Best Hamachi Alternatives; Top Programs Like Hamachi in 2021

Nothing says more fun than playing a multiplayer game online with your friends. The deathmatch just simply taking down the other team with friendly fires and team skills. Having all of your friends playing the game at the same time trash-talking each other is a lot of fun. For a perfect LAN Party, you need a program that can withstand the long hours of gaming without any intrusion. Hamachi creates a virtual LAN connection to emulate the classic LAN connection using your internet. In this article, we are going through what makes Hamachi so good? And what are some of the most hamachi alternatives that you should be using other than Hamachi?

So what exactly is it Hamachi? When it comes to a virtual private network, you can find tons of them online. They will all have a different set of features with a price point that matches the app. Hamachi is one of the virtual private network applications available in the market. It is popular amongst many users who create virtual local area networks. The user base who creates a virtual local area network is large; they often play games or share data files with friends. There are plenty of massively multiplayer games in the market that require programs like these to function. Hamachi has been the most popular amongst gamers for a long time.

There is a reason why hamachi users have been looking for hamachi alternatives on the internet. Because Hamachi has its own share of problems, one of the most important ones is that the VPN can only connect up to 5 clients at most. That number 5 includes the host. There are many issues that gamers are facing using this program, such as lag and latency spikes. Here is the article you will find many programs like Hamachi in the market that offer more value than any other.

Top 16 Best Hamachi Alternatives in 2021

All of the programs listed below are different from one another in the matter of features and reliability. So make sure to read everything about them before you pick the right hamachi alternatives for your online gaming experience.

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Programs Like Hamachi 1. NetOverNet


This program is a basic virtual private network software, which provides more service than your average LAN gaming program. Some of the features are that you can connect to different devices under the same private network. All the devices that are connected to the network will get their own passwords. Here you play huge multiplayer matches and share files between the computer, even if you are far away.

This program also features the remote capability, where you can control the home computer from another device if you can’t access the computer. There is a pricing model for this program; if you choose to go with the Free Plan, then your connectors will be limited to only 3. The number includes the hose. So you can only game with two players at a time. If you want to have more on your team, then you have to get a premium package.

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Programs Like Hamachi 2. GameRanger


When it comes to finding the right hamachi alternatives, you can always pick GamerRanger to give you the thing that you need to be better at gaming. With GameRanger, you will get security and stability on the network. The best thing about this app that it doesn’t use drivers to create the virtual LAN connection; it does it via its client. And the outcomes of this are low pings and high security.

Let’s go through the opposite side of the coin of this program. One of them is the list of supported games, which is very limited with this software, and the second problem being that it offers fewer features compared to the hamachi alternatives. If you play a game that is supported by Game Ranger, then you can choose these hamachi alternatives over Hamachi.

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Programs Like Hamachi 3. RADMIN


The user friendly of this software is one to go for, that is why many gamers find RADMIN to be their choice for LAN gaming. It provides secure VPN encryption. For the people who want more security on their network connection won’t be disappointed here. Like many other tools, you won’t get any restriction here. The number of connectors for this app is a lot. The speed you will get with this app is good. You will get 100Mbps of stable connection for smoother gameplay or file sharting, whatever you want to do can be done with this software. There is a downside to this app; it only supports the Windows 10, you can’t even use the older version of the windows to run the app.

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Programs Like Hamachi 4. DynVPN


It is an online platform that you can use to create a virtual private system based on your own settings. The only goal is to make it easier for everyone. As everything else with this hamachi alternative is easier. When you launch the app, you will see the account details, log activity, and general on the left tab. But on your right, you will see the private systems.DynVPN can be used without adjusting anything on your system.

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Programs Like Hamachi 5. Evolve


This also a program like Hamachi, if you are looking for a program that carries more features than just giving you the Virtual LAN gaming, then pick Evolve. It supports all the popular LAN games; with this, you will also get party mode and matchmakings. The interface that you get with the program is seamless, as you would have no trouble figuring out the different functions that it carries within. If you want to live stream your game, then Evolve supports that as well. The price of Evolve is free, but for a party, it’s going to cost you $4.00 a month.

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6. SoftEther


When it comes to having software that supports all the operating systems. SoftEther is one of them. You will see any platform restriction from this app, as this program Like Hamachi supports all the operating systems. The design of the program is quite good; it also provides good security on networking. SoftEther executes SSL-VPN-tunneling on all the HTTPS that passes through the firewalls. When it comes to the privacy of the network and the data inside of it, SoftEther is one of the best in the market. The software is free to use and doesn’t have any restrictions on the users.

On the downside, you have to have some sort of technical background to function the software as you want. If you don’t have any technical backgrounds, then you can always use tutorials online to pick up a deeper understanding of the software.

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7. Wippien


One of the best things about this hamachi alternative is the size that it comes in with. The size of this program will be around 2 Megabyte. For a mere 2MB, you will have your free LAN app service for your entire team. The program is open-source, so it’s available on many platforms. After installation, you can add users to your list; then, you can use a p2p network connection to create a virtual local network for your entire team. In order to use Wippien, you have to create an account to begin the process. If you have a different email id besides Jabber and Gmail, the app will not work for you. That is the only downside of this program like Hamachi.

