Top Best Games Like Webkinz You Should Try

If you are a fan of the games like Webkinz, this article is just for you.

Do you ever want to have a pet?

But unfortunately, due to specific reasons, you couldn’t get one.

Umm, don’t be sad! Webkinz is a browser-based simulation game, which allows you to have your own pet in the virtual world. Here in this game, you have several varieties of pets, from which you can choose one to adopt in the online virtual world. This game is pretty different from other games, and that’s why it gained enormous popularity in the past few decades.

This game became public in 2005, and a year after the launch, this game had around a million users playing this game on the Webkinz website. According to some estimates, they probably earned more than $100 Million in 2006. That was the level of craze during that time.  

Many of you also wanted to try something new but a game like Webkinz. If so, then in this article. You will get to know some fabled games like Webkinz, which will give you an out-of-the-box experience. 

1. Games Like Webkinz – Neopets

Games Like Webkinz - Neopets

It is a game that allows you to create your own pet, known as Neopets. Just like the way you take care of your pets in the real world. In the same way, you have to take care of your Neopets. Also, you need to feed them and also take care of them.

This game was created in 1999 and got popular in the early 2000s, besides feeding your pet and taking care of them. You also have to purchase food and can explore the whole new landscapes of Neopia. This game is preferably doing great, and as of now, it might have approximately 1.5 Million users. If you wish, you can also engage with other players. Moreover, a parent can ensure their child’s safety as this game provides you a parent control.

This game is wholly fun to play and gives you a staggering experience. You should try this out!

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2. Games Like Webkinz – Fishao 


The next best game like Webkinz is Fishao. It is an online fishing game and runs on a unique concept. Elegant Themes and beautiful scenes make this an engaging game. You can connect to plenty of players online and have a pleasurable gaming experience.

You have to pick up the road and catch all the water-breathing scaly guys. It’s not going to be an easy task, as many of them are pretty firm and stubborn. There are around ten different areas to dive into, and each area has its unique theme and design, giving you a new experience every time.

You will find more than a hundred types of fishes, neat graphics, and much more. But, at the same time, you need a good and stable internet connection to play this game. Moreover, at some point, you might find player interaction boring. But overall speaking, this game is fun to play.

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3. Games Like Webkinz – Moshi Monsters

Games Like Webkinz - Moshi Monsters

It is one of the best 2D games, and also the best game like Webkinz. Here you can adopt any monster and have to raise it. You can also customize their house. The best part is, this game is free-to-play. Sounds cool! Right?

If you want to enjoy extra features, you can also go with its paid membership. Though, it’s a game like Webkinz. But, it runs on a unique concept that you will definitely love it. There you have to raise the monster, solve puzzles, collaborate with other players, and much more to do. 

Puzzles in this game are not simple ones. It includes a wide variety of skills like numeracy, awareness, logic, vocabulary, etc. Playing this game might sharpen your skills. If you really want to enhance your skills but at the same time also need some fun. Then you can go ahead with this game! 

4. Games Like Webkinz – Petra’s Planet

Petra's Planet

It is an exciting virtual game and is specifically for children between 6–11 years old. In this game, you get four countries to discover: Sri Lanka, Jordan, Sami Land, and Senegal. By playing this game, you can explore these countries, know more about their tradition and lifestyles. Also, you can discover new animals, landscapes, and climates. 

More than that, challenges and quest makes this game more enjoyable and exciting to play. You can play individually or with your friends. The best part of this game is that they offer a safe environment for children to play. You can also communicate with other players but only using specific phrases, expressions, and funny gestures. 

You can also buy some items via micro-transactions, known as Kipps, or you can get those Kipps by completing certain challenges and quests, so, if you are looking for the best game like Webkinz. Then this can be a good option for you. 

5. Games Like Webkinz – Subeta

Games Like Webkinz - Subeta

Here’s another best virtual pet game. This game is like Webkinz, but here you get to see a little extra that is definitely fun to play. It has more than 150,000 registered players. To enjoy this game, you need to be of more than 13 years old. 

You can join this website for free, but if you want to enjoy additional benefits and features. You can upgrade your gold account any time you want to. For instance, a simple user will get only five virtual pets. But on the other hand, a gold account player will get ten virtual pets.

Your central focus should be maintaining the health and intelligence of your pet. There are several ways for you to earn Subeta Points, from playing games to taking surveys, and with the help of these points, you can further purchase anything you want from the virtual store.

Moreover, you can also chat with other players just like you can do in the other games like Webkinz in the list. If you wish, you can also join several forums and join the discussion. Also, some events do occur, a kind of epidemic, and to cure your pet, you need to purchase medicines from the store. You should try this game, and have a great experience.

6. Panfu


It is a great online multiplayer game and designed for children between 6-14 years old. It is a game like Webkinz. Here you can create your own virtual panda and explore the amazing island of Panfu.

You can play various games, quests and chat with other pandas. This game was made public at the end of 2007. This game showed immense growth right after the launch and only six weeks after the launch. It had more than 300,000 registered users, and later in 2008, it had more than a million users. In 2009, it completed the milestone of 10 Million users and became one of the biggest virtual worlds for children in Europe.

Players can go ahead and unlock extra features by paying extra for membership. Those who purchase the membership are known as Gold Panda. These players are allowed to decorate, buy new clothes, and much more.

7. Oloko 

Games Like Webkinz - Oloko

It is one of the best online strategic games. Here you will get lots of exciting challenges, keeping you busy all day. Chose your favorite animal, and create your own virtual world. It is a safe online game for children between 6 to 2 years old. Also, players are allowed to trade their pet customize their gardens as per their choice.

It boosts the imagination of the children. Along with that, you can also take part in tournaments and compete against other players. This game has a great and smooth experience. That gives its users a next-level experience. So, if you are also looking for a game like Webkinz, this game can be a perfect deal for you! Along with that, it’s absolutely safe for children. So, there’s nothing to be worried about!

8. Chimpoo


It’s a unique game, just like its name. It is an online multiplayer roleplaying game. Want a good game like Webkinz and an astonishing gameplay experience. Then Chimpoo can perfectly work for you. This game was made by Games2win and is an open virtual world game.

Here you can pick any avatar of your choice. Moreover, you can also customize it at your convenience. While you are playing, you can also engage with other players and have a good time talking to them. You should definitely check out this fantastic game.

More than that, you get numerous activates to complete. Which doesn’t let you feel bored and keeps you engaged all the time, with all the best features and graphics. Yes, I can say this is the best game like Webkinz.

9. Secret Builders

Games Like Webkinz - Secret Builders

It is a great game suitable for all young players from 5 to 14 years of age. It provides you an enjoyable and interactive environment. While playing this game, players can chat with other friends and can learn some new tips.

It is an open-world game, which gives immense joy and is also very easy to play, making it easy for beginners. The main focus of the players should be embellishing the treehouse. It is a fantastic game, and you should try this out.


It was all about the best game like Webkinz, and we have tried to add all the best games, which you will definitely love. Every game has its own unique features. Some games might offer excellent graphics. But, at the same time, some games provide great quests and puzzles.

Webkinz is also a great game. But, sometimes people tend to get bored playing one kind of game again and again. So, this article was all about the best games like Webkinz. I hope this article has solved all your queries and doubts.

Do try these games and share your experience in the comment section.