Free Record TuneIn Radio on PC to Play It Offline

How to Record TuneIn Radio to Your Computer Freely

TuneIn Radio is a fantastic radio app, providing about 40000 different stations at home and abroad. It is compatible with almost all of the cell phone operating systems. And it is manipulated easily, so it has already owned a large user group. Since the programs are available through the network, you had better use it with WIFI.

But for a super fun of it, you may not be satisfied with that. What you really want is to listen to the radio whenever you like, without paying too much. So how about recording the TuneIn radio to broadcast offline? Maybe the TuneIn App works. But it leaves you with a job that you should convert the recorded files to make it playable on the computer.

Another way of finalizing the captioned task is to record TuneIn Radio on the computer first and then transfer it to the mobile devices for playback easily with a professional TuneIn Radio RecorderiMusic. iMusic is able to record audio data without quality loss and store it in a format of MP3, which means that you can simply transfer it without converting. Here is a tutorial as follows:

1.Download and Install the TuneIn Radio Recorder

Run your computer, and download and install the best TuneIn Radio Recorder – iMusic. Launch it to familiarize yourself with it. You will see the “Record” button on the left of the primary window, and click it.

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2.Record TuneIn Radio

After step1, you can begin to choose a radio station. To do this, you should go to first. Then it will help you to record the audio data of the radio station automatically and immediately. If there is a silence lasting a long time, the software will stop to record the next file. Each file is stored as MP3 and an independent and complete audio file.

iSkysoft iMusic - Record Music from Deezer


  • 1) You need to make certain that the network is steadily and strongly connected, or you may get audio data with background noise.
  • 2) Make sure that there is no other sound on your computer during the whole process.

3. Transfer the Audio Files Recorded to iTunes

This is an alternative step, for people who want to listen to the radio recorded on your Apple device, you can have a look at it. There is a button reading “Add to iTunes” on the window. Make the choice of files and click it. Then they will be all imported to iTunes, and you will find it with ease.

The TuneIn Radio RecorderiMusic does really well in solving the problem for you. After you install it, you will certainly find some bonuses of it:

  • 1) It can record music of 1:1 good quality.
  • 2) It can filtrate the advertisement.
  • 3) It can serve as a player.
  • 4) It can customize the details of the audio data.
  • 5) It can make the telephone ring out of an audio file.

Let’s take ringtones customization for example. You click “Ring” at the bottom of the window, before the very start point of the ring ready to be created. After finishing, you can save it as an MP3 or M4R file on your computer. Then you can transfer to the iTunes as the previous Step3.

More tutorials are available online. So Don’t be hesitate anymore. Raise your hands and move your fingers and get it to download.

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