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8. UltraVPN


First thing first, UltraVPN is a free server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. UltraVPN successfully encrypts your network connection. If you want total anonymity, then you can’t go wrong with UltraVPN. By encrypting your network connection, it makes it harder for anyone else to see it. This will permit you to run a blocked application on your system. The interface of this app is simple and easier to get into. All you have to do is enter the client and its address. It is a lightweight application. The traffic quota here is unlimited.

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This hamachi alternative was made by just a single developer, for a program that is developed by a single developer, it does the job done quite well. The interface is simple, with no unnecessary details covering half of the screen. The program is open source, as it was made with Java. It is free to use, but the developer behind the program left for other things. if you find any bug, then there is no way to fix it for the better. That’s only when, but you can try it now, as it is free to download, and it supports multiple platforms.

10. ZeroTier

Hamachi Alternatives - ZeroTier

This is one of the best programs like Hamachi, but there is less restriction on the app. When it comes to platform-ability of this app, it shatters all the competitors by having both Android and iOS versions of it. With a VPN, you will also be able to get an SDN. The community of ZeroTier is huge, and if you ever get stuck with your app or stuck in the LAN party, then you can always look towards the community to help you out. With all of that, you will get a low ping.

There is a free version of that, but it comes with a lot of restrictions, the other two offerings are basic and professional. The basic plan will cost you $29 per month, while the professional plan will cost you around $100 per month. So pick the plan that you think is suitable for you.

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Programs Like Hamachi 11. Port forwarding

Port forwarding

This will be a great hamachi alternative, but it is also the most complicated method that you have to go through to set up a virtual LAN. You are basically on your own if you choose this method. On the positive side, you don’t have to use any third-party apps to set a VPN. The settings that get used in port forwarding are different from one router to another. You can’t use the same setting on the other routers.

It is basically free, but the price you pay is when you set up this action. You will have to create a whole new set up for each game by yourself. But if you manage to come out on the other side as victorious, then you are going to get faster speed and support for unlimited use at the same time. You can watch plenty of tutorials and guides available online to do it; you need to have some sort of technical background to pull it off. Otherwise, this kind of task will seem to be a little bit difficult.

12. Remobo

Hamachi Alternatives - Remobo

Besides having a catchy name for a VPN service, it can create an instant private network between users in minutes. When it comes to the handling of the program, anybody can do it without any technical background on these tech programs. It is easier to add users and vice versa. If you have no technical background whatsoever, then you won’t find it any challenging. When it comes to security, you just need to follow some instructions, as the program will automatically configure itself aligned with your system settings.

But you need to register first, by giving out your details about your username and password. This software has a better record of providing good ping time. All of these reasons make Remobo one of the best hamachi alternatives to go for. It doesn’t matter if you want to share some files with your friends online or have good old fashion gaming sessions with your friends. You can choose the Remobo to provide the best experience.

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Programs Like Hamachi 13. FREELAN

Hamachi Alternatives - FREELAN

Here is another program like Hamachi to create a LAN party with a VPN. As you might have guessed from the name, it is free, open-source, and it is available on windows. Linux, and Mac. Here the user will get to customize different types of networks. You can use the network for sharing, or as a p2p server for multiplayer gaming and sharing. If you are new to programs like VPN, then you will have trouble grasping the software at first, because it requires the user to have some knowledge to proceed with the software. There is a guide that can help you learn the roots of this software.

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14. OpenVPN

Hamachi Alternatives - OpenVPN

This program establishes a tunnel using a TCP shipment for your network connection. By using a TCP shipment, it creates better security for the connection. If you are looking for the security of your connection, you can certainly choose OpenVPN to be your VPN service. But there is a downside to this app, which is the support for games.

If you want to game with this program, then you may not because it has a limited amount of supportive games. For multiplayer gaming, you will need IPX and UDP to feel a smoother experience. But here you can use the bridging mode to get those things working. When it comes to providing security, OpenVPN is one of the best hamachi alternatives that you can go for.

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15. NeoRouter

Hamachi Alternatives - NeoRouter

With NeoRouter, you will be able to create private and public servers using only the internet. Amongst other things, NeoRouter also provides a high level of security features. If you are having trouble opening a website on your computer, you can use NeoRouter to bypass the locks. When it comes to compatibility, it supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. you can always access the software through your smartphones too because you also have your Android and Apple support for the app.

There is a free version and a paid version. The paid version of the app will cost you around $99.

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End Point About Best Hamachi Alternatives

Now you know all the best hamachi alternatives that are available in the market for you to get. All of them differentiate one from another. That is what makes this market more competitive than ever. Picking the perfect app that suits you the best will make your LAN party funnier than ever. As more people would get connected to your network with any lag to slow down the experience. As we all know, in gaming, any degradation in performance will be a roadblock to the killstreak.