Top Games Like Kingdom Hearts for Its Fans 2021

Do you want to find some superb games like Kingdom Hearts and play them during your leisure time? If that’s the case, you will find this article to be a very resourceful one. That is because we list down several games similar to Kingdom Hearts in the following paragraphs.

Games like Kingdom Hearts 

In fact, Kingdom Hearts is a very impressive game that comes with unique features. The purpose of this article is to explain games similar to Kingdom Hearts if you are a fan. Kingdom Hearts game is a fast-paced RPG game with a superb storyline. In addition to that, it requires exploration to a certain extent. It is true that not all these games come with the same recipe. However, there are some similarities between each of these games, at least to a certain degree.

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01. Bloodborne

Games Like Kingdom Hearts - Bloodborne

When it comes to the gameplay, the games under the “Souls” title are pretty closer to Kingdom Hearts. Both the franchises have combat features, and that prioritize tracking the moves of the enemy. You should also execute the dodges in a timely manner. To make it more interesting, they have introduced customization options as well.

The game “Bloodborne” game has a different level of intensity. Also, it crafts a gothic-like experience which is pretty rewarding. Compared to Kingdom Hearts, this is a very difficult game.

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02. Okami

Games Like Kingdom Hearts - Okami

This game was released in 2006. This game was made available on consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One as well. In fact, Okami is considered to be the masterpiece of Clover Studio. This game comprises some gorgeous visuals and aesthetics. Basically, Okami is a nice blend of exploration and puzzles along with combat to provide an awesome gaming experience.

As per the gameplay, you will be placed in the middle of Japanese mythology. The game revolves around Amaterasu, which is a goddess who appears as a white wolf. If you love the action-adventure genre, you will appreciate Okami.

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03. Dark Cloud 2

Games Like Kingdom Hearts - Dark Cloud 2

The game Dark Cloud 2 is still considered to be one of the best games like Kingdom Hearts. That is particularly true when it comes to PS2 consoles. This game is based on turn-based combat, and it is still popular among gaming enthusiasts.

When it comes to gameplay, it has a simplistic approach. It has an engaging weapon upgrade, though, and you will gain specific benefits with each upgrade.

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04. Bayonetta 2

Games Like Kingdom Hearts - Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta is a game that has marked a strong presence as an action game. This original version of Bayonetta was released in 2009, but the version we talk about was released in 2014. This is an epic game that comes with some stylish effects. As per the game, you should destroy the demons with dodges. You will gain access to a large range of weapons and torture sessions too.

Compared to Kingdom Hearts, this game comes with some complexities as well. You will take some time to master all of those complexities.

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05. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

It is true that Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a decent game with some special characteristics. That said, it is the sequel’s revamped mode of combat that fits the league of Kingdom Hearts. As per the game, there is a young heir to the throne of Ding Dong Bell. He is forced to hide once the assassination is taken place.  

There are three active members in this game at any given time. The real-time combat mainly focuses on melee attacks to make it a more exciting game. It is true that there is a decent system and unique creatures for you to take into battles. They are known as Higgledies. The exploration of the game can be seen as a world map. You will see plenty of dungeons and towns to visit. Just like in Kingdom Hearts, the enemies of this game don’t put a heavy fight at launch. However, the difficulty level increased considerably with a patch.  

06. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

There is no shortage of games under the title of “Tales of.” However, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive is a superb game that has plenty of reasons to be a winner. We consider it as one of the best games similar to Kingdom Hearts due to various reasons. This game has a massive range of customization and tactical options.

There is a team of characters (you can choose up to 4 characters) in the game. Also, you have various new weapons, armors, and various other equipment to use in fights. You can use that equipment with all four characters. So, we consider it as one of the best games like Kingdom Hearts you can play.

07. NeiR: Automata

NeiR: Automata

This interesting and exciting game was introduced by Square Enix and was developed by PlatinumGames. Well, we have included this entry in this list of games like Kingdom Hearts due to one reason. We consider the gameplay of this game to be somewhat similar to Kingdom Hearts. However, the Automata game has pretty harsh characteristics compared to Kingdom Hearts. On top of that, the progression system of these two games is comparable to each other.

08. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

It’s true that the Final Fantasy VII remake is an interesting game that can be included in this list. However, we shouldn’t underrate this sequel’s Type-0. This game was initially released for PSP, and then they released its HD version for consoles. In Type-0, you will find 14 playable characters, and three of them should be chosen for the missions you play.

With each character, you can find a pretty unique fighting style. It will take some time for you to master all those characters. In general, the combat is a delightful and exciting one. Basically, this game appears to be a remaster of the previously released PSP game. However, the game cannot be compared to the beauty of Kingdom Hearts. But the story of this game is very impressive.

09. Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Well, many would agree to put this entry on any list of games similar to Kingdom Hearts. Final Fantasy is developed by Square Enix. It went through a serious development process and yet comes with some poor story. Some would say that the battle system of Kingdom Hearts is the inspiration to Final Fantasy. There is an impressive yet simplified cross battle mode to try. In addition to that, it has some basic attacks, warping, and limited items in the game.

This game has a not-so-complex battle. Also, the depth of the game is fair enough. There are some cooperative attacks and magic techniques. Also, there is a range of weapons to try.

10. Fable II

Games Like Kingdom Hearts - Fable II

Fable II is known to be a comedic adventure rather than an action game. When you compare it with Kingdom Hearts, here are several important things to consider. For instance, Kingdom Hearts has some larger worlds. Fable II focuses on the same approach, and both of those games focus on quality over quantity.

11. Trials of Mana

Games Like Kingdom Hearts - Trials of Mana

In 2020, we experienced a 3D remake of Trials of Mana. That was able to make JRPG fans delighted. Even if it is a remake, you can find it as a blueprint to the original release. The previous release of this game was available only in Japan up until 2019. It offers you six characters, and all of them are playable. They have their own origins and characteristic to make the game a more exciting and interesting one.

This game combines aspects like ranged attacks, magic, and so on. The real-time combat mode requires some skill as well as some responsiveness.

12. Devil May Cry 5

Games Like Kingdom Hearts - Devil May Cry 5

This game comes with three characters that are playable. You are supposed to take on 21 main missions. Also, it has a robust battle system in which you can unlock different moves. On top of that, it has an elegant style.

It is true that the missions are developed to be linear ones. This game is about exploring a range of ways with different ways to deploy missions. When it comes to the difficulty level, this game is slightly harder than Kingdom Hearts.

13. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana

This is a pretty long-running game with action-RPG characteristics. However, the visuals of this game are pretty outdated compared to other games on this list. This game was initially released in 2016.

As per the game, you will see a shipwreck. The survivors of this shipwreck are stuck on the Isle of Seiren. Those survivors should solve the mystery by getting together. It has six characters that are playable. This game has more similarities to the authentic JRPG games compared to Kingdom Hearts, to be frank.

With that said, those are the best games like Kingdom Hearts we have to present. You can consider all those games and choose a game that fits your interests. Do you know other games similar to Kingdom Hearts? Please comment on them below.