How to Turn Off Firewall on Windows PC With Ease

Windows Firewall is specially designed to assist in keeping away unauthorized users so that they cannot access resources and files on your system. If you care about the safety of your computer, then it is necessary for you to have a firewall. Unfortunately, Windows Firewall is not perfect in all sense, and it can cause more damage than good sometimes. It happens especially when you have installed another firewall tool on your system. If you are looking for an answer to ‘how to turn off Firewall,’ then we would like to inform you that it is not a great idea to disable the Firewall on your Windows PC unless you are sure about it. There might be a nice reason for performing this action. However, if you have installed another security tool that performs similar functions, then there’s nothing to work and go ahead.

If you are worried about how long it will take to disable Firewall, it’s not much. Usually, it takes around 10 minutes or less for disabling the Firewall on Windows PC. So, let’s move onto the different methods for how to turn off Firewall on different Windows versions without further waiting.

Part 1: How to turn off Firewall on Windows 7, 8, and 10

If you are confused over how to turn off Firewall on Windows 7 PCs or other latest Windows versions, then it is pretty simple to perform this task. For this, follow the steps listed below.

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Steps to turn off Firewall on Windows 10, 8, and 7:

Step 1: Visit Control Panel

For the opening Control Panel, you can follow two methods. The simplest way is to open it using the Start menu on Windows 7 system.

How to Turn Off Firewall on Windows 10, 8 , 7

The ‘System and Security‘ link is available only there if there is an option ‘View By‘ under the tab ‘Category.’ Users who can view the Control Panel applets in the icon view, then they do not have to go through this step. So, move onto the next one.

Step 3: Select the Windows Firewall

Next, users need to select the ‘Windows Firewall.’ The other name for this tab could be ‘Windows Defender Firewall,’ depending on how the system is actually set up. So, follow with the ‘Windows Defender Firewall‘ if you find ‘Windows Firewall‘ listed here.

Step 4: Turn off Firewall

Now, you will see the option ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off‘ present on the screen’s left side. The fastest way to come across this screen is through the command line ‘control firewall.cpl‘. For executing this command, you can use the Run dialog box or the Command prompt.

Step 5: Choose ‘Turn off Windows Firewall’

It is time to choose the bubble present near the option ‘Turn off Windows Firewall‘. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot disable the Firewall for public networks or for both public and private networks. It can be done for just private networks. For disabling the Firewall for both networks, choose ‘Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)‘ in both the public and private sections.

Step 6: Tap on ‘O.K.’

Now, select O.K. for saving all the changes made. So, you have successfully disabled Windows Firewall. Examine if the problem that you were facing due to Windows Firewall has been fixed or not.

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Part 2: How to turn off Firewall on Windows Vista

This is another solution for how to turn off Firewall via Control Panel. It is pretty similar to how it is done for other Windows versions. For disabling Firewall

Steps on Windows Vista via Control Panel:

Step 1: Visit Control Panel

In the first place, you need to visit the Control Panel. For this, choose ‘Control Panel‘ under the menu ‘Start.’

Step 2: Select ‘Security’

Under the category section, select ‘Security.’ Please note that if you see the Control Panel’s classic view, then move onto the next step.

Step 3: Choose ‘Windows Firewall’

Now, choose ‘Windows Firewall‘ from the Control Panel.

Step 4: Select ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’

From the window’s left side, select the option ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off.’ Please note that if the window ‘User Account Control‘ pops up, then continue and click through it. For this, you have to either select ‘Continue‘ or enter the admin password. If you have to access the window again in the future quickly, you can employ the command ‘control firewall.cpl‘ in the Run dialog window.

Step 5: Look for the tab ‘General.’

Visit the tab ‘General‘ and choose the bubble closer to ‘Off.’ Lastly, it would help if you tapped on ‘O.K.’ for applying the changes.

How to Turn Off Firewall on Windows Vista

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Part 3: How to turn off Firewall on Windows XP

This method for turn off Firewall on Windows XP is different from the methods used for the recent Windows versions. However, it is fairly easy, and the steps you need to follow for the same are listed below:

Steps on Windows XP:

Step 1: Visit Control Panel

Initially, users need to visit the Control Panel. For this, select the ‘Start‘ tab and then select ‘Control Panel.’

Step 2: Choose ‘Network and Internet Connections’

Next, they need to choose ‘Network and Internet Connections.’ If you are following the Control Panel’s classic view, then you have to visit ‘Network Connections‘ and then move onto Step 4 directly.

Step 3: Select ‘Network Connections’

Under the section ‘or pick a Control Panel icon,’ select the tab ‘Network Connections.’

Step 4: Tap on ‘Properties’

To select ‘Properties‘, users need to press and hold or right-tap on the network connection. If you are using a high-speed internet using DSL or cable or share some network, then the network connection would be titled as ‘Local Area Connection.’

Step 5: Choose the tab ‘Advanced.’

Next, visit the tab ‘Advanced‘ and choose ‘Settings.’

Now, select the radio button ‘Off (not recommended).’ For opening the Window Firewall settings using a simple shortcut through the Command Prompt or Run dialog box. Here, you need to enter the ‘control firewall.cpl‘ command.

How to Turn Off Firewall on Windows XP

Step 7: Tap on ‘O.K.’

In the next window, you need to tap on ‘O.K.’ and again, click ‘O.K.’ under the window ‘Properties‘ of the network connection. One can even close the window ‘Network Connections.’

So, these are the methods that you can use for disabling the Windows Firewall. You need to use the method depending on your Windows version. However, we recommend you not to disable Firewall unless you have another Firewall program installed on your laptop. If you have made up mind, then the above-mentioned methods will help you with ‘how to turn off Firewall.’