloud restore stuck’ can take you lesser than 10 minutes of time to solve. Check out the most useful features of this program below.

dr.fone – Repair (iOS) Key Features

  • The dr.fone Repair program is a single click to fixing all your iPhone issues devoid of data loss.
  • It is easy, reliable, and fast.
  • The program can solve a variety of iOS system concerns like looping on start, white Apple logo, stuck in the recovery mode, black screen, etc.
  • Fix other issues related to hardware and iTunes errors, like error 27, error 50, error 53, error 14, etc.
  • Be compatible with all device models of iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.
  • It is wholly compatible with the latest iOS 13.
  • Be available for both Windows and Mac.

Get dr.fone – Repair (iOS)

Follow the steps below to fix the problem of ‘iCloud restore stuck’ via the dr.fone Repair program:

Step 1: Choose ‘Repair’.

Start by downloading, installing and running dr.fone on the PC. Then choose the ‘Repair‘ option. Then connect the iPhone device to the PC via a USB wire, after which, it automatically gets detected by the dr.fone program and click on the ‘Start‘ option.

Step 2: Downloading a firmware

The iPhone device will automatically get identified by the dr.fone program. The correct, necessary, iOS will get fetched from the servers of Apple by just tapping on the ‘Download‘ option.

Step 3: Fixing the iCloud backup restoration problems

After the download of firmware, the dr.fone program tool will persist in fixing the restore problems. After five to ten minutes, this fixing procedure will come to an end, and you will shortly view a positive notification.

Very easily and quickly, all the operations on your iPhone device will get restored to the erstwhile best working conditions. In addition, your music, photographs, contacts, messages, and the like, will still be entirely intact. Most certainly, the issue of ‘iCloud restore stuck’ will get fixed.

PART 3: Trying a different program tool for restoring iCloud back up to iPhone selectively.

The dr.fone Recover for iOS is the world’s initial iPad and iPhone data recovery toolkit. The program can aid you in easily recovering your data files from all iPhone/iPad/iPod and restore your iPhone from iCloud back up and iTunes back up selectively. Importantly, the entire process will not take more than thirty minutes.

dr.fone – Recover (iOS) Key Features

  • dr.fone – Recover can allow previews and restore data from an iCloud backup selectively.
  • It is an easy, hassle-free process.
  • Allow selection, previewing and restoring of any data from iTunes and iCloud backup.
  • Recover lost data from iOS upgrade, device loss, deletion, jailbreak, etc.
  • Support all versions of iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.
  • Be available for both Windows and Mac.

Get dr.fone – Recover (iOS)

Follow the steps below to fix ‘iCloud restore stuck’ via the dr.fone Recover program:

Step 1: Firstly, choose ‘Recover‘ and hit ‘Recover from iCloud Backup File‘ on interface’s left bar, and enter the iCloud credentials.

Step 2: After finishing the log-in process, dr.fone Recover will scan the iCloud back up files. Soon, your entire backup data types will get displayed. Select your desired file, and click on ‘Download.’

Step 3: following your data scan and display, you can effortlessly check desired data and restore them all to your device or computer.

PART 4: Probable errors related to ‘iCloud restore stuck’ issue

Now and then, it seems like Apple cooks up the endless assortment of messages for frustrating you. Below are some related errors:

Number One: “There was a problem loading your iCloud Backups. Try again, set up as a new iPhone, or restore from an iTunes backup.”

The Apple messages are in fact, clearer most others in meaning. Your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone hasn’t been restored from iCloud backup successfully. This can be on account of problems with the iCloud server. On seeing this error message, visit the website of iCloud and verify System Status of iCloud. This can be rare, but when there any problem occurs through the server, it’s often best not to attempt its functioning for some time, like a handful of hours, and then try again.

Number two: “Photos and videos not restored”.

In this case, Apple is accommodatingly notifying that your videos and photos may not get restored, following recovery. This’s pretty likely as you didn’t enable the iCloud back up for the Camera Roll. In this case, your videos and photos never got any backup and you have nil data in iCloud to restore. Many do this as they don’t wish to purchase iCloud outside the given 5GB with a complimentary account.
For checking whether iCloud back up has Camera Roll permitted, you have to access Settings, choose ‘iCloud‘, tap on ‘Storage & Backup‘ and opt for ‘Manage Storage.’ Click on backed up device name and ensure that the option for Camera Roll is switched ON.You can know this when it appears colored, and not entirely white.

Yet, if you’re positive that you had enabled the option, it can just about waiting a bit longer. Videos and Photos are much larger files than the remaining of the data file types and correspond to a bigger data load for the Internet connection. You must remember that it is in truth, extremely vital to not stop your restoring process abruptly from iCloud backup progression. Simply do not resort to panicking while trying to fix such common Apple problems on your device. You can seamlessly follow these steps above, that we have summarized for you, and you would soon be able to attempt to all such iOS issues.


Now that you are acquainted with the process of solving the great issue of ‘iCloud restore stuck‘, you can easily face this without any apprehension. You can put yourself at ease and fix your iOS device wherever and whenever. These steps have been followed by a lot of our readers, and most have them have reported with positive feedbacks.

In the execution of the ‘iCloud restore stuck‘ resolutions, you can simply make use of the above program tools that we have shown above. dr.fone – iOS Repair and dr.fone – iOS Recover is your best chance at solving this Apple issue.


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