Top 3 Handbrake Alternatives for Windows and Mac

Converting videos can be useful if you want to burn them to a DVD, upload them to the internet, or make them part of a presentation. Especially if you’re uploading a video to a website that only accepts certain formats. Handbrake is a common piece of software that people turn to when converting videos. It provides you with the capability to convert the format of a video to either MKV and MP4. As fantastic as this program is, there are a few things missing from it. Some of these features are crucial for users who want to convert videos which is why they start to consider a Handbrake alternative.

About Handbrake Video Converter

Handbrake is a good program; there’s no denying that. Not only is it open source, but it’s free to use and compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. When converting a video with Handbrake, you can convert it for a specific device. Here are some other features:

  • Add multiple videos to the conversion queue
  • Convert videos of any format to either MP4 or MKV
  • Hundreds of device preset so that videos can be converted for a device optimally
  • Live video preview before converting
  • Add subtitles and chapters to videos when converting

This is just a taste of what you can expect from Handbrake. But, there are also a few downsides that you’ll want to make a note of.

Downsides of Using Handbrake

  • Users are only able to convert videos to MP4 or MKV format, nothing else
  • Handbrake isn’t able to convert videos that have copyright protection
  • The program is relatively outdated and therefore has a few bugs

Thankfully if these downsides turn you off of Handbrake, we’ve got a couple of other options. Below are some of the best Handbrake alternatives worth your time.

Part 1. Handbrake Alternatives for Windows

First, we’re going to be focussing on the alternative options if you have a Windows computer.

#1 – Wondershare UniConverter

Converting videos is handled best by Wondershare UniConverter, the best Handbrake alternative you can get your hands on. This list of features is far more impressive than any other converter, check it out for yourself below!

  • Quickly convert videos to hundreds of other formats, such as convert M2TS to MKV
  • Edit your videos after converting them by using features that include cropping, subtitles, watermarks, and much more
  • Wondershare ISO to MP4 Converter can also be used to download videos from platforms such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and hundreds of other sites
  • Includes preset that allow you to convert videos so that they are suitable for a specific device (e.g., DVD or iMovie)
  • Compatible with all Windows and Mac versions
  • Convert videos to a suitable format before burning them to a DVD
  • Capable of converting videos that have copyright protection on them
  • For online videos that you can’t download, you can use the built-in recording feature instead
  • High-quality conversions every time – the video quality and audio quality won’t disappoint and will be the same after converting
  • Free to use!

This is everything you want from a Handbrake alternative, and a lot more. Wondershare UniConverter is undoubtedly our favorite alternative program for converting videos.

Download UniConverter

#2 – Pavtube Video Converter

You can also consider using Pavtube which is also a big step up from Handbrake. It is able to convert videos of all formats to virtually any other format and is also suitable for converting videos with copyright protection.

handbrake alternative - Pavtube Video Converter

It is similar to Wondershare UniConverter in the sense that you can also edit your videos with it. Windows and Mac users can use Pavtube as a Handbrake alternative, and here’s some more of the features they’ll get to access with it:

  • Convert video files up to 10-times faster than Handbrake can
  • Equipped with editing features too (easily crop, trim, add or edit subtitles, and convert videos using one tool)
  • Suitable for converting videos of any format to virtually any other format
  • Includes preset to convert videos that are compatible with certain devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.)
  • Can extract the audio track from a video file and convert it to an audio file
  • Merge multiple videos into a single converted file
  • A free trial is available (for full access you must purchase the $35 version)

The only catch is that for complete access to Pavtube you have to pay $35. Setting aside this one-time fee, Pavtube is a video converter that has a lot to offer. Check out the free version for yourself, try out some of its features, and if it’s what you’ve been looking for then purchase the full version.

On the other hand, if this isn’t the Handbrake alternative that you were expecting, we’ve got one more option for you.

#3 – WinX DVD Ripper

A final program to look at for Windows users is WinX DVD Ripper, which is slightly different from the other alternatives above. This program is developed for “ripping” videos onto a DVD disc. However, you can also use it for converting videos to a different video format.

handbrake alternative - WinX DVD Ripper

With WinX your videos can convert to over 340 video formats. Unlike the other converters though, you won’t be able to download videos from YouTube or record your monitor.

