How to Download Twitch VODs for free on MAC via Twitch VOD Downloader

Twitch is the most well-known gaming site with many excellent gaming streamers. It is the perfect destination for all the people who love gaming. Almost every gamer knows Twitch, but you might not know how to download Twitch videos and VODs. There are multiple professional Twitch VOD Downloader for mac tools with which you can download Twitch VODs and videos easily.

Downloaded VODs will help you to watch the videos without any boring advertisements or breaks. You can view the downloaded video various times without the stress of internet usage. If you want to learn how to download Twitch VODs, stay tuned, and read the full article. We have prepared a list of 4 methods to guide you to download Twitch VODs.

In addition to the methods for downloading VODs and videos, we have also dedicated a section to educate you about Twitch in brief.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Part 1: Easy method to download Twitch VODs and videos

The most recommended downloader to download Twitch videos offline is the iTube Studio Twitch Video Downloader. This downloader is available for MAC operating system. The iTube Studio allows you to download Twitch VODs and watch them offline at your comfort. This video downloader supports more than 10000 video-sharing websites, including Vevo, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and Metacafe. The iTube Studio Twitch Video Downloader supports rtmps, rtmr, rtmpt, and downloading of YouTube 4K ultra HD videos. This amazing downloader provides 3x faster speed for downloading videos, and you can pause or stop the download process any time you want.

Features of iTube Studio Twitch Video Downloader

  • Just one-click download music and videos online from more than 10,000 websites
  • Conversion of 153 media file formats, including formats for iPods, iPads, Windows and Android phones, XBOX 360, and iPhones
  • Offers the facility to download videos in a batch as well as schedule videos for batch downloads later
  • In-built media player to watch various gaming streams in many formats
  • Recording of videos of any website that says, ‘unable to download video websites,’ which include Netflix, Hulu, and other websites
  • A Private Mode to secure your video downloading process by a password that is only known to you
  • Heavy videos and files download in a bunch from various websites, such as Twitch, YouTube, and other popular sites at a high speed
  • One-click MP3 songs download from various music websites, including YouTube

Get iTube for Mac

These are some of the features of the iTube Twitch Video Downloader. Due to its versatility and performance, it is considered the best video downloader to download Twitch VODs.

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How to download Twitch VODs for Mac with iTube

Downloading Twitch VODs with the help of the iTube Twitch Video downloader is very easy and convenient. This video downloader lets you download videos in just one click. Here are a few steps to download Twitch VODs.

1. Download the iTube Studio Twitch Video Downloader

twitch vod downloader - iTube

To download any videos from Twitch, you have to download and install the iTube Studio Twitch Video Downloader. As soon as you download this program, launch it, and you will be automatically directed to the home page of the video downloader. You will notice three ways to download online videos.

2. Begin the download process

Method 1: By copying the URL

The very first method is to copy the URL of the video that you wish to download and paste the same URL into the downloader homepage. You have to paste the URL into the ‘Paste URL‘ section. After you paste the URL, the download process will begin shortly.

Another way to use the URL method is by the drag and drop process. You can drag the URL of the video and drop it into the same section. This process is also easy and convenient.

Method 2: With the use of built-in browser

The next method is to download Twitch VODs with the help of the in-built browser of the video downloader. Start the process by clicking on the ‘Online video‘ tab. This option can be seen on the top section of the home page.

In the built-in browser, you will notice an address section where you have to paste the link of the video URL that you want to download and tap on Enter. This will enable the video to play; you need to move the cursor to the download option. Tap on the ‘Download’ option, and your video will begin to download. There is an option to select the quality of video that you wish to watch your videos in.

Twitch Vods Downloader
Method 3: Using an extension

Whenever you play any Twitch video, a ‘Download‘ button will be visible at the top left corner of the home page. As soon as you click on the ‘Download’ option, a drop-down list will open. You have to choose the video quality according to your convenience. The video downloader will begin the download process after you choose the video quality.

