The Top Female Vloggers of Modern-Day YouTube Vlogging Trend

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YouTube has seen massive user growth ever since its launch, and the latest development has been the rapid increase in the number of female vloggers using the platform to reach out to the masses. The platform has given fame to so many creators and thinkers. We are going to make you meet some of the amazing and extremely popular women YouTubers who made a name for themselves with their positivity.

What has been the contribution of the female vloggers to YouTube?

Vlogging has been a recent trend that attained massive popularity in no time. The content that comes from the vloggers covers everything under the sun and is very enriching in most of the cases. Stats show that 38% of users of YouTube are ladies; however, there has been a considerable rise in the number of women YouTubers who posted amazing videos and gathered millions of subscribers very soon.

The women vloggers have been posting a variety of videos that spanned over many fields like:

  • Beauty channels with tips on makeup, skincare, etc
  • DIYs in art and crafts, sewing, and anything else
  • Cooking channels with cooking lessons or general kitchen tips
  • Fashion vlogging about styling, celeb statements, etc
  • Health and fitness
  • Tech videos where they would give job advice in the field, review gadgets for the consumers, teach tech science, and share personal experiences.

Lets now familiarize you with some of the marvelous female vloggers from all fields.

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Top 10 Women YouTubers in lifestyle development

Jenna Marbles – Top 1 Female Vlogger

The first video of Jenna that she rolled out in 2010 gained an amazing viewer base of 5.3 million people in just one week. That decided her fate and made her comedy as one of the signature styles in the YouTube world. Her channel is one of the most popular ones run by a woman, and her social media fame also got her a place in the Madam Tussauds museum.

YouTube Channel

Besides, here are the most successful girl YouTubers for your reference. And find out how to be better at creating Daily Vlogs.

Liza Koshy – Top 2 Female Vlogger

From starting on YouTube in 2013 and then interviewing Barack Obama, this extremely charming YouTuber gathered high popularity in a very short period. She has her sense of humor, which stands out among the female vloggers and has managed to get her a huge fan base of 15 million. Liza is also venturing into acting, and her new series is out on YouTube.

YouTube Channel

Rachael Levin – Top 3 Female Vlogger

On her channel RCLBeauty101, Rachel makes sure to keep variety intact by putting up videos of different genres like comedy, beauty, DIYs, and challenges. Started in 2010, she has managed to get likes amounting to nearly 220 million. Her videos on fashion and beauty have brought her a mention in the big celeb magazines like Forbes and Cosmopolitan. This 23-year-old is already a beauty and a big-time influencer that is going to stay for long.

YouTube Channel

Lily Singh – Top 4 Female Vlogger

She is a Superwoman just like the name of her channel as Lily Singh acts, sings, writes, and is a philanthropist too. Her vlogs channel has a huge subscriber base of 2.2 million. She is known to have made so many collabs with popular stars like Selena Gomez, Seth Rogen, Steve Aoki, and James Franco. She has also appeared in shows of popular TV channels like HBO due to her successful acting career. The cherry on the cake- Lily is the 10th highest paid YouTuber as per the Forbes list.

YouTube Channel

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg – Top 5 Female Vlogger

She started with blogging in 2009 and then continued to build a YouTube channel owing to the success she tasted with her blogs. Zoe has various videos on her channel that pertain to beauty, fashion, challenges, and lifestyle. She also wrote a book called Girl Online that was a record bestseller for a week. She has also won so many awards in the category of female vloggers like the Teen Choice Award, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice award, Cosmopolitan Blog award, etc.

YouTube Channel

Wen Jie Huang – Top 6 Female Vlogger

With the Wengie Music channel and the Wengie vlogs, this superstar YouTuber makes beauty, fashion, DIY, and prank videos. Her first track was released on YouTube in China with the title Baby Believe Me, followed by Oh I Do that did amazingly well on the platform. Wen is a voice actress and has given voices to the Power Puff Girls in their New Zealand and Australian versions of the show.

YouTube Channel

Bethany Mota – Top 7 Female Vlogger

With over 11 million subscribers, her YouTube channel is highly loved in Australia for the beauty, fashion, DIY, and prank videos. She started in 2009 and has been making fashion videos mostly where she would sprinkle around tips on styling and clothing for different events. She collaborated with Aeropostale to launch her accessories, perfume, and clothing line, which got major success. Bethany has also appeared on dance shows, and her singles have received much love from the audience and critics.

YouTube Channel

Lindsey Stirling – Top 8 Female Vlogger

This woman YouTuber is a well-known Violinist in the world who has come down to becoming one of the biggest influencers among female vloggers after starting in 2007. Her channel has everything related to music along with collabs with a lot of popular artists. The creator of 4 studio albums, Lindsey pioneers in rock, pop, electronic, and classical music. She has won awards from Shorty, YouTube, and Billboard Music and is one of the brightest stars on the rise.

