How to Screen Record a Snapchat on Android/iOS/PC?

Owing to its popularity, many users around the world often ask how to screen record a Snapchat. The most striking aspect of Snapchat is its privacy policies.

Without your consent, no other person is allowed to capture or store your snaps. It does not matter how funny, moronic, or sensual they are.

About Snapchat’s Privacy Policy

Snapchat maintains the privacy of its users’ data. That’s why one can easily share their pictures and videos on this app with total assurance.

Due to Snapchat’s privacy policies, the snaps you post disappear in 24 hours. But, sometimes, users want to keep particular pictures and stories for more than 24 hours.

In that case, you can use the screen recording feature of Snapchat. As we described above, the Snapchat privacy policies will not allow you to store the snaps of other users. It will also send an alert to the user if you attempt to capture a screenshot of their post.

Who would not like to store someone’s pictures and stories on Snapchat secretly? But, it’s not easy to use the screen recorder feature.

However, we came up with three easy methods about how to screen record a Snapshot. These will work for the users of both Android and iOS devices and desktops.

Part 1. How to Screen Record a Snapchat on Android & iOS?

For Android users, follow the steps to use the screen recording option. You have to begin by getting to the Control Panel by selecting the picture you want to take a screenshot of. Then drag it down off your screen.

Swipe to see the screen recording option, then click on the recorder icon. Once the countdown gets over, you can view the screenshot of the picture you selected.

You will not get the screenshot indication alert here. It is something that pops up after you finish the video by clicking on the stop button.

This feature has been used by Android users widely since December 2020. However, you should never start the recording from the middle because it’s critical to assess first whether it’s apt to record or not.

You can take the following steps to record your Snapchat Screen while using it on iOS or Android devices.

PS: let’s figure out how to save Snapchat pics easily via the best photo saver tools.

1. Enable the Screen Recording Option:

Android users will have to enable the screen recording option to record the screen. They can find this option from the notification shade.

For iOS users, they will find the same option in Notification Center.

Enable the Screen Recording Option

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2. Start the Recording:

After following the above step, your device will start recording.

All you are required to do is access your Snapchat app.

Select the picture or story you want the recording to start.

Click on the stop button after its completion.

3. Choose the Part You Want and Remove What You Don’t Want :

Complete the above steps first. You can then cut out the undesirable part of the Snapchat video or clip as per your choice.

Note: Keep in mind the other person will be notified if you take a screenshot or record any of their posts. You can start with a trial by taking screenshots of any of your friend’s pictures. Make sure your friend is aware of this.

Before the launch of Android 10, there were many third-party apps for this purpose. Besides that, Users could also take screenshots using the Android launcher itself.

Part 2. How to Screen Record a Snapchat Using a Snapchat Screen Recorder?

Snapchat has an intrinsic feature of screen recording for iOS devices. Users can utilize this function to record their snaps.

However, the first section will guide you on how to take different pictures and stories.

1. Check whether the screen recording option is available in the Control Center or not. You can access the Control Center by swiping up the screen. If the screen recording option is not available, go to the Settings application.

2. To include the screen recorder, select the setting app option and click on Control Center. Then choose the Customize Controls option. After adding the Customized interface, move the cursor down and click on the green icon.

3. Complete the above steps. You can now easily use the screen recording feature from the Control Center. Snapchat pictures and stories will be saved in your gallery after the recording is over.

How to Screen Record a Snapchat Using a Snapchat Screen Recorder

Part 3. How to Screen Record a Snapchat Without Using the Recording Button?

Snapchat screen recording software offers you to capture a variety of videos. You can capture them by pressing the record icon.

However, recording can be done without holding the record icon also.

Take the following steps to achieve the same:

1. To capture the posts and stories of Snapchat, launch the Snapchat application. Follow the usual process and hold the record icon.

How to Screen Record a Snapchat Without Using the Recording Button

2. After starting the recording, you will see a lock icon. You can slide your finger to the lock button and then release your finger.

By doing so, you can easily record on Snapchat without holding the recording option.

Part 4. How to Screen Record a Snapchat Using Aiseesoft Screen Recorder?

For Android users, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the best solution for how to screen record a Snapchat.

This screen recording application provides you the option to record the screen. It also has advanced options to make changes in those records as per your choices.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder offers you options for different patterns and layouts. These layouts help in modifying your captured stories and pictures.

The part about this app is you can make changes to the videos anytime, depending on your choice.

To explain this topic better, let’s begin with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder’s characteristics and advantages.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

  • Easily record Snapchats & webcam videos on Mac or Windows.
  • Record any online Snapchat streaming & microphone audio.
  • It can capture Snapchat screens and save them as an image for you.
  • Let you edit the recorded video & snapshot.
  • Start or stop Snapchat desktop recording using shortcuts.

Steps to Screen Record a Snapchat Using Aiseesoft Screen Recorder:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to record your screen on Snapchat:

1. Download and launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder for Mac or Windows.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

2. Please click on the “Video Recorder” option and then set the recording area.

How to Screen Record a Snapchat Using Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

3. Now, please click “REC.

After that, switch to Snapchat to view the Snapchat stories you would like to save.

After playback, click on the “Stop” to stop recording.

Also, the “screen capture” button is there to take screenshots of the story pictures in the recording process for you.


4. It lets you preview the recorded Snapchat stories and save them to the default path or customize another path to save them.

Save Recorded Snapchat

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed how to screen record a Snapchat using a variety of ways. We explained three effective ways through which you can record Snapchat content.

This article also included a step-by-step explanation of how you can capture Snapchat without using the record icon.

If you still have any doubts left in your mind about the Snapchat recording, feel free to contact us.


Besides knowing how to screen record a Snapchat, below we’ve mentioned a few questions related to the Snapchat recording feature:

What is the Time Limit to Record a Video on an iPhone?

iOS provides you with reliable infrastructure for recording. This happens due to its in-built screen recording capability. There is no specified time limit for recording the video.

You can record as long as you want to maintain it on your iPhone. The duration of the recording is influenced by the spare space available on your phone.

How Can You Take a Screenshot Without Anyone’s Knowledge?

Snapchat has its built-in screen recording option, so if you are an iOS user, you can choose this option. However, there are any third-party applications available you can use.

If you want to capture a screenshot secretly on your Android, you can use these third-party apps. But keep in mind to keep your internet connection off while recording.



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