How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes Library Simply

Why Need to Know How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes Library?

We should confront it when it refers to mobile storage we don’t have too many alternatives to deal with the iPhone. Since the iPhone is designed without expansive storage capacity, every megabyte plays a significant role in the iPhone. In particular, for the model of 16 GB, the lack of storage capacity brings about a lot of problems, such as being chock-full of duplicate files, sluggish operation rate and so on. Not only riding these duplicate items from the mobile library makes trouble for you, and there are also many disadvantages of removing it manually. That’s why it is very important to get to know how to delete duplicates in iTunes library to free up more space.

Drawbacks of deleting duplicates in iTunes library manually:

  • Squander too much precious time of you, as you have got to pick out the songs by hand cautiously, skim through the library and eliminate all of them.
  • Apart from that, these duplicate songs that you are going to remove from your mobile phone will still be stored as the backup in your iTunes library. It is the major factor that causes the unnecessary wastage of storage capacity.
  • The duplicate songs occupy a lot of storage capacity of the Apple mobile phone and that is what we wanna do our best to avoid.

To avoid such a lot of troubles here is a brand-new system for the clients, with which you can analyze your library and delete the duplicate songs all automatically.

iMusic – Move and administer your sophisticated data from your iOS Device


  • Makes an analysis of your music library and wipes up the extra duplicates just by one clicking.
  • Move your private data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod and make the crucial data intact back into your iTunes.
  • If you own another Android device, you can sync and move the iTunes library to the Android device quickly and smoothly.
  • You can upload your latest directory to the iTunes at any time as you like and delete the extra duplicates very easily.
  • You can download and make a record of music when surfing the Internet.
  • Be compatible with all the Apple devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone and MacBook.

Download iMusic

You can follow the instructions below to get how to delete duplicates in iTunes library.

Step 1: Download & start the software iMusic. And then click “Toolbox” -> “Clean up iTunes library”.

Step 2: After you finished the above step, a new window will pop up. Now you need to click the option of “Scan“. By the time your library has been analyzed, iMusic would demonstrate you a catalog of details. This will contain tracks without taps, tracks without covers, iTunes which is with no tracks and duplicate tracks.


Step 3: What you should do is only to click on the “Fix” to delete the duplicate songs.


Step 4: After the above step, one new window will pop up. And you should click the option of “Delete duplicate songs” on the left. And then click on “Delete Duplicates” tag and presto! Duplicate extras have been gone! And by this means, you will own a free-duplicate iTunes library. Have fun in shuffling.


Get iMusic


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