3. Conversion of downloaded videos from Twitch to a different format

how to download twitch VODs with iTube

If you wish to transmit your downloaded videos to your devices, you will be required to convert the videos into another format. To perform the process of conversion, head to the ‘Downloaded’ section and choose the video. Then, click on the ‘Add to Convert List’ to move the video to the list of the Convert menu.

Head to the ‘Convert‘ menu and choose the ‘Convert’ button. A dialog box will appear that asks you to choose any format you wish to convert the video into. You can also select the device’s name for the output format.

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Part 2: How to download Twitch VODs and videos with Video Downloadhelper

twitch vod downloader - Video DownloadHelper

Video Downloadhelper was created to grab audio, images, and videos from various websites. Therefore, it is a web content extraction tool. It is usually available as a browser extension and directly functions with your browser. Video Downloadhelper is compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome.

Features of Video Downloadhelper

  • The size is small
  • Supports various sites, such as Dailymotion, Twitch, and YouTube
  • Convenient to use
  • Detects downloadable files automatically

Pros of Video Downloadhelper

  • An easy and simple extension
  • Supports major websites

Cons of Video Downloadhelper

  • Not compatible with Internet Explorer
  • Videos can’t be edited or converted

Part 3: Learn to save old broadcasts with Twitch Leecher

Twitch Leecher is specifically created for downloading Twitch videos. It has a user-friendly interface, and it supports the download of Twitch VODs. We have prepared a quick and easy guide to save old broadcasts with Twitch Leecher.

Steps to save old broadcasts with Twitch Leecher

1) Download and install the Twitch Leecher on your desktop

twitch vod downloader - Twitch Leecher

2) After the installation process, launch the program and select the ‘Search’ option on the top of the home page. Head to Twitch and select the URL of the VOD to copy it

3) In this step, head back to Twitch Leecher and select the URLs tab. Paste the copied VOD URL and tap on the ‘Search’ option. The video that you chose will display. Click on the ‘Download’ option

4) The next window will ask you to select the video quality of the video and the output path. A unique feature in Twitch Leecher permits you to crop the videos before you begin the download process. After you make all the adjustments according to your convenience, select the ‘Download’ option

5) Your VOD will be downloaded and stored on your desktop

Part 4: An online method to download Twitch VODs and videos

The last method to download videos from Twitch is with the help of an online download site. Many online websites offer the download of videos, but the most reliable one is Zamzar. This website is popular because of a built-in converter that allows you to convert your videos on the site before beginning the download process.

Pros of online download sites

  • No requirement of downloading a software
  • Option to convert the videos

Cons of online download sites

  • The work on the website might become slow sometimes
  • Does not support high-definition video downloads

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Part 5: Know More about Twitch Videos & Twitch VOD Downloader

Twitch or was introduced to the public around June 2011. Twitch is a platform created for content related to video gaming, E-sports tournaments, individual streams of users, and talk shows related to gaming. The main focus of Twitch is to give a live commentary of the game rather than giving instructions on how to play a certain game. Twitch has become the most popular gaming website that has engaged many users across the world. It was considered as the biggest video gaming broadcast chain across the globe after its launch. The content of the Twitch website can be watched on-demand or live.

Twitch also offers music-related content. It streamed a show of Video Games Live from the place called ‘San Diego’ and broadcasted a Live show of dance act Steve Aoki in Ibiza around July 2014. Twitch created a category of music stream around January 2015. This category includes radio shows and production activities. Twitch announced the collaboration with Ultra Music Festival as its live streaming partner. Ultra Music Festival takes place in Miami.

With all this information, we can definitely say that Twitch has become the perfect spot for all the gaming communities across the world. Gaming streamers from different countries and regions showcase their gaming skills on the live stream and thus, create an identity for themselves. People who watch the live stream can tip their favorite streamers with a certain sum of money.

The Bottom Line

So, with all the methods and information about Twitch, we come to the end of this article. The primary focus of the article was to educate you about the various methods to download Twitch VODs or videos. Every part of the article has been simplified into various steps to give you a better picture of the whole process. We hope that you are clear with every method that is mentioned in the article. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to drop them in the comment box. We will reply to your doubts as soon as possible.