Fm WhatsApp Application Download APK (2019)

In recent days, different versions of WhatsApp Mods are trending. The very first WhatsApp Mod version is WhatsApp Plus. Many other versions started to add up into the Mod family later. Some of them are YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, and Fm WhatsApp. People are using the WhatsApp application for a decade. There have been many changes since then with regards to video calls, status, and audio calls. But, the official WhatsApp has limited features.

If you wish to add extra features, such as theme change, auto-reply, customization, etc., to the original WhatsApp Application, begin using the Fm WhatsApp Mod. Now, many people will wonder what exactly is Fm WhatsApp. Well, it is an alternative to WhatsApp with some additional features.

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Part 1: Define Fm WhatsApp.

This is the modded version of the original WhatsApp. Mean Foud added some new features, such as status download, theme change, and Anti-Delete, etc., to the original WhatsApp and renamed it FmWhatsApp.

Other information about Fm WhatsApp

  • Application name: FMWhatsApp
  • Size of the Application: 53.27 MB
  • Creator: Fouad
  • Required Android version: 4.0
  • Name of the Package: com.whatsapp
  • The requirement of Root: No
  • Approximate Download: More than 5,000,000 and around 8000+ each day

Fm WhatsApp APK

This was a little information about Fm WhatsApp. We hope that now you are aware of this application. Let’s move ahead to find about the characteristics of FmWhatsApp and other things related to it.

Part 2: Characteristics of Fm WhatsApp and its cons

Let us talk about the characteristics and the cons of Fm WhatsApp.

Characteristics of Fm WhatsApp

1. Advanced Customization

Fm WhatsApp Logo
  • Make changes in the font family
  • Image sharing in high-quality
  • The option of dark User Interface (UI)
  • Customize the notification icon
  • Modify the color of the navigation bar, status bar, background, and action bar
  • Change Application icon

2. Security

Fm WhatsApp Security
  • Hide chats
  • Lock Fm WhatsApp

3. Privacy

Fm WhatsApp Privacy
  • Privacy for ‘Who can call you’
  • Disable the Forward Tag
  • View story or status without letting anyone know
  • Display blue tick after reply

Additional key features

Fm WhatsApp features
  • 1. Send 10+ at a time.
  • 2. The size limit of videos is up to 700 MB.
  • 3. Upload five-minute status (only visible to YoWhatsApp and Fm WhatsApp users)
  • 4. Change themes.
  • 5. Pause internet for FmWhatsApp
  • 6. Anti-Delete message/status.
  • 7. Hide the media files from the gallery
  • 8. Download status
  • 9. Contact images while texting in the groups

With such wonderful characteristics of the Fm WhatsApp application, who wouldn’t wish to use it? These characteristics are not available in the original WhatsApp application. Therefore, if you wish to use an enhanced version of WhatsApp, then go for Fm WhatsApp. It is super easy to use and has excellent features.

Cons of Fm WhatsApp

  • 1. There is a privacy problem as the application developer can see all the messages.
  • 2. The speed is a little slow.
  • 3. Your official WhatsApp can be banned upon using a Mod WhatsApp.

So, these are the three cons of using the Fm WhatsApp application. Other than this, you have such extraordinary features to make use of. Every application comes with a set of positive and negative qualities. So, you should try and test the application to decide for yourself if you wish to use the app.

Note: Uninstall the official WhatsApp to install FmWhatsApp.

Part 3: Learn to download Fm WhatsApp on the Android Device

In this part, we will guide you about downloading Fm WhatsApp.

Steps to download Fm WhatsApp

  • 1. Click on this link to download Fm WhatsApp. Ensure that you have enabled the option of the installation of applications from unknown sources. After the download process, install the application.
  • 2. Wait for the installation procedure to finish.
Download Fm WhatsApp
  • 3. Now, create a new account similar to what you did in the original WhatsApp. Then, open Fm WhatsApp and tap on the ‘Restore‘ option. This will restore all the files. Now, hit the ‘Agree and Continue‘ option.
  • 4. Write the mobile number and allow the permissions until you receive a verification code. The WhatsApp app will enter the verification code automatically and the name as well.