YouTube Channel

Rosanna Pansino – Top 9 Female Vlogger

Pansino aimed to get better at acting, and this inspired her to start with a YouTube channel. Eight years down the line, she has become one of the best food vloggers and authored the reputed series Nerdy Nummies that has got her so many awards. She does baking on her show and focuses on the preparation of unique nerd-themed food. Many celebs appeared on her show, and her channel has around 10 million subscribers.

YouTube Channel

Colleen Ballinger – Top 10 Female Vlogger

Her channel, Miranda Sings, has Colleen playing the role of the character named Miranda, who poses as singers and musicians and does a satirical act on them. She aims to get her videos recognized by the famous record companies. Her singing talent is unique and has become almost a cult with millions of followers. She is also the lead role in a Netflix series called Haters Back Off.

YouTube Channel

Top 10 Tech female vloggers


Her YouTube channel has been active since 2006, and she has posted highly useful videos on information about cyber hacks and related tips. Her most recent venture includes Vlog University, where she gives lessons on tech vlogging. She champions the social media influencing and promotes women’s participation in tech development and give voice to their passions on social media.

Carrie Anne Philbin

Her channel named Geek Curl Diaries has over 25k subscribers, and Carrie has also authored a book on computer science called Raspberry PI for Teenagers. Her videos contain content around topics like computer science, electronics, and programming. She strives to promote enthusiasm for tech amongst young women and make it easily accessible to them to enable easy learning and involvement.


This woman YouTuber has a channel named Coding Blonde, where she has already posted more than 100 videos about topics like a historical representation of women in the tech field and interviews of successful women in software development. She creates content, educated, and is an entrepreneur too. Masha has worked with Google and thus also shares her experiences to educate women about coding and related skills. She has built a female vloggers community on her channel regarding this and promotes the members to learn and share knowledge.


The woman behind this channel succeeded enormously in creating an appeal amongst young women by driving them to tech careers. She also tenders advice to the women who are seeking to re-build careers in the tech field, switching careers, or want experience. With a very informal approach, Ruseberry gives information on coding, interviews, web development, freelancing in web development, etc.


This tech vlogger is proficient in computer science and makes programming tutorials that are very engaging for her audiences. Estefannie strives to make programming easy for all along with entertaining. She also specializes in content analysis algorithms and works upon simplifying complex ideas for the learners. Her strong fan base, as compared to the other female vloggers, is a demonstration of how much people like her work and how able she is to bring people together.


She has designed the YouTube channel NothingButTech intending to familiarize people with the tech gadgets. Not only that, but she also makes videos on tutoring people about the role of tech in improving general lifestyle, vlogs about her work and daily life, and reviews of the latest tech products for the common consumers. Jacklyn is also a public speaker who gives lessons on vlogs and social media. She has worked with Apple and Samsung and continues being a tech role model.


Earlier a model, Tiff ventured into FullStack development and went on to make a YouTube channel to teach people about the same. She makes videos on various topics like tech reaching, coding, acing tech interviews, along with other motivational videos on issues like imposter syndrome, work from home, failure acceptance, and preventing burnouts. Her tone is very conversational and promotes engagement with her audience through FAQs and comments.


On her channel Girl Knows Tech, Marie aims to break the barriers related to female vloggers in tech. She makes educational vlogs, where she also documents her study experiences as a woman pursuing software engineering. The subscribers can gain valuable insights on any aspect of tech subjects. She also answers the various questions of women about how studying tech looks like and tries to make it easier for everyone. Her videos are sometimes as long as 7 hours and include unedited talks on the efforts that are made for being qualified for taking up tech as a profession.

Kathryn Hodge

Her channel BlondieBytes has set an example of a woman making efforts to simplify and make coding and computer programming accessible to everyone. She makes weekly uploads to the channel and talks about coding methods in different computer languages like Java. The videos have been liked by thousands of her subscribers, and she is also an inspiration to the female tech vlogging community. She promotes women empowerment in the tech field.

Tech Me Out

The woman who owns this channel has seen huge success for her attempts at making available diverse content and tech education to everyone. She makes videos regarding product reviews, vlogs, tech tutorials, and app recommendations for Android and iOS users. The channel has continued to be consistent in delivering consumerist content and makes very relatable videos.


These female vloggers have become an inspiration to women across the globe and have been adding products to the functioning of YouTube. Their work is being liked for different reasons as they appeal to the viewer’s mindset and are highly appreciated by the critics too. Their subscribers’ base is proof of their achievement, and there are many others on the rise whom we wish to mention later.


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