How to Run Android Apps on Windows Phone

If you have just switched from the Android phone to the Windows phone, you may miss those familiar apps for Android users. So why not try to run those Android apps on your new Windows phone? Also, get to know how to find hidden apps on Android and how to fix the issue of Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version and there was a problem parsing the package.

You may say that the apps are not compatible with your Windows phone, because the operating systems are different. The good news is that you are going to see the way to run the Android phone on your Windows phone. So just follow the tutorial below, and I will make it easy to run Android apps on the Windows phone with Windows 8 or 10.

How to Run Android Apps on Windows Phone

Step 1. Power on your Windows phone. Then find the icon of “Settings”, go to the “Update & security” option, and click on the “For Developers” item. Then enable the “Developers Mode”.


Step 2. Just near the “Developers Mode” section, you can easily find the “Device discovery” section. Enable it too, so that you can pair your Windows phone to the other devices with a code for pairing.

Step 3. Still on the screen, find the “Pair” button, and take a mind note of your pair code, so that you can use it for pairing your devices together.


Step 4. Then you need to download the “Control” application and the Android SDK tool on your computer.

Step 5. Then extract the files that you download and condense it with the WinRar tool.

Step 6. You need to find and install the “IpOverUsbInstaller.msi” and “vcredist_x86.exe” containing on the “wconnect” folder.

Step 7. Now you can connect your Windows phone to your computer with a suitable USB cable.

Step 8. From the “Start” menu, run the “Command Prompt”, and don’t forget to do it as Administrator.


Step 9. Now you need to input the words “C:\Users\Yourusername\Downloads\Folderthatcontainswpconnect” on the Command window so that you can change the directory to the wconnect.exe. And then press on the “ENTER” key.

Step 10. Again, input “wconnect.exe” and press on the “ENTER” key.

Step 11. If there are words asking you to input the pair code, you do it.

Step 12. Now input the words “C:\Program Files (x86)\android-sdk\platform-tools” to change the directory of the Android SDK tool.

Step 13. Then you can feel free to install any Android apps on your Windows phone, as long as you do like this: inputting the words “adb install (plus the name of the app you want to install)” and then press on the “ENTER” key.

Ten nice Android apps for you

App 1. Piktures

The PiKtures helps the user organizing their pictures by classifying and placing them into different folders. By doing this, you can find them with ease. Another advantage of this tool is that it can help you load the pictures quickly so that you can save a lot of time when you want to find some specific ones out of the whole gallery.


App 2. Unclouded

Now the Cloud service is getting its day. So do you find that the Cloud contains many useless files like the duplicate files. To remove those useless files, we have the Unclouded. The Unclouded is a wonderful tool because it is compatible with both the Dropbox and Google Drive.


App 3. Liveboot

The Liveboot is really a cool app for phone users. It makes the users like a boss because it shows some summaries of the operations on your mobile phone.


App 4. Archon packager

With the Archon packager, you can run all the Windows phone’s apps on the Google Chrome browser of your computer. The cool thing is that you can simply play phone games on your computer.


App 5. YouTube Creator Studio

The YouTube Creator Studio is released by YouTube, which is an official application. With this tool on the mobile phone, you can easily manage the channel on YouTube, including seeing the important statistics and updating the channel. And you will like its intuitive interface.


App 6. Cram

The Cram is a tool that can help you compress the photos on your phone. By doing this, your phone can get more storage space, but the quality of the photos will never be damaged. Anyway, you can have a try on it. And soon, you will feel amazing since the Cram is such a wonderful app.


App 7. Heads up!

It may sound amazing because of the Heads up! can help you hide the status bar so that you can enjoy the video things with fully fun. Another side, you can also make it send the notification to you when the full screen as a banner so that you won’t miss any important event. It is up to your choice.

Heads up!

App 8. Omni swipe

The Omni swipe offers you a cool menu for all the apps on your mobile phone, with which you can save much time to find them one by one. It is especially convenient when you have a batch of apps on your mobile phone. Besides, you can also make some settings with the help of this tool. And don’t forget the switches on the panel.

Omni Swipe

App 9. Frontback

It must sound good to have you and your friends in the same picture. But what to do if you have to be the one who takes the photo for the rest? Then, the Frontback can solve the problem for you with ease. With the Frontback, you can use both the front camera and back camera at the same time and then split the photos together. Such photos may seem much more interesting than the usual photos. Just try it!


App 10. Shuttle Music Player

The Shuttle is a wonderful music player. You can easily change the theme and the wallpaper to the ones that you like. But the biggest advantage of this tool is the excellent audios and the large database.

Shuttle Music Player