How to Make Money on Steam Effortlessly

If you wonder how to make money on Steam, you are reading the correct article. We have composed this article after doing a substantial amount of research on Steam. So, if you are a gaming designer, developer, coder, or even a video game player, this information would be precious. In other words, this article emphasizes the different ways to earn money using Steam.

What exactly is Steam?

Steam is considered to be the most wide-spread platform that is dedicated to the digital distribution of video games. As per the statistics, about 18% of all the PC-based games are sold through this platform. Currently, it has over 150 million gaming, enthusiastic users. So far, Steam has sold games worth over $4.3 billion for these users. That surely explains the popularity of Steam.

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how to make money on Steam

So, how to make money on Steam?

With that said, let’s get into the real question, how to make money on Steam? Basically, two primary platforms allow you to make money on Steam. To earn revenue using this platform, you can buy or sell items using the platform called ‘Steam Market.’ If not, you can create a game using ‘Steam Direct‘ and then try selling it.

When it comes to Steam Market, it works as a platform that allows to trade items. These items can be earned by playing games. For instance, you can trade cards and in-game items. Nevertheless, what you earn will be directed to Steam Wallet. In that case, you cannot withdraw these earnings to your bank account.

However, when it comes to Steam Direct, it is a process of releasing the games you have created. With this process, of course, you have a greater potential of earning a significant profit. But, in return, you will have to work hard and spend hours developing games.

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How to trade and sell items on the Steam Market platform

The most convenient way to make money using Steam is to try the Steam Market. To make money, you will have to save the trading cards and the items that are earned during games. These items can be earned with each game you play. After that, you will be able to sell these items on Steam Market. Once you earn, the earnings will be directly sent to the Steam Wallet.

How to trade and sell items on the Steam Market platform

It is true that you cannot transfer the earnings to your bank account. However, you can utilize these earnings on the Steam Wallet to purchase games on Steam Market. If not, you can even buy more items using the same.

For those who wonder how to make money on Steam, you should start saving the trading cards. You can expect up to three cards per each game. Some of the cards have the value of a couple of cents. However, other cards may worth about a couple of dollars.

You can even earn these cards automatically. However, the number of cards you will earn will depend on the time you have to spend on the game. For instance, you will be able to grab your first card after playing the game for about 15 minutes. The second card will be in your wallet within about 2 hours.

Besides, there are some games that comprise of in-game items. These items can be traded and sold within the Steam Market platform. Highly popular games like PUBG and CS GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) comprise of valuable items, for instance. The items in these games have a greater demand so you will be able to get more money.

After grabbing enough number of items, you will be able to visit Steam Market. Then, you can list the items you have already grabbed for sale. When it comes to the sale, it takes place automatically whenever a different user performs an action to purchase.

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How to distribute and original game through the Steam Direct platform?

How to distribute and original game through the Steam Direct platform?

The previous method doesn’t earn you real money. However, if you want to earn that type of real money, you can use the Steam Direct platform. The only method you can use to make real money on this platform is by making original games. You can create an original game on Steam Direct and get paid. The payment you get will be based on the number of sales your game makes. It also comprises of in-game purchases.

In fact, it is more of an investment to distribute a game on Steam Direct. That means you will have to invest your time, knowledge, and energy to make a game from scratch. Then, to add the game into Steam, you will have to spend another $100.

There is a set of rules and regulations to distribute a game through Steam. However, the rules have recently changed. In general, the rules are pretty strict when it comes to the content of the game. Nevertheless, if you can create a game that can be enjoyed by users, you have the potential of earning.

On the flip side, Steam takes a substantial cut of the sales you generate using Steam Direct. They actually take a 30% commission over the total amount of revenue you generate through these games. For instance, assume that you sell 500 copies of a game (at a price of $2 per copy). The total revenue for sales would be $1000. However, your ‘take-home‘ money would be $700 (after their 30% cut).

There are some tips to consider if you expect to increase the chances of making good money on Steam. For instance, your game must be ‘fun to play‘ game if you expect good revenue from it.

In fact, the distance your game goes depends on the feedback left by the other players. If they leave loads of positive feedbacks, the popularity of the game will skyrocket. Then, more people will play your game, generating more revenue for you. However, if the majority of reviews are negative, things would be not that pleasant for you.

To get your game noticed by the users, there are some tricks to follow. One of the key steps to that is having impressive screenshots of your gameplay. The screenshots should be convincing and must be able to create a strong impression of your game. Then, users will be curious about it and want to have a look at the real game.

In addition to that, it is essential to integrate some of Steam’s features into the game. For instance, you can add Steam achievements as well as trading cards in your game. Also, you may engage with the players on the platform and use the Community Hub to popularize your game.

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Other ways to make money using Steam

Mentioned above are the two main methods you can consider to make money on Steam. However, that’s not all; there are some other ways to make money based on Steam.

Highly skilled game designers and coders can provide their service to game developers who work independently. In fact, there are plenty of developers looking to release their games on this platform.

In certain cases, developers tend to hire freelancing gaming developers, coders, and designers to get some work done. These opportunities can be found if you actively engage in their discussion forums regularly.

In addition to developers, there are gaming enthusiasts who are willing to outsource artworks. They are ready to spend money if you can create beautiful artworks for their profile pictures. Moreover, you can create graphics for their in-game content if you are talented enough.

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The bottom-line of how to make money on Steam

The first thing you should realize is that Steam Market doesn’t earn you real money. When the items are sold in Steam Market, you will get the earnings in Steam Wallet. Your Steam Wallet can be used to purchase aspects like games and other items. Nevertheless, these earnings cannot be withdrawn to a real bank account.

So, the only option you have to make money on Steam is selling games that are developed by you. This should be done using Steam Direct platform. If you are going to create a game, however, make sure you adhere to their guidelines as well. Otherwise, if you create an inappropriate game, it will not be accepted by Steam. In that case, your efforts will be in vain.

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Well, that’s how to make money on Steam. Hopefully, you can make some money using this platform. Good luck!