That is all you need to do to install the application. It is quite easy to get the application on an Android device. Just follow the steps in a proper sequence, and you can successfully download the Fm WhatsApp application.

How to get rid of the ban

There are times when you can get banned from using WhatsApp. This usually happens when you are using a modded version of the WhatsApp app.

Steps to eliminate the ban

Fm WhatsApp APK

Part 4: Tricks of Fm WhatsApp

The characteristics of the FmWhatsApp are mentioned above. In this, we will tell you how to implement the features.

1. Lock Application

Protecting WhatsApp with a pattern or password is quite easy. There is no requirement for any external applications. You can apply security within the video.

  • Go the menu and open Fouad Mods
  • Tap on the password option and tick on the WhatsApp lock
Fm WhatsApp - WhatsApp Lock
  • Change the pattern or pin from 6.0.2
  • Tap on the change password option after deciding the password
  • Now, open Fm WhatsApp using the pattern or the password. You can also make changes in the wallpaper of the lock screen

2. Status Download

You will get an option to download the status when you view it.

3. Emoji

In case you do not like the emojis on WhatsApp, you can easily replace them with Android O Emoji, Emoji one v3, and Facebook.

  • Head to the settings of Fouad
  • Tap on the ‘Universal‘ option and then choose Mods
  • After that, hit on the ‘Emoji Variant‘ option

4. Change the Application icon

This is the best feature of Fm WhatsApp. Here are the steps to change the app icon.

  • Open Fouad Mods and then choose Universal
  • After that, hit on the Mods option
  • Tap on the launcher icon 1.3.3
Change Fm WhatsApp ICON

5. Disable the Forward Tag

Usually, there is a tag above the forwarded message, which is quite annoying. The label of ‘forwarded’ seems to be not liked by various people.

Fm WhatsApp has already disabled the forwarded tag but if you wish to enable it, then follow these steps.

  • Head to the settings of Fouad
  • Tap on the privacy option
  • You will notice a tick in the 2nd position

6. Themes

There is a built-in launcher in the Android Devices. In a similar way, Fm WhatsApp has a launcher too. You can find it in the Settings of Fouad. Then, go to the ‘YoThemes‘ option and select ‘Download YoThemes‘.

7. Pause internet for WhatsApp

If you wish to use the internet but do not want WhatsApp messages to disturb you, then this feature allows you to stop the internet for just WhatsApp. This amazing characteristic of Fm WhatsApp is really helpful.

Other than this, if a person is playing games like PUBG, then they can stop the internet for Fouad WhatsApp to completely focus on their game.

Head to the Fouad Mods and choose the ‘Other Mods‘ option. Check on the meeting MOD.

If you wish to hide the media files from the gallery, you will love this feature. You can send adult content and hide it from the gallery with the help of this feature. Other than this, you can separately hide videos, GIFs, and videos.

9. Images and Videos Settings

Settings for images and videos are found under Fouad

  • Transfer 10+ images at a time
  • Send images in high resolution
  • Video limit up to 700 MB

10. Hide Chats

You can hide the chats inside WhatsApp. Head to the three-dot menu and tap on the ‘Hide Chat‘ option. Now, you need to type a password or draw a pattern.

11. Text on the number without saving it

You can find this feature in the three-dot menu in the Fm WhatsApp application. Enter the number and begin chatting. This feature is good for people who do not wish to display their pictures.

12. Create the backup & Restore the WhatsApp data

It means you can create the backup and restore it within a few seconds.

Head to the Fouad Mods and tap on the Other Mods. Look for the option’ Backup and Restore Settings.‘ It will take just a click to back up the data and restore it.