  • Supports converting to 340+ different video formats
  • Take a backup of the videos that are on a DVD disc
  • Recover videos from damaged DVD discs
  • Duplicate DVDs to another disc, even copyright protected discs
  • Make simple edits to your videos, including merging and combining videos

If your only hope is to find an alternative to Handbrake, WinX DVD Ripper is good enough. But if you want more out of your video converter, you might want to consider Wondershare UniConverter or PavTube instead.

How to Use Wondershare UniConverter

Our preferred Handbrake alternative is Wondershare UniConverter. If this is the converter you decide to use, then follow the steps below – we’ll help you get started with this fantastic program.

Step #1 – Download Wondershare UniConverter on your computer and follow the installation instructions.

Step #2 – Open the program after installation. From the menu at the top of the interface, click “Convert”.

handbrake alternative - UniConverter

Step #3 – Press “Add Files” and using the window that appears, locate the video that you want to convert. Select the video and click “Open”.

Note: to convert a DVD video, click on “Local DVD” and select it this way instead.

Step #4 – To convert more than one video, add all of them before clicking the “Convert All” button at the bottom-right of the interface.

Note: to combine your videos into a single file, enable the “Merge All Videos” slider.

Step #5 – Choose a video format that you want to convert your video(s) to and click “Convert” once again.

Step #6 – UniConverter will now begin the converting process. This should only take a few minutes, but for bigger video files, it’ll take longer.

Step #7 – After the video has been converted you can view it by clicking the “Converted” tab.

This is a very easy program to use, and you can access the other features from the menu at the top. Whether you want to merge multiple videos into one, download your favourite YouTube videos, or burn your videos onto a DVD, Wondershare UniConverter is the tool you need.

Part 2. Handbrake Alternatives for Mac

If by chance you have a Mac computer, there are some Handbrake alternatives available for you too!

#1 – Wondershare UniConverter

Just like Windows users, Mac users can use Wondershare UniConverter. You get access to the same features as the Windows versions – edit your videos, convert them to a different format, and download videos from hundreds of websites.

When you use either the Windows or Mac versions, you’ll also have access to the toolbox. This feature includes:

  • Adding or changing the metadata of a video file
  • Create GIFs using the built-in GIF Maker
  • Stream your videos from the computer to a TV (your TV must support casting)
  • Compress video files so that they have smaller file sizes
  • Record your computer’s display

Alongside the video conversion and editing features, Wondershare UniConverter presents you with all of these toolbox features too. Make sure you use the free trial – you won’t regret it!

Download UniConverter

#2 – Xilisoft Video Converter

One of the other Handbrake alternatives Mac users can use is Xilisoft Video Converter. In comparison to other programs, the main benefit of this software is that it is optimized to perform well.

handbrake alternative - Xilisoft Video Converter
  • Uses GPU acceleration to process video conversions incredibly fast (5x faster than other solutions)
  • Convert video and audio files to various formats
  • Available for both Windows and Mac computers
  • Convert videos of HD quality to 1080p or even 4K quality
  • Convert videos using presets for iOS and Android devices
  • Edit videos by adding watermarks, subtitles, and merging them together
  • Free version available, but the full version is $59.95

The performance aspect is a blessing. Converting videos can often take hours and programs usually utilise the computer’s CPU. Xilisoft Video Convert uses your GPU providing a much swifter process. It’s a very easy program to use so don’t worry about any confusing features either.

#3 – MacX DVD Ripper

Last on the list is MacX DVD Ripper. This solution includes many of the features that the rest of the Handbrake alternatives on this list have, but is another program which is mostly used for burning DVDs.

After you install it, you can backup your DVDs in case you damage them, import videos to your iTunes library, crop unnecessary parts out, and edit subtitles. Here’s what else it comes with:

  • Basic editing features like cropping and watermark removal
  • Copy DVD videos so that you have a backup in case the DVD is damaged
  • Import videos that are M4V format to your iTunes library
  • Convert GIFs (animations) to video files
  • Merge multiple files into a single video
  • Adjust a video’s quality prior to converting it so that it fills less storage

Being able to reduce a video’s file size is great for anyone who has limited storage space. But if storage isn’t an issue and you want to retain the high-quality, leave it as is.

To Conclude for Handbrake Alternative

As you might guess, Wondershare UniConverter is the software which we believe to be the best Handbrake alternative. All Windows and Mac users can enjoy the features of this program; it has plenty of capabilities and is simply easy to use.

But let’s not disregard the other programs on this list – they have lots of features too. Hopefully, you can use our breakdown of each converter to find the best for you. As long as you find one that you find easy to use and doesn’t break the bank, you’re good to go!