How to Use Fly GPS for iOS or Its Alternatives to Change iPhone Location

Although Fly GPS for iOS works pretty well most of the time, many want to know alternatives to it. If you are among them, this article reveals the best alternative so you can play Pokémon Go easily.

Pokémon Go is a game that is designed to encourage individuals to go out and play. The Pokémons can be found in real geographical locations, so you should reach them physically. However, many individuals want to play this game without necessarily walking out. Yes, you can play Pokémon Go without moving an inch.

All you need is a good app that can fake locations on the device you play Pokémon Go. If you are playing the game in an Android device, you will find a plethora of options. However, when it comes to iPhones, you will find a very small number of options. Fly GPS for iOS is one of those apps, for those who don’t know about it.

How does Fly GPS for iOS work?

Fly GPS is a special app designed for iOS devices to fake GPS locations. If you play a GPS-based game (like Pokémon Go), you can use this app and spoof your real location. Then, you can pretend that you are present in a fake location and achieve the tasks in the game. So, are you that “Lazy” player who doesn’t want to go out just to play a game? If so, an app like Fly GPS for iOS would be a superb option. In simplest terms, as long as you use this app, you can appear virtually in any location.

Fly GPS for iOS

In addition to that, the same app can be very handy if the respective AR-based game has location restrictions. Assume that you want to play a game that is not released for your region. In that case, you can pretend to be from a country where the game is allowed and play it. To change the location, you should use an app like Fly GPS. You can set the required coordinates, and the respective game will believe that you are from an “approved” country. That can be done even if you are from a different part of the world.

We should say that the purpose of using such apps can vary. With their help, you can virtually take your device anywhere you wish. As a result, you can browse online resources that are actually not made available to you. So, the way it is used is up to you.

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What are the drawbacks and limitations of Fly GPS for iOS?

According to some users, Fly GPS for iOS has some limitations and drawbacks. Those limitations and drawbacks should be considered seriously when choosing the app.

  • Fly GPS for iOS has plenty of ads when you open it. The number of ads can be very annoying for any user.
  • It is reported to have some bugs, and they emerge once in a while to prevent smooth user-experience.
  • Installing and configuring the app is not as easy as you might think.
  • It is not a freeware.

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What is the best alternative to Fly GPS?

Yes – as mentioned before, several apps can create fake locations on your device. However, very few are compatible with iOS devices. In that case, finding a good alternative to Fly GPS for iOS can be difficult. So, we have made it easier for our readers by doing the research and finding the best alternative. According to our research, iMyFone AnyTo is the best alternative to Fly GPS for iOS by far.

Why iMyFone AnyTo is the best alternative to Fly GPS for iOS?

There is no shortage of reasons to call iMyFone AnyTo as the perfect location spoofing app in the market. The compatibility of this app is excellent, so that works with all the iPhones. Moreover, the functionality of the app is very impressive as it works perfectly with any AR game. Apart from that, iMyFone AnyTo can work with any social platform or app that demands access to your location. With its help, you can easily change your location to wish anywhere.

The user-friendly interface of iMyFone AnyTo is quite exceptional. Even a novice user can use this app without any complexity whatsoever. Installing and configuring the app is just a walk in the park for any user. Also, click to figure out does airplane mode turn off GPS.

iMyFone AnyTo features

To give you a better idea about iMyFone AnyTo’s capacity, we have prepared a list of its features.

  • You can use this Fly GPS for iOS alternative tool to change the location of your device in seconds without experiencing any restriction.
  • You can use AnyTo for route simulation purposes thanks to its “Two-Spot” and “Multiple-Spot” modes.
  • The speed movement can be customized to make it more realistic. For instance, you can choose between walking, cycling, and driving. This is a very handy feature for those who play games like Pokémon Go. Here is how to Change Location in Pokémon Go for you.
  • You can pause the movement whenever you need it, and it is very handy for any gamer.
  • It is developed to be compatible with all the iOS devices that run on iOS 7 or newer.

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How to use iMyFone AnyTo and change the location when you play Pokémon Go

Now that you have a good idea about the capacity of this tool. Let’s see how to use it. The process is very simple, and we explain it in step-by-step mode. As a result of that, even a beginner can follow it without experiencing any difficulty.

01. Download, install and launch iMyFone AnyTo

Before everything else, please download & install iMyFone AnyTo. The installation procedure is very simple – just follow the onscreen instructions. After the installation, you can launch the software on your PC. When you launch the app, you can see its main screen, and there will be an option called “Get Started.” Click on it so you can proceed to the next level.

iMyFone AnyTo
02. Connect the iPhone

You should connect your iPhone to the same computer now. Make sure that you use the original lightning cable provided with the device when you purchase it. Be sure that you unlock the device. You can then tap on the option called “Trust” when the message is prompted on the device. This is required to establish a trustworthy connection between the computer and your iPhone. Also, enter the passcode of the device when prompted.

iMyFone AnyTo
03. Enable its Teleport Mode

You can see a map on iMyFone AnyTo’s screen as of now. To go to Teleport Mode, you should choose the third icon (from the left). You can enter the address in the search field now. If not, you can even enter the GPS coordinates of the place you wish to appear virtually. In addition to that, you can even zoom in and out to choose a location on the map.

iMyFone AnyTo
04. Pinpoint the location you need

You will be able to see a sidebar now when you pinpoint the place you desire. You will have to confirm the place name, the exact distance, and the coordinates associated with the location. Then, just hit the button labeled “Move.”

iMyFone AnyTo

That’s it. You have successfully entered the location you want to go to. When you open any app that utilizes the device’s location will take the fake location as the address. To check it, you can simply open such an app and see.

iMyFone AnyTo

Important: you can switch back to the original location by restarting the device.

To make it easier for users, iMyFone AnyTo comes with history records as well. So, if you want to use a previously used fake location, just use it from your history. In that case, you don’t have to waste time entering the coordinates.

Fly GPS for iOS with iMyFone AnyTo

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As of today, individuals want to change the location on their mobile devices due to various reasons. The majority of those requirements are for gaming purposes. That means AR games like Pokémon Go requires the location of the device. In addition to that, there can be various other apps and services that require your location. However, some individuals want to pretend that they are from a different location. In that case, an app like Fly GPS for iOS becomes handy. However, that app has some drawbacks, as we mentioned in the article. In that case, you can use a superb alternative like iMyFone AnyTo.

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