13. Restart with just a click

While setting a lock, you are required to restart the Fm WhatsApp Application. Do it with just a click or manually. This particular feature is also placed on the three-dot menu.

In case you face a slow performance while texting, then restart the application.

14. Access the activities of your contacts

You will notice a paper icon at the bottom part of the chatting area. Tap on that icon to see the actions of your contacts, such as status, photo update, and many more.

15. Lock the Conversation

Setting up a lock on Fm WhatsApp is different, but locking a specific chat is different. To set up a lock, you will have to open the specific chat from the three-dot menu. Tap on the ‘Lock Conversation‘ option and set up the password.

16. Customization

If you do not like the original theme, you can easily customize it and give it a new style and look. You can do customization of font style, color, size, and various things.

There are many customization options available that serve various purposes. By customizing different elements, you can create an incredible look.

17. Privacy Settings

The privacy settings option is available in Fouad Settings. There are various options available, such as Anti-Delete Status/Stories, Blue Tick, and many others.

Part 5: Compare Fm WhatsApp, GBWhatsappp, and YoWhatsapp

There is no visible difference among all the three modded versions of WhatsApp. Fm WhatsApp is the resultant of YoWhatsApp. YoWhatsApp is stimulated by GBWhatsApp.

Overall, there is not a big difference among them, but using Fm is easier than GBWhatsApp. But, GBWhatsApp has a feature where you can schedule the messages, which is not present in the Fm WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus is the very first modded version of the WhatsApp Application. Later on, many other modded versions were launched, such as YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and Fm WhatsApp.

Part 6: FAQs regarding Fm WhatsApp

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Fm WhatsApp. So, if you want some extra details, then do not miss this part.

Questions and Answers

Can I operate YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and Fm WhatsApp at a time?

Yes, it is true that you can operate all these three versions of WhatsApp together.

Is it possible to use the official WhatsApp as well as the Fm WhatsApp?

No, you cannot use the official WhatsApp along with Fm WhatsApp. You need to uninstall the official one to download Fm WhatsApp.

Is Fm WhatsApp safe to use?

Well, nobody is aware of the founder of Fm WhatsApp.

Does it work on iOS?

No, sorry to inform you, but Fm WhatsApp does not work on iOS. You need to have an Android device to avail the services of Fm WhatsApp.

How does Fm WhatsApp earn money?

This is an out of the ordinary question. Well, you will notice some advertisements in the settings. There is a possibility that they earn money through the ads. If that’s the case, then they are earning money in huge amounts.

What is the process adopted by an application developer to create a modded version of any app?

This question is quite interesting. Well, the app developers reverse the original APK to get access to the programming code. After getting that, they add some new features and functions via coding to make a new application. This is how they create a modded version of any application.

Can you tell me about the founder of Fm WhatsApp?

Yes, the founder of Fm WhatsApp is Foud. You can find more information about this on the official site.

Will Fm WhatsApp work on PC?

No, it is not available for PC. But, if you use an emulator like BlueStacks, then Fm WhatsApp will work smoothly.

Can I download the status?

Yes, downloading the status is quite easy in Fm WhatsApp.

What category of people should use Fm WhatsApp?

According to us, those people should use Fm WhatsApp who wish to download the status, view the status without letting the person know, and other exciting features.

Can you tell if Fm WhatsApp will sustain for long?

No, Fm WhatsApp will last for three to four years from now.

Which version of Fm WhatsApp do you like?

The latest version, v7.90, is the one that we love so far.

So, these are all the questions and answers that we have. The above-mentioned questions were asked to us by a few people. We tried to answer as many questions as possible. We hope that you understood the answers really well. In case you have doubts or queries, you can definitely drop them in the comment section. We will try to acknowledge every question and answer it as soon as possible.

We hope that you find this information useful. And we tried to cover every aspect related to Fm WhatsApp so that you don’t face any issues. As mentioned above, in case you have any doubts, you can contact us. We will surely get back to you. Thanks for reading the article.