JUC600: The Guide on Using JUC600

Part 1. An introduction to the JUC600

The JUC600 is a special USB cable that can help you mirror your Android phone to your computer, including the laptop and the desktop. All that you need to do is to connect your Android phone and your computer with this cable. After they are connected, you can share the data files between your phone and computer with ease. Another thing that may surprise you is that you can share the screen of your Android phone to your computer, which will make it much more enjoyable to play the Android games or watch the videos. And you may find it funny to accept or reject a call on the computer. Replying a message on the computer is also available with this cable.


Part 2. The main features of the JUC600

1. The JUC600 is compatible with all the Android phones running with the Android 2.3/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3.
2. It can help you mirror your Android phone to your computer with simple operation.
3. It can help you share the data files from your Android phone to your computer.
4. It enables you to rotate as well as magnifying the screen of your phone on your computer.
5. It enables you to type and send the messages from the computer mirrored to a certain contact.
6. You can use the keyboard and the mouse of your computer mirrored to control your Android phone.
7. You can answer or reject a call on the computer directly.
8. The screenshot can be taken and stored on the computer.
9. The videos can be played on the computer mirrored if your Android phone running with the Android 4.0 or later.
10. The Android games can be played on your computer.
11. The system languages are various and changeable.


Part 3. The tutorial on how to use the JUC600

#1. The basic functions

After connecting your Android phone and your computer with the JUC600, your Android phone will directly be mirrored to your computer. Then you can play the games, watch the videos, edit the messages, reject or answer the incoming calls and more on your computer.


#2. The data files sharing

In order to share the data files between your devices, you can just draw and drop the data files you want to share, so that the files can be copied and stored.


#3. Rotation and magnification of the screen

IF you have the sharp resolution of your phone, you can magnify the screen with ease. And it can rotate automatically or by manual. The screenshot can be taken and stored on your computer too.


#4. The messages

Since the keyboard is available after you mirror your Android phone, you can type the messages faster with the keyboard and then send the messages edited directly from your computer. Then the messages will also be available on your Android phone.


#5. The calls

You can not only talk to your friends with the messages on your computer, but also make a call on your computer. If there are someone who is calling, you can even answer it or reject it.

#6. The notifications of the messages and the calls

If there are any message or call coming, the JUC600 will help you display the notification on the screen. It is convenient because you can learn there is a person trying to contact you. You can just tap on the screen to show that you have seen the notification.


#7. The keyboard and mouse sharing

After you mirror your Android phone to your computer, you can get access to the keyboard together with the mouse of your computer. All the actions of the mouse are effective. And the keyboard can make it easy to edit a message or play a game.


Part 4. The FAQs about the JUC600

Q 1. Why it fails when I tried to connect my phone to my computer with JUC600?
A 1. You can do the following things:
1.Make sure you have enabled the debugging mode.
2.Make sure that the Android Mirror Drive is downloaded and installed on your computer.
3.Make sure the USB version on your computer is suitable. And the USB 2.0 is what I recommend.
4.Make sure that the Android Debugging Bridge Interface is working normally.
5.Reconnect the JUC600.
6.Contact the technical support. The telephone is 888-988-0488 and the email is

Q 2. How can I hoist the speed of the operation?
A 2. If it is slow when you are operating, you can check the following things:
1.Make sure that your phone are compatible with the JUC600. As we have just said, the JUC600 is compatible with the Android phones running with the Android 2.3/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3.
2.Make sure there are not too much applications running on your computer at the same time.
3.Contact the technical support.

Q 3. Why is the loading bar freezing?
A 3. This may happen when your Android phone is being detected by the JUC600. Or you can try to reconnect it again.

Q 4. Why I cannot see the videos on the screen of my computer?
A 4. It is about the version of the Android operation system. You need to update your phone to the Android 4.0 if you want to watch videos on your computer.

Q 5. Why does it act so slowly when I am typing with the keyboard?
A 5. If you find it smooth usually but very slow when typing, you need to do some settings. Go to the Android System Setting and then choose Setting. There is an option of “Language and Input”. Just tap on it and choose the “MctSoftKey” to enable the keyboard.


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