What if I Forgot My iTunes Backup Password? – Fixed

What if I Forgot My iTunes Backup Password? Have you ever forget the password of the iTunes backup? I have been asked for help when my friends forgot their iTunes backup password. But as the password protection can not be removed, so you need to find some ways to unlock the iTunes if you still want the backup files on it. Here are some methods for your reference.

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Method 1. Try all the passwords you can remember

This way is maybe ridiculous for you. But it is the most traditional way for the problem of “I forgot my iTunes backup password”. And it is the best way to unlock iTunes because it will do no harm to the backup files on iTunes. Just think about the password of Apple ID or something like that.

However, in case that you have to try all the passwords that you can remember but in out to be in vain, which is not unusual, you may also try the birthday of your family or friends. Or, the phone number can also be considered as the password.

Method 2. Recover the iTunes backup password with a third party tool

If you can not get access to your iTunes backup with Method 1, you may have to forget that and try another method to fix the issue of “I forgot my iTunes backup password”. Usually, people use a third-party tool to recover iTunes backup password. There are hundreds of such third-party tools on the Internet that can help you restore the iTunes backup password. Thus, it is important to choose one that is suitable for you. Here are two tools recommended by the users as follows:

Tool 1. Use iMyFone KeyGenius to fix ‘I Forgot My iTunes Backup Password’

i forgot my itunes backup password fix by iMyfone KeyGenius

The iMyFone KeyGenius is the most convenient tool for unlocking the iTunes backup password for you if you forgot your iTunes Backup password. It can rescue you from different frustrating cases easily, including forgot iTunes backup password when you were restoring iPhone, wish to reset encrypted data on iPhone or iTunes asking for a password that never set. Besides, it is a tool that is easy for all users because of its intuitive interface and simple operation. After installation, you can launch it with ease and then use it to unlock iTunes backup password or remove iPhone Encryption Settings effortlessly.

It can be used in the following cases:

  • 1. The iTunes asks for some password which is not known by you.
  • 2. You forget the password to the iTunes so that you have no way to get access to the backup files.
  • 3. The password you input to the iTunes is considered wrong all the time.
  • 4. You are struggling to change a new iTunes backup password

iMyfone KeyGenius Decrypt iTunes Backup Password in 3 Powerful Attach Methods:

  • Dictionary Attack: With a comprehensive built-in dictionary to help you recover most frequently used password;
  • Brute – Force with Mask Attack: A smarter and faster method to retrieve passwords with just part of known info;
  • Brute – Force Attach: It can check every possible combination to recover your password.

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Tool 2. Use iTunes Password Decryptor to fix ‘I Forgot My iTunes Backup Password’

Link: http://securityxploded.com/apple-itunes-password-decryptor.php

The iTunes Password Decryptor can help you recover the password in a short time and effectively, although the way it uses seems kind of strange. But this technology has been adopted by many famous website browsers.

Fix i forgot my itunes backup password by itunespassworddecryptor

There is always a manager for the passwords on your website browser, with which you can easily get access to the website with password protection. And the iTunes Password Decryptor does the same thing. It crawls through the browser on your computer, and recover the password of the iTunes backup files automatically.

Here are the browsers that it supports:

  • 1. Internet Explorer
  • 2. Apple Safari
  • 3. Google Chrome
  • 4. Flock Safari
  • 5. Opera
  • 6. Firefox

Now, please let me tell you how to use this tool in the following passages.

Step 1. Download the iTunes Password Decryptor with the link given above. And then install it following the installation wizard.

Step 2. Launch the tool on your computer.

Step 3. Click on the “Start Recovery” on the primary window.

Step 4. After the last step, you can see all the passwords of iTunes have been recovered and displayed on the primary window.

Step 5. You can now, save all the passwords in the format of HTML, XML, Text or CSV on your computer by tapping on the “Export” button. And then choose the format.

Method 3. Transfer the data files from the iOS device directly without iTunes

If you don’t want the methods mentioned above, or you are worried about the safety of your iTunes account, then how to solve “I forgot my iTunes backup password”? You can try the following method.

With this method, you can transfer the data files from the iOS device directly and without restrictions of the iTunes, which can ensure you the safety of your iTunes account. And the iOS device can be an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch. And, here is the third party tool recommended — the dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS).

The dr.fone – Phone Manager can help you share the data files between your iOS devices and your computer. Or you can say the dr.fone will help you rebuild the iTunes Library on your computer. And data files it supports including the album arts, playlists, and music tags. Besides, it can help you remove the duplicated audio files and also recover the audio files from some old devices.

Now, please read on to see the step-by-step tutorial for you.

Step 1. Download the dr.fone on your computer. If the computer is a Windows one, you need to download the version for the Windows. And for a Mac user, you can download the version for the Mac. After that, just install it.

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

Step 2. After download and launch dr.fone on your PC, you should connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to the computer via a USB cable. Click “Phone Manager” feature.

Step 3. Now, you can use dr.fone to rebuilt your iTunes by transferring data from iOS directly. Tick “Rebuild iTunes Library” and then click “Start” button, all data will be synced from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes library.

Step 4. After that, you can manage all the data in your iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes limitation. You are allowed to backup and restore, import and export, delete duplicated files, fix music ID3 data and so on. This is an All-In-One phone manager you must try.

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Now we know what to do if I forgot my iTunes backup password. For other iPhone backup password, here is the best iPhone Backup Unlocker for you and show you how to unlock your iPhone without password.