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How to Prepare iPhone for Resale – Erase iPhone Completely

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For many reasons you will need to erase all your iPhone data completely, for example, you want to give your iPhone to family, switch to use a new Samsung, etc. However, before selling your iPhone, you’d better erase all files on your iPhone first since these files contain so many personal and important information. In the following article, I will show you how to backup all files on your iPhone and then empty iPhone files completely.

Preparation 1: Methods to Backup iPhone data

After a long time’s using, you must have saved huge numbers of personal and important information on your iPhone. However, it is not so easy to find a safe and professional method. In this part, I will show you two methods to complete the task, both of which is very effective. Please choose either one according to your preference.

Method 1. If you just want to switch to a new iPhone, you can backup iPhone files to your iCloud or iTunes. It is quite easy to complete the task in just one click. Then in the future, you can recover these files to your new iPhone directly from your iTunes or iCloud.

Method 2. If you just want to try a different system and get a new Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy S9, you’re not suggested to backup iPhone files to your iTunes or iCloud. Since it is not convenient to recover files from iTunes or iCloud to the Android phone, you’d better make the backup to your computer or other external storage devices.

I recommend you try the professional third-party tool – iMyfone iTransor (formerly name: D-Port Pro), which can backup part or all iPhone files in just one click. Want to transfer files directly from iPhone to your Android phone? You can also turn to iMyfone D-Port for help since it enables you to transfer files between Android phones, iPhone and Symbian phones easily.

Here we provide you a free trial version of the program. Please download either Windows version or Mac version according to the system of your computer.

Download iMyfone iTransor

Preparation 2: Methods to Erase all iPhone Data Completely

As an iPhone user, you may save many important files such as photos, messages, bank accounts, contacts and more to your iPhone. Thus once you decide to switch to a new phone, you are suggested to erase all data on your iPhone to avoid leaking personal info. Here are two methods for you to complete the task easily.

Method 1. If you want to empty all data on your iPhone without a third party tool, you can do this: firstly please turn to Settings, then choose General and then Reset. Here you will see an icon Erase All Content and Settings. Just click it to make your iPhone a new one.

Method 2. To erase all iPhone data completely, you can also turn to a third party tool for help. Here I recommend you a powerful iMyfone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser, which can help you empty all data on your iPhone completely. Thus you can rest your heart to sell your iPhone since you cannot recover deleted files even with a recovery tool.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Eraser All Data
Here is the free trial version for you to have a try.

Download iMyfone Umate Pro

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