Top Games Like Dynasty Warriors on PS4 2021

Below is a compiled list of the top video games like Dynasty Warriors in many aspects. And yet, each of these games has become popular due to their playing strategies, visuals, and themes. So, let’s dig into the top video games made specifically for the Dynasty Warrior fans without wasting any more time.

Dynasty Warriors

Games Like Dynasty Warriors

The Dynasty Warriors was introduced in the year of 1997 for gamers who love action-based video games. The first installment was all about one-on-one combat, which somehow became boring after a certain period. It is then the makers introduced Dynasty Warrior 2, where the actual hacking-and-slashing rule was integrated. This simple up-gradation changed the entire game scenario and made it more exhilarating for the gamers. Moreover, since the Dynasty Warrior installments could be played on all play stations across the world, it became one of the most popular video games of the century. 

After nine installments, Dynasty Warrior has become a video game of global reputation, and it’s going to stay the same way in the coming years. However, as a gamer, if you want to change the gaming scenario and take upon more difficult challenges, there are several other video games that you can play. These games resemble the Dynasty Warrior but are more thrilling and harder to crack. If you play these games, you will have a hard time winning the levels with ease.  

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1. Games Like Dynasty Warriors on PS4 – Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan 2

One of the best things about the Attack on Titan 2 is that you can play it on several peripherals like Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows, etc. Here, you will find the plot revolving around the first fifty sections of the Attack on Titans anime, and hence the plot might be familiar to many. However, the Attack’s last mission on Titan 2 game makes it different from both the manga and the anime series. Therefore, you will also have a separate section called The Final Battle, where the plot is based on the rest manga chapters up to 90. 

Here, your opponents wouldn’t be the normal warriors as seen in other games. Rather, you will be competing and defeating the ginormous titans of Olympus. This is why winning the combat rounds can become so difficult, as defeating the Titans is almost impossible for amateur gamers. You will be given special weapons, each having a particular power that will help you in winning the game against the Titans. As you will progress in each level, your opponent’s titan will become more powerful and fiercer. Hence, to win the game, you will have to devise special strategies such that you don’t get killed in the battle. If you are not a pro in playing the Xbox or PlayStation games, trying out the Attack on Titan 2 will be futile. 

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2. First of the North Star: Lost Paradise

YouTube video

Sega is the developer of this online video game whose main theme is based on an action story. Rather than being the player and character simultaneously, Lost Paradise will allow you to be a player only as the game has been designed from a third-person POV. The City of Eden is the main location where all the battles and combats will take place. Hokuto Shinken is one of the main fighting tactics that you will find in this game and influences the Hidden Channeling Points strategy. The entire scenario is set in an alternative Earth where the background view will demonstrate the ruins after the apocalypse. 

First of the North Star: Lost Paradise

According to the story, Kenshiro was the emperor of Eden, the City of Miracles amidst the wastelands. However, in a battle, he was defeated by Shin, who further abducted his beloved, Yuria. The main aim is to help Kenshiro find Yuria through the wastelands. And on doing so, he will face many battles that you have to win. Once you finish playing in the wastelands, you can try several mini-games that Lost Paradise offers for relaxation. 

3. Games Like Dynasty Warriors on PS4 – Conqueror’s Blade

YouTube video

If you are looking for free games like Dynasty Warriors, the best fit will be the Conqueror’s Blade. It’s an online game, and hence there is no need to get a special D for the same. Since it is designed by Booming Games, a Chinese enterprise, the characters and the theme revolve only around Chinese culture. In the background, you will see glimpses of both the feudal and medieval words creating a wonderful scenario for the eyes. The game’s main aim is to get engaged in combats, fortify territories from the opposite team, and defeat them in the battle. It’s one of the best games for children above age 9.

