How to Locate the Serial Number of Your iPhone

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Technology has become an inseparable part of our daily life. All the electronic devices, from a mobile phone to a normal DVD player, are embedded with a unique serial number. The serial number is produced to prevent and reduce theft. The serial number is the essential key if you want to get some crucial information out of your phone such as warranty protection. So if you are an iPhone user, it is vital for you to know where you can find your serial number. We will show you four simple methods to find out the serial number on your iPhone.

Method 1. Use iTunes to locate your iPhone Serial Number

iTunes is a program closely related to iPhone. If you are a new user and still don’t know what iTunes is, we can tell you that it is a build-in program that enables you to get apps and music downloaded. iTunes will find out the serial number automatically to make sure you are using the proper device.

Follow the steps below to find your serial number with iTunes:
1. Run iTunes on your computer.
2. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer.
3. When the program is launched successfully and shows its main interface, click the button Devices on the menu panel.
4. Hit the button Summary and you will see the serial number of your iPhone on the interface.

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Method 2. Get the iPhone serial number directly from the device itself

If you are not able to find the serial number with iTunes, we still have other choices for you. One even more simple way is to use your own iPhone. Click Settings on your iPhone, you will see a lot of choices on the secondary menu. Hit the option General and then go with About. Thus, you can see your serial number on the interface.

Method 3. Get your iPhone Serial number from the receipt

If you are still troubled by the finding serial number methods above or your iPhone is stolen, then we can still offer you two other methods to solve this problem. When user gets iPhone from a formal retailer, usually they will receive a receipt. The receipts are often of the same formality. So finding the serial number won’t be a problem. Locate the description of the item on the receipt. You will find Serial Number either on the same line or the line below.

Method 4. Locate your iPhone Serial number from Email

If you have registered your email address to the Apple Retail Store after you but an iPhone, then you would get an email with the information of your iPhone serial number in it.

You may get to see the word “UDID” after downloading some apps or security programs on your iPhone. It is some kind of transformation of your serial number. You can download a helpful app named “Ad Hoc Helper” and email the UDID to yourself. After you open the app, the mail app will open itself containing the serial number. You can send that directly to yourself.

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