Best Way to Erase Stolen Android Phone Google Account

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Did you know that it is important to erase stolen Android phone Google account you have set up? Owning a smartphone has its share of hassles. With smartphones becoming an indispensable part of our lives, being without them is unimaginable.

Despite their size being minuscule, fitting in the palm of our hand, they pack quite a lot of information including videos, photos, music, movies, contacts and even personal and much of the time-sensitive information too.

While being small makes it easy to use these devices, it is also as easy to misplace the devices or losing them to thieves. Phone snatching can pose a very big issue as all your sensitive data will be exposed. Thus, losing your phone can be a frustrating and alarming event.

The Google account you have in the Android device enables synchronizing all the information present with the account. Thus your emails, calendar, app lists, contacts and other information you store will be linked to Google account.

Erasing Google account

So, if you want to buy a new smartphone or gift the old one to someone, it is necessary to remove the Google or Gmail account you have set up. If you are not familiar with Android applications, this removal can be a big headache. This is especially true if you are looking to erase stolen Android Phone Google account or Gmail without doing a factory reset.

It is a given fact that a Google account is essential for Android phones. You need to erase stolen Android phone Gmail or Google account to prevent hackers (hack Gmail password) from exploiting the information available in the account, which is almost all the information you have saved on your phone. So, it is vitally important to erase stolen Android phone Gmail account. Fortunately, there is a perfect way to protect the sensitive information you have stored and prevent it from theft.

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Easy and simple Google Account erasing method

Android device manager is an important tool to possess if you want to erase information that is present in your stolen or lost Android device. This is also necessary if you want to remote lock the device to prevent hacking of the information.

To make use of the tool effectively here are the things to do:

  • You should always keep the feature turned on in your Android phone.
  • Verify whether Google account is linked to your smartphone
  • Check whether access to the location is facilitated
  • The use of Android Device Manager to erase stolen Android Phone information in Google account is a customized solution created by Google. Even if you have not synced the smartphone to the feature, it is important to do it now.
  • Once you have linked your Android device with the Device Manager, you should allow activation of remote lock and erase feature.
  • After the successful download of the application and turning it on you are all set to erase the sensitive information in the event of the phone being stolen.
  • Google account is fully erased with this process.

Instructions to erase stolen Android phone information in Google account


  • Log in to the Google account you have set up.
  • Once the account is finished loading, the lost phone will be easy to locate.
  • When the online connection is functional on your device, it is possible to send commands and get the data deleted.
  • But remember that once you have erased the Google account along with all other information, it will be impossible to locate the stolen phone.
  • You will get a screen showing the last location in which the phone was found.
  • You will receive options like a ring, erase or lock your phone.

Remove Google Account from Stolen Android Phone

  • Click on the Erase option to remove all the important information from your device.

Erase Stolen Android Phone Google Account

  • The manager app will prompt you to confirm deleting the data after you enter the erase command.
  • Confirm the deletion and factory reset will be initiated in the device.

If you are in the habit of storing confidential information like your bank and credit card information and other sensitive data, it is vital to have this feature in your device. This process of deletion does not, however, remove data you have stored in the SD card. You need to remember this when you want to erase stolen Android phone information in your synced Google account. To save unnecessary hassles and theft of data, do not store any sensitive information in the SD card.

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