Games Like Dynasty Warriors - Conqueror's Blade

Here, one will have five options for the battles: the Territory wars, the ranked battles, Standard battles, Expeditions, and events. Each battle will have a different setup, and the goal will also be different. As a player, you will have the independence to select a warlord with his special weapon. You can even customize both the appearance and the gender. Some of the major used weapons in this video game are poleaxe, short bow, dual blades, spears, mauls, short swords and shields, and glaive. 

4. Games Like Dynasty Warriors on PS4 – Black Desert Online 

YouTube video

You should try the Black Desert Online Game for a darker theme with more brutality and fierceness in the characters. Once the game starts, you will see a dark forest, with intimidating trees and scary creatures crawling here and there. A cave is there, which is considered to be the house of the main character. From the dark forest, you will be taken to a brighter side of the city. These visuals are quite realistic and certainly amazing. 

Black Desert Online

Several characters are present in the game who will assist the main character in the battles. Swords are the main weapon, along with other sub-weapons, which can only be used on particular levels. You can upgrade the skills of your characters and the warriors as the levels will increase. Besides combat, you can also participate in normal daily-life activities like fishing, shopping in the markets, and trading goods. Every character will have her main movement options during the combats- aiming, comboing, and dodging. This game, however, doesn’t have any free version, which is why you have to purchase the entire installment. You can either get the CD for your PlayStation or download the online version. 

5. Viking: Batte for Asgard

Games Like Dynasty Warriors - Viking: Batte for Asgard

The developer of Vikings: The Battle for Asgard is Creative Assembly, while its publisher is Sega. From the name itself, you can understand that the entire game’s theme is based on the famous mythological tales of the Norse. The game revolves around the increasing conflict in the mortal realm between the Vikings led by Skarin, Freya’s champion, and the gods led by Hel. It’s one of the best games like Dynasty Warriors ps4 that you should try out. 

The graphics are pretty amazing, with all the 3D images and scenarios making the game look like a real adventure. You can see the Viking soldiers, including Skari, dressed up in their original warrior dresses. For gamers, the clashing sounds of swords are equivalent to music, especially when the main characters’ swords are equipped with special powers. A player will be able to explore all the three Midguard islands where the games will be played. The main aim is to find and rescue the Vikings deserted in these three islands before the main battle. 

6. Berserk and the band of the hawk

Berserk and the band of the hawk

One of the best anime games with gruesome and brutal themes is Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. It was released in the year 2017 by none other than Omega Force. Unfortunately, one can only play the PlayStation 4 as no other gaming console is compatible with this video comes anime game. The theme is based on the Berserk theory, where one single man can decapitate an army of thousands. 

Besides the main character, several sub-characters are also present in the game. One of the biggest flaws of the game is in the weapon collection. Each character is given a standard weapon which will remain the same throughout the game. However, you will have certain stats to put on the characters to make them more ruthless or immune to bodily damages. 

7. Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Games Like Dynasty Warriors - Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

If you are looking for the ultimate experience of the Dynasty Warriors in another video game, the Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is the ideal fit. It was launched in 2020 as a sequel installment of the original series, which was introduced first in 2018. It’s a cross-game between Dynasty Warriors and the Samurai Warriors, and hence the story play and the characters resemble the original themes to a great extent. 

In the Ultimate version, Odin has been made the center of focus and given importance to Perseus and Zhong Hui. Another major change introduced here is the Infinity Mode which can be considered as the re-evaluated version of the Gauntlet Mode of the previous installment. If you are playing the challenge mode, two new levels have been added, which, if won, can give you access to your weapons’ unique features. So, if you want to play games like Dynasty Warriors on ps4, Orochi 4 will be the best choice. 

Conclusion on Games Like Dynasty Warriors on PS4

The above article explains eighteen different video games having an uncanny resemblance to the Dynasty Warriors installment. However, as from the details, you can understand each game has its theme with individual characters and challenge levels. So, if you are already finished with the Dynasty Warriors and want to explore new games of the same style, the eighteen-game list will certainly help you choose the best fit for you. You can try both the online and PlayStation games at your convenience. Some of these games also provide a demo version to try to know more about the